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OOC:  a comment first,

	   From Kiet: [Re: actions]
		Kiet is pissed off now.  First, they try to burn him with black 

		OOC...yes, that’s a lot...but he can talk and chew gum.  But maybe it will at least give him a chance.
	   GM Ack.  A direction would've helped but I'm good. :)

Well, Kiet had no way of knowing the source of the darkness, so he wouldn’t have been able to make a decision based on that...there was no way to know what direction the closest edge might be.   At least away from the witches, however, seemed reasonable...but even that might have been pretty random based on his being hacked upon and other confusions of the combat.
In context:
Kiet will keep calling for the Captain, backing away from the darkness and looking for other targets for his rings.  He’s happy enough to use his sword as well. If he has a chance to fry the one that Is/was naked and changed shapes, he will take great satisfaction in doing so.

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