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Dorhak Red Wall dorhak at comcast.net
Wed Mar 27 05:45:09 CET 2019

Our good Captain has some items he would like to vie for.  Is that said right?

bracelet prot vs chaos. Seems like useful.

Dwarf-made quilted armor.  Keep it in the family.  And it keeps the mail off the hair on my body and arms.

the 9cc footstool.

the lounge chair to go with it.

One halberd.

Any jewels, non-enhancible

any gems, non-enhancible

the treasure map.  What dwarf doesn’t like gold.


and (probably along with everyone else): the mysterious chainmail.  It might not be dwarves manufacture, but this is one area where the humans do pretty well.  Naturally dwarves can do better, but the magic set would almost certainly be an improvement over what Dorhak has now.
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