[pnpgm] Update #161 – Raddok

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Wed Dec 30 18:51:58 CET 2020

As Raddok listens to Fremea’s report, he thinks to himself, “Well, isn’t this just hunky-dory! What else could we expect? A clear path for a change?” He wants to lose his temper, sulk, or smash something. But he gets control of himself over the next couple minutes. A giant would be a bit above his mace’s range, unless the things had wonky ankles, so a temper tantrum seemed out of order at this point. This thought makes him smile, a bit wryly, & he almost laughs, but catches his breath when Opus begins talking. That red-skinned man was really thinking!

“Hey now, Opus,” Raddok speaks up, “that idea about tripwires sounds pretty good – getting them off their feet puts a lot more target within range of weapons like my mace. I think we have enough ropes for a couple good tripwires, maybe even criss-cross a couple for extra strength. Just tie them in the shadows among the trees just inside the trees, so the ‘things’ won’t spot them easily. How high are a giant's ankles? Would three feet above ground be enough, or is five feet better?" He looks around with excitement to the group.

“We just have to be careful to have them come after whichever of us is bait on a planned path, and the rest of us be ready. Would it be better if I was bait, since all I can do is threaten them with shouts, and the archers can be ready from the trees – or would arrows provoke them better?” He look around the group for more ideas or encouragement.

[Thanks, Gerald! - I was feeling blank after the Christmas Holiday - lol]

Bess L. Hadley

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