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When the vily shows up, Dorhak wipes off his sword and sheaths it.  She seems to be reaming Kiet, but he moves over to Kiet and put's his hand on his shoulder.

"What is she saying lad?" he asks.  When he tells him she wants them all to clear out in 10 minutes, he turns to her with no deference obvious.  "Tell her we would like to check if any of these horrible women are left alive and see if they can provide any information about their invasion of this forest."

"Your skills might be helpful with this.  Or, we could just turn any live ones over to the vily.  I'm sure they would enjoy that!"

"I really would just like more info about where we are going."  He winces a bit and says, "Laddie, might I also be able to use your dagger for healing?"

If the vily gives us a chance, Dorhak orders the bodies searched, and the cylinder searched as well.  if the vily requires any portion of what is found, so be it.  Best not to anger such women.  Uppity wench!  If she doesn't give us any time, Dorhak will call over the members of the group and move on.  Once the Vily is done, we will stop and share info.
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