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   Arawn gave Raddok a wink when the man's amulet helped guide everyone to the cache lying in the treetop. When the man then spoke up in regards to investigating the containers and pouches the party had discovered the alfar backed him in his suggestion.

   "So that's three pouches, the two up there and Unali's. Let's see what the pouches hold and then move on to opening the box," he said, hoping to discover if anything of interest might lie hidden within.

   While waiting for the party to do so he flipped through the journal, hoping to find something hidden among the pages. The man seemed to have done his sketches while up in the tree but the druid wondered if he had another reason to be up high, perhaps to spy on the surroundings.

   "Kiet, when you were up there did you notice any particular views that he could have been studying?"

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