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         Game Update #10 sequence (file #62)

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         [New Stuff]

         [Wildday, Death week, Storm Season, 
1625, Dragon Pass, Genertela, Glorantha]
       [Time: Afternoon – North of Demark]
         [Time: 8:47 pm]

         [Round 10]

            Razgor continues to comically hold 
his spear in an attacking pose, lying on his back 
on the ground. Not much he can do, not even warn 
his new friends of the danger this beast poses.

            Maybe if he can look mean he can 
scare the bear? No his face has that frozen 
shocked with pants down almost look on it.  But 
he sees a arrow hit the bear or hear it 
rather.  It seems hurt so his friends must be here.

            Rocky fires his Arbalest just as the 
creature turns and hits him in the chest doing 5 
points of damage.  The creature roars and whines.

            The creatures turns to stare at Rocky 
as he lowers his arbalest to the ground but finds himself frozen.

            Juno switches from his bow to his blade.

            The creature turns around and begins 
to hobble away knowing this battle is lost.

            Klorgar rushes up and stabs the bear 
in the back who falls to the ground dead.

            Maursk brings torch over, “Ahh.  A 
Jack-o Bear.  Wait do you hear a buzz? RUN!!”

            Razgor hears the word run – is he kidding seriously?

            Just then the Jack-o-Bear explodes 
and a mass of gore, blood and parts go flying 
like shrapnel.  Everyone in the area is affected by this explosion of gunk.

            Klorgar gets a mass of ribs hit him 
in the left arm.  He takes 18 points of damage 
but his armor protects 6 but his arm is now 
disabled and either broke or limp he takes 12 
points. He is thrown back and on the ground by the pain.

            Varo finds she can now move again but 
a chunk of bear arm flies at her left leg hitting 
doing 4 points past her armor but a light wound.

            Rocky takes a chunk of foot in his 
right arm doing 4 points.  He hopes his arbalest 
is fine but its soaked in blood now.

            Razgar is happy he can move! He 
starts to sit up just as he sees something big 
and black falling right for his face. Is that..a 
branch? Oh Gods!  Kill me now.  It's the bears 
rear butt falling for his face!.  But Razgar 
rolls away and sits up just in time to see a 
orange bear head hit his abdomen doing 3 
points.  He is knocked back again with a head on 
his chest.  What else can go wrong tonight?

            Marusk turns to move as he yells run 
and is hit by a blob of bone and intestines in 
his left leg and he doesn't lose the limb but will have to limp back.

            Juno starts to turn but is hit in the 
left leg by a large mass of hind leg parts doing 
enough damage to (5) to cause him to fall.  He'll 
need help also getting back to camp.

            Marusk leans against a 
tree.  “Serious injuries anyone feeling 
critical?” He waits but it seems no life 
threatening damage.  “We should get back to camp 
now. This will attract predators by all this gore 
and blood.  Let's hurry.  Let's help each other.”

            As the group limps back to 
camp.  Someone asks the guide how he knew that 
would happen.  “I didn't.  But a hunter 
encountered one and when he killed it, it made a 
awful noise he was deaf for 2 days. Smarty pants 
folks call it a Chaos Feature but I like Entropy Feature.  Its pure random.”

            As the group enters the light of camp 
Mournath and Jaren can't help but to laugh at the 
gore and blood all over the clothing of the 
group. Jaren speaks up, “he goes to relieve 
himself and you guys return almost dead.”  He shakes his head.

            Marusk is helped to his horse.  “It 
was a Jack-o-Bear.”  He digs in his bag for the 
map.  He unfolds it and peers at it.  “We left 
this meadow 2 hours ago and here is the Fallen 
Crest Hill....Named when a hunter walked over on 
this crest ledge over the hill side hoping to 
take down game from his perch.  Too bad it broke 
and that wolf only took half his leg.  So we 
should be here.  I recall there is a brook here 
about 2-2.5 miles to east.  We should break camp 
and head there.  It may be a small and tiny brook 
but we need to clean up.  No one should ride in 
the saddles.  Its one thing those men will draw 
animals.  But  when that bear exploded the 
animals will come in droves.”  He looks at Varek.

            Varek looks around, “should we? Or 
just place a large sentry?  Do we have enough 
water skins to clean up?  IF not then we must 
break camp if no one else has better ideas.”

         GM: Actions? Comments?

             Next Update...Saturday...

         GM: A 2 update week! I know been rare 
lately sorry.  Heck I'll do a 3rd saturday!  Deal 
with healing or comments you may have.  If no 
argument the camp will break then we'll make a 
new one.  Those with disabled limbs may need to 
be healed first.  There was a chance this 
creature as well as many others have a Chaos 
Feature.  This rolled to be will blow up and do 
3d6 damage to those nearby. :) Sorry about last 
update it seems editing was not done I had GM 
comments and cut/pasted stuff in I had not 
fixed.  Sorry its holidays and staff is 
slacking.  Wanted this out today so will post any 
damage in next update if need that.


A good and old news story  IT will fit the title I choose. :)

         Seriously though I ran out of time. I 
could've delayed this till Sat or Monday.  But I 
figured to get this out.  I do not mean ot make 
fun of the damage or the light of it.  To some it 
is serious damage.  Based on Armor, spells and 
such I did not detect instant deaths.  If folks 
had no armor folks would've died.  It was a pure 
random chaos feature.  I did warn RQ is 
dangeorus.  With that said some will need 
powerful healing like a Heal 6.  Due to time I 
can't go into more realistic terms and say X 
needs a Heal 2 and Y needs Heal 6.  Nor to 
include soe are stunned or shocked.  That would 
be obvious.  I just wanted to get update out then 
fix those details next update.  I don'teven know 
if anyone can heal that high. Just had no time to 
check.  So sorry if it seems rushed.

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