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Kiet starts at the suggestion, visibly shocked.  The main reason isn’t because of anything to do with Pyandalgor, but with a realization that he (Kiet) misses having people to talk with.  And his manor is plenty large enough to take him in.  Besides, Kiet rather likes the guy.

"I would be honored, indeed, to have you join me at my manor.  There are a few things you will need to know before you agree.  There will be several rooms that you will not be allowed to enter.  This isn’t because of you, but because of my magic.  I will be activating considerable defenses to protect my work spaces and my humble wealth.  If you like, I can do the same for your belongings storage.

Also...sorry to make a point of this, but I do have two servants at the manor.  They will not be responsible to you.  If you choose (my cook Mahawn is pretty good and she tends to spoil me) you can certainly join me for meals.  It will cost you to do so, but that will be a negotiation between the two of you, though I will instruct her to not make it out of line.  It should be no more than the cost of what you eat plus a bit extra for her trouble.  I believe everyone will win.  I also have Zeke watching the house, and tending the gardens.  Some of that work is tending herbs I wish to grow for magical research.  If you are interested, we can grow stuff you would like."

"His could be lots of fun.  And, maybe we can teach each other a few things."

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> Pyan will try to convince Keit into letting him help around his new estate in exchange for room and board. Pyan is still uncomfortable with the concept of exchanging the 'useless jewelry' in exchange for things, it still seems like he's cheating people. When He's not working for Keit he will spend his time learning about Ticasi, especially how to read the books kept in that city.
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