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Sat May 18 18:21:55 CEST 2019

>[Ma 3rd, 1636TH] [Time: 10:32 am – Directly off coast of Vahear] Actions? Comments? Next Update...Tuesday? GM: Back into groove takes time. I had hoped to see more planning but oh well. So looks like a basic Wookie gambit? Bring in fake prisoners and try to deal with Fomorian? Who will be the talker? I assume plan of Khias being dead is adopted? If there are no more plans I guess we can move onto the island. Dealing with family medical issues but its settling down.

   Scott, what date can I start having Arawn cast magic again without forcing you to backtrack on mana report?   I was thinking of having him cast on Ma 3rd but want to check in with you on that first.

   OOC to the party:
   Also, as no one is volunteering to play Khias/his replacement I might offer Arawn up for the role. I just don't want to delay anything about the game as sometimes I don't get to respond right away. However, Arawn is likely the best choice for a replacement as he (probably) has the highest Influence Chance, speaks decent Fomorian, will be able to R/W as well, can disguise himself, and can sense lies or deception.
   Let me know if anyone has an issue with any possible delay in posting. Otherwise I'll write Arawn's offer IC in a bit.

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