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"we've been awake and active for over half of a full day. Our people are wounded and need to recover some.  I think we will camp here, in the woods edge, tonight.  It should provide us some cover."

the dwarf is quite familiar with the lower world, with many stories told by the other dwarves about the conditions here.  "I don’t want to dally, though.  Per my reckoning, I think a full month has passed since we went through the portal. That’s a long time for our ship to wait, and a long time for you humans."

"Arawn an Pyandalgor, you take first watch.  Fremea, Kiet, and upus with Kimis second watch, then me, Raddok, and Unali third, with Barbosa, Z’leyra and Tisa for final."  He looks over to the Bes and says "Your majesty and your bodyguard should rest.  No watch for you unless you want to."

"if anybody needs to use Z's language teacher, so everybody in a group can warn each other, please do so."
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