[pnpgm] UPDATE #74 - Raddok remembers his contract

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   "Ah," Arawn uttered, voicing his understanding. "Well then, I can try and act as the spokesman if no one else will. Otherwise I'll keep to accompanying so I can review any written material we're presented if Dorhak has someone else in mind."

    Looking over the group, ending on Dorhak he paused in thought for a minute before speaking again.

   "Whomever acts as our face can try and impersonate one of the dead soldiers that accompanied Khias if we think that'll help our cover. Either way, I can help with disguising anyone that would like to blend in with the locals or as the soldier.

   Unali has offered to tail our group and perhaps Fremea can join her. The two know how to avoid notice and can case the building while we occupy the staff. If they're lucky they might be able to find a way in and learn something useful.

   I do think we should go over what we'd like to discuss... what questions we'd like to uncover while there. And what everyone else will be or can do that isn't part of this particular group."

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Raddok felt uncomfortable at Arwan's apparent misunderstanding. "No," he replied to Arawn. "I do not really read Fomorian. But I have studied their mining maps and seen a few contracts done. I can recognize some words, and think I would recognize is what I was looking at was similar to what I have read - or sorta read. I guess I know a few written words, but not enough to do more than bluff my way through reading mine maps, or to recognize some of these legal-type phrases - these, here, on my contract. I know what I was told it said, & I had someone in a pub read it to me to verify what I was told. He showed me the phrases & what they meant.

I can try to act as his replacement, as long as they will accept me, a foreigner who speaks rather primitive Fomorian, as a possible replacement. But I knew nothing of the old captain's secret plans, and was told I was to be a foreman working with a dwarven crew, since I speak their language - also a bit primitively, as Dorhak can probably tell you. [current Dwarf Elder level is 20; 60 is max; I'm not sure where a 33% speaking ability leaves Raddok] But I'm willing to try - but I should be coached in what you need me to say - or imply." Raddok rubbed his chin thoughtfully. Then he grinned. "I would naturally be somewhat at wit's end, being as I was not supposed to be in charge of this ship - & I've had to depend on those who knew where we were headed. That I would certainly not have to fake."

He looked around at the others. "What would you like me to do - or not do?"

Bess L. Hadley

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    A pleasant smile crossed Arawn's face when
 Raddok presented the paper and shared his story. He glanced
 over the paper before asking,

    "So, you can read Fomorian? That will be a
 very handy skill here. If you're up for it perhaps you
 can play as Khias or his replacement."

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 [Date: Ma 1st, approx 10 PM]

 Raddok has remembered something during his evening watch
 &, when relieved, goes to search out the Captain &
 ship's officers. He is lucky to find them together, and
 approaches Dorhak, Z'leyra and Arawn and a couple
 others, while they are in a discussion, and
  hands over an official-looking paper. He tells them,
 "I know my Fomorian is not too good, although I am
 fairly good with mining terms and teamster tradetalk, as
 well as the work of both, but I just remembered I had
 this," and pulls a folded piece of parchment-like
  paper out of his inner tunic pocket.

 "This is my copy of the contract I received when I
 originally was signed up by the ship's - former -
 captain as a miner and mining consultant-slash-assistant
 foreman. It's not much, I know, but the authentic
 signature may help someone believe in what you are
  saying about being in charge of the ship now, or whatever
 you decide as your approach. I can keep this in my pocket,
 as usual, or you can have it, if it helps at all. Or perhaps
 someone can borrow it to practice copying the signature.
 I'm sorry - I forgot
  I had it. If it's of no use, that's ok, too.
 It's still a sort of job reference for me, although it
 turned out to be a job I would not have accepted in the end.
 But - I can fake it, if you guys need me to. I will help
 however I can."

 Bess L. Hadley


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