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Unali is visibly shocked by the demands of the dwarf. Even as she is 
aware of the hatred his race must feel towards any Kotothi, this demand 
to her is beyond what she can stomach.

She starts out in Katai, corrects herself and continues in Marentian:

"[Captain (in Katai)], while I am capable fighter in the light and 
equally capable to strike from the shadows, or in this dusk we are 
surrounded by, I certainly have not sought out to kill if it can be 
avoided and fully succumb to the dark. This beast is incapacitated 
enough, and not mine to kill."

On 05-12-2020 17:35, Dorhak Red Wall wrote:
> Captain Dorhak moves over toward the group around their adversary and 
> immediately regrets it.  Gods!  The reeking stench!  Do they always 
> smell this way or is it only in death they do so.  He moves over to the 
> first one, the dead one, breathing through his mouth to reduce the 
> smell.  At the same time he struggles with great difficulty not to purge 
> his stomach.  The first Grundwergen is obviously already dead.
> He wanders over to the second one.  It’s still breathing, which is not a 
> good thing. Dorhak would rather cuddle an unhappy skunk than be within 
> 100’ of such as these things.  Basically man sized, but strong, hairy, 
> smelly, and ugly.
> "We will not suffer such creatures to live.  Unali!  Dispatch it quickly."
> "Gods!  The smell. we should move our camp away.  A long way away!"
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