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    Character Name   Type       Player        Sex           Notes
..Arawn...........Druid...John.Haight........Ma..Alfar/Backup Navigator
..Unali...........Ninja...Wout.Broere........Fe..Human/Dagger Maiden
..Upus............Warrior.Gerald.Ford........Ma..Normal/Barbarian Warrior
..Kimis...........Warrior.NPC................Fe..Normal/Diumgi Companion
..Z'leyra.........Healer..Alex Koponen.......Fe..Human/Shaman/1st Mate
..Bes (2).........Warrior.npc................Mo..Bes..............

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         Game Update #154 sequence (file #1146)

         Admin Notes: None

            From Raddok: [Re: Actions]
                 Raddok watches in some 
consternation Kiet being lifted by the 

            GM: Ack.

            From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
                 Arawn gave Raddok a wink when the man's amulet helped guide 

                 "So that's three pouches, the 
two up there and Unali's. Let's see 

            GM: Ack.

         [New Stuff]

         [Ma 9th, 1636TH]

         [Time:  2:45 pm]

            Raddok watches in some consternation 
Kiet being lifted by the Vily to the specified 
tree. He had told Kiet that he could climb some, 
but usually it was cliffs & rock, not trees. He 
silently thinks he can, but suddenly the Vily 
carries Kiet away before he has a chance to say 
anything. When Kiet returns holding the brass 
box, Raddok's eyes widen, & he quickly faces the 
Vily, bows deeply, falling upon one knee in deep 
respect & offers thanks for the help. He then 
quickly follows Dorhak and the others, carrying 
all his gear, & telling Kiet that he does have 
some climbing ability, but he's usually used it 
for cliffs, not trees. He apologizes that he 
didn't have a chance to tell him earlier; he had 
been focused upon the amulet, a new experience for him.

            He asks how long it will be before 
they can stop and study all the things that have 
been found. Does the key fit the box? Wasn't 
there a bag or pouch found somewhere? What was in 
it? He says to Kiet & Dorhak that the smallest 
items might hold clues if all the information was 
shared among them all. He, for one, was feeling 
rather stupid at the moment, & mutters to himself 
if he could climb a tree although he had not 
tried in a couple years. His last experience had 
been helping to cut down a dying tree that was 
dropping dead branches onto a narrow mining 
trail, endangering the entrance trail. He had 
done all right then, although that tree was 
leaning & not upright, & was not so tall.

            Opus says, “I can climb and have some gear”.

            Arawn gave Raddok a wink when the 
man's amulet helped guide everyone to the cache 
lying in the treetop. When the man then spoke up 
in regards to investigating the containers and 
pouches the party had discovered the alfar backed him in his suggestion.

            "So that's three pouches, the two up 
there and Unali's. Let's see what the pouches 
hold and then move on to opening the box," he 
said, hoping to discover if anything of interest might lie hidden within.

            While waiting for the party to do so 
he flipped through the journal, hoping to find 
something hidden among the pages. The man seemed 
to have done his sketches while up in the tree 
but the druid wondered if he had another reason 
to be up high, perhaps to spy on the surroundings.

            "Kiet, when you were up there did you 
notice any particular views that he could have been studying?"

            Kiet shakes his head.  To him it was a quick blur.

            But Arawn knows the silo with the 
ladder inside from what Fremea said, was twice as 
tall and was far above the tree canopy so if he 
spied it was from the silo.  The tree was 
probably just a treasure stash and to keep his 
food if he used a limb away from bears and the like.

            Dorhak notices to his right Arawn 
stop to flip through the journal and 
grunts.  Tells the druid to keep up.  Clearly the 
Vily and her forest friends whoever they were, didn't want folks nearby.

            Unali tosses the coin bag she found 
in the man's 'bedroom' chest.  He opens it to 
find 240-250 brass bits of Marentian design and a 
few L'p'nth ones. Also about 12-15 Copper coins 
all Marentian. Inside is also a small gold ring 
with a small snake stone gem on top of gold 
band.  It is worth maybe 3-5 SC.  A brooch is 
also found with a simple brass chain.  Both Ring 
and Brooch show no sign of magic but the Alfar 
has been fooled before with magic 
deluding/blocking spells. It is worth 3-4 
SC.  Arawn opens it to show a tiny gray sketch of 
some mountain  and on left side a color sketch of 
a woman about the size of a quarter.

            Arawn puts the items back in 
bag.  Then asks as he walks to see the bag found 
in the hallway niche.  The large pouch is more a 
bag but has the climbing gear – stakes, rope, 
grappling hooks and small climbing rings.  But 
upon moving the rope Arawn notices a tube.  He 
then recognizes it like one of spyglass that 
Unali has.  This one is pushed inward 
compacted.  Most spy glass are just long tubes 
but rare ones made in Ticasi and other places can 
be compacted to a hand length rather than 3-4 
foot.   Arawn can tell this is a magical 
one.  Probably enhanced for viewing. This is 
probably what the man used in the silo.  To spy on what or who?

            The pouch from the tree has a couple 
of letters in Marentian.  Seem to be from a girl 
as Arawn has only time to scan the scrolls.

            Finally the brass box, Arawn inspects 
as he walks.  He asks for the key found by Kimis 
in the boot.  It fits and he unlocks it.  But 
patiently rescans it for traps or magic but sees noting from outside.

            Turning away from party he opens it 
to find another square small book, a cube and a 
triangle crystal.  All three are magical it seems 
but their aura is gray and black so its hard to read what they could be.

            Arawn opens the book which is smaller 
than the journal but the pages are gibberish and clearly coded.

            He inspects the triangle crystal but 
it seems to have no spell on it but it is some 
form of magic in itself? But he can't recognize the crystal material.

            Kimis glances at the crystal, “pretty.”

            Then Arawn inspects the cube.  A cube 
about 2x2 inches.  It is yellow in color and 
can't see inside.  Arawn can't interpret the magic of it yet.

         [Time:  3:38 pm]

            Fremea continues to fly ahead of the 
party a mile or two at a time. Hopefully no more 
silos to slam into.  She spots in the east a 
figure in blue and she descends to 
investigate.  IT is half a mile to the east and 
off the path the party is taking.  Landing on a 
tree limb she tries to track the figure.  A 
humanoid for sure wearing a light blue.  It is 
moving eastward from the west so she flies 
closer.  The figure in light blue tunic, tan pants is 5' 10 or so feet tall.

            The figure has no bow but a backpack 
and a light sword.  She tries to get to the south 
to get a side view and spies on him.  She can see 
the person tilt his head as if sensing something 
watching him.  That's when she sees the ears – of 
a Elf.  The Elf is moving away from the party so Fremea figures he is harmless.

            She takes back to the sky after watching him awhile.

         [Time:  4:03 pm]

            A bit over an hour after leaving the 
mysterious area the party decides to rest and 
ensure gear is situated from the hasty evac from the area.

            Barbosa, Dorhak and Raddok drink 
water and tell the King and Bes about massive 
dwarf battles.  The forest rings out with their 
laughter and gestures of great feats.

            Arawn, Z'leyra and Tsia sit together 
as they ponder on what they found in the tree and 
base.  Arawn reads the journal a bit more and 
still shows its only a couple weeks old.  But 
that could be 2-3 years or more in the middle 
world.  That or maybe the man was unsure on the 
correct dates.  There is implication the base was 
built in minutes which is impossible.  Unless it 
was some great transmutation or such magic?  That 
would explain lack of dust inside.

            Dorhak had ordered Unali and Opus as 
sentries on patrol.  The sky is still that weird 
twilight.  The forest is not dark but its not 
bright either.  The Sidh have no real issues but 
the humans can see maybe 150 feet in this dim 
light and maybe 250 if they notice 
movement.  Beyond that its difficult especially 
since party has not used torches or light.

            Kimis decides to pull from her bag a 
small pipe.  Not a flute but more like a pan's 
pipe than anything.  A simple elongated wood with 
holes on top for 3 fingers and a mouth 
piece.  She begins to play as Opus listens to old 
tunes she used to play back home around the fire.

            Dorhak tries to figure out time in 
this place.  Has it been 10 or 15 min or an hour?

            Unali is due north and Opus is due 
East on their patrols.  Unali about 50 feet and 
moving counter clock wise and Opus about 30 feet moving clock wise.

            The music of the pipe and chat flows 
in the forest seems to hum with birds and insects 
alike.  Suddenly Opus hears movement to the east 
and squints.  Two figures about 5.5 and 6 foot 
emerge from the bushes.  They seem agitated and 
are now making grunts that is barely heard by the 
group over the music and chat.  Opus sees them 
run fast toward them. Now about 240-250 feet out.

            Up to the north Fremea has ot circle 
back over and over to ensure the party keeps up. 
She can hear a slight bit of laughs and 
music?  She is about 300 feet above the tree 
canopy but it drifts up.  She wonders if they are 
stopping for a break and didn't tell her?

         GM: Actions? Comments?

             Next update....Friday/Sat

         GM: Actually Fri/Sat may be 
rough.  Suspect I'll be busy fri and I do work 
9.5 hrs sat like I did last sat (10.5 
hours).  But I will try!  If not then 
Monday  .  I figure Thursday is too soon for 
responses.  After 10.5 hours sat I was tired to 
do update.  But I have made progress on a couple 
(3 actually) pnp projects.  Those who read 
discord will get a hint.  One I want to release 
next week as a Xmas gift like Wout does at times. 
:) Next week is Thanksgiving.  But I suspect 
folks will be not traveling? I could be 
wrong.  So a second update may be out but we'll 
see then.  Past years I figure holiday travel is 
blocking response but 2020 is a odd year.

         GM: Groups- [here to remind me of walking groups]

                 1st Triad – Dorhak, Barbosa, Raddok
                 2nd Triad – Z'leyra, Tsia, Unali, King, Arawn.
               3rd Triad – Pyan, Opus, Kimis, Kiet.

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