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    Character Name   Type       Player        Sex           Notes
..Arawn...........Druid...John.Haight........Ma..Alfar/Backup Navigator
..Raddok..........Miner...Bess Hadley........Ma..Human/Miner
..Unali...........Ninja...Wout.Broere........Fe..Human/Dagger Maiden
..Z'leyra.........Healer..Alex Koponen.......Fe..Human/Shaman/1st Mate
..Brutto..........Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #1
..Finn............Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #2
..Ardrackle.......Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #3
..Zepp............Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #4
..Corona..........Eagle...Npc................Ma..Companion to Z'leyra
..Zol.Zim.........Wolf....Npc................Ma..Zehani Wolf/Ix's Friend

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         Game Update #64 sequence (file #533)

         Admin Notes: None.

            From Pyan: [Re: Actions]
                 I was just skimming over the old 
emails and I think I forgot to mention that Pyan 
keeps his precious(the shiniest piece of jewelry 
he found in the shapeshifter hoard) and anything 
that Pyan did't feel he needed to learn how you 
survive in the terrain around the city he left at 
Z's mansion, of course he needs to keep his precious on him at all times. :)
                 Just subtract it's value from pyan share if you missed that.
            GM: Ack.  On sheet I only see the 
Worthless Gems (21) as loot.  What else did you grab? I must've missed it.

            From Dorhak: [Re: Actions]
                 Assuming we dispense with the 
pirates, the Captain orders Fremea and Finn to 
the other boat to help out Pyan and Mae.  then we 
all head below decks together.  "We don’t have time to stop.  Head below."
            GM: Ack. IF that speech can be done this update will do so.

         [New Stuff]

         [Apris 27th, 1636TH]

         [Time: 2:18: 09 pm]
         [Turn 37: Phase 2 - [Phase 263]]

            Kiet builds up more energy for a spell recasting.

            Corona dives toward one of the 
pirates attacking Pyan and fires his magical eyes 
but it scorches only the deck behind him.

            Fremea moves to a angle she can fire 
her bow but Ix and the wolf is almost in the way 
but if she can fire past them she can hit a 
bunch. She fires enchanted arrow and 4 arrows 
miss.  One arrow hits #31 and kills him as it 
hits his right arm.  The other arrow hits #35 and 
kills the already wounded pirate by hitting him in the left center chest.

            The wolf attacks #34 again and clamps 
down on his neck and with that damage kills him like a young lamb taken down.

            Unali hears the threat against 
Z'leyra and stops near the door opening. The hold 
she is in is dark but she sees the hand of what 
is clearly a magician glowing ominously over 
Z'leyra. Not answering the man she stays in place 
and bends her arms, slowly and without any sudden 
moves moving as to point her daggers towards the floor.

            The time Unali spends with Duke Aren 
is clearly useful.  The time she spent in the 
woods near Caladan's forest home north of Maren 
City with the other spies was beneficial.  There 
she learned tricks on intrigue and 
distraction.   Even as only one spy was female 
the males and the female taught her to use her 
body as distractions.  In some cases targets can 
be hypnotized in a way by shiny blades or items 
on a person.  So much so that their minds wander 
and lose focus – or see things that doesn't 
exist.  As Unali reaches to the bottom of her 
block clothing tunic she pulls with her left and 
right hand as she speaks.  This minor action 
pulls down the neckline of her collar and reveals a silver necklace.

            The hold itself is about same as 
Black Depths hold 50 wide and 40 or so long.  The 
hold is dark with only 2 dim lanterns hanging 
from roof holders that cast deep shadows 
everywhere.  Unali turns slightly so the silver – 
almost reflective – necklace shines at the mage's 
face.   The mage's eyes twinkle and he notices 
the necklace seem to glow or is it just the light in the room?

            Once the daggers are pointing down 
the floor, she does not let them go, but moves 
them forward and up again, with the blades turned 
so they are maximally visible from the casters 
point of view and reflecting any possible light 
so they appear flickering a bit, in the hopes of 
drawing attention to them. She starts to talk in 
Dechan, "So tell me, how do you want to handle 
this. No, first, tell me how you managed to capture them so easily."

            Back topside Brutto and Finn move 
behind #32 and #33.  Finn stabs #32 I n the back 
which Kiet just wounded and kills him.  Brutto 
stabs #33 in the back and adds to Barbosa's 
damage to kill him.  Ardackle and Zepp see there 
are only 3 left and 2 are in a daze so decide to 
turn back to gang plank and rush to help Pyan.

            Mournath sees things are going well 
so turns to the front of ship and ruehs to kill 
the abandoned-tranced pirate #21 out of his mercy 
with a quick slash of his weapon.

            Kiet cancels his magical build up 
since it would be a waste of energy at this 
point.  He moves up behind #22 which he just 
enchanted and slashes cutting off his right 
leg.  The damage is enough as well as blood loss to kill him.

            Raddok sees the last pirate on deck 
and swings his mace hitting him in the left 
shoulder doing 9 points killing the pirate.

            Wayla the mage with glowing hand look 
at Unali and flickers his eyes at her necklace 
then eyes.  He replies in Dechan as well, 'my pet 
birds.  You killed them? You will pay dearly.” He 
lowers his hand toward Z'leyra's chest a 
inch.  His face is stern and waits for Unali to drop her daggers.

            Barbosa lowers his mace and looks 
around but sees no more pirates.

            The pirates in the hold raise swords 
and fan out to each side of the room in case the 
dagger woman doesn't surrender.

            Pirate #24 and #25 charge Mae she 
deflects one sword with her dagger but #5 hits 
her in left middle chest doing 4 more points to her.

            Pirate #26 charges Pyan hitting him 
in the right shoulder doing 4 points of damage with his sword.

            Dorhak is happy the pirates were 
taken down so fast within only half a minute or 
so.  He looks up and hopes he gets Fremea's 
attention then whistles and looks right at Finn 
and nods his head to give orders for both to help 
Pyan.  Then he turns to the stairs and 
others.  "We don’t have time to stop.  Head below."

            Mae slashes her dagger at #24 hits in 
chest but his leather armor protects him.

            Ix cocks her head and senses combat 
is over.  She leans down and ruffles the fur of 
the wolf and inspects his wounds.


         [Time: 2:18:12 pm]
         [Turn 37: Phase 3 - [Phase 264]]

            Corona dives toward Pirate #26 and 
hits with his fire dart in his back and since he 
was already wounded the man is killed.

            Fremea lands right to left of #24 and 
taps his shoulder.  She grins as he sees her and 
she fires her bow only 2 feet away.  Three oddly 
pass by but three hit doing 12 points of damage killing him.

            Suddenly in the hold something sweeps 
upwards from the floor and engulfs Wayla in dark 
blurs of motion.  Wayla takes a sudden look at 
Unali's perplexed face and screams as the blurs 
or whatever they are do whatever they do.  The 
mage claws at the air and his glowing hand is 
seen in a whirl.  Then he falls to the deck and hand stops glowing.

            Unali charges forward and shoulder 
bumps the 2 on the left away.  While stepping in 
front of Z'leyra and Arawn.  She turns to the 2 
on right and stabs forward.  The first dagger 
almost slips from her agile hands in a almost 
fumble but she recovers it.  The second dagger 
hits doing #44 killing him in a quick chest impale.

            Brutto and Finn move toward the last 
pirate and swing swords.  Brutto misses but Finn 
slices his left arm for 2 points.

            Mournath and Kiet move toward the stairs.

            Raddok moves to the stairs and 
cautiously descends and moves left.  He 
immediately spots 3 bodies in the hallway.

            The three pirates in the hold charge 
Unali.  One misses.  Two hit but one doesn't 
penetrate her armor.  The other hit penetrates 
her upper left chest doing 3 points.

            The last pirate swings at Mae hits in 
her lower right abdomen doing 2 points of damage.

            Pyan thrusts at the last pirate but misses.

            Mae stabs at the last pirate but also misses.

         [Time: 2:18:15 pm]
         [Turn 37: Phase 4 - [Phase 265]]

            The blurs of motion separate and head 
to the 3 pirates left in hold.  One pirate screams and falls dead.

            Unali attacks the last 2 pirates and stabs both killing both.

            Raddok and Dorhak burst through the 
door and stare at Unali who is leaning over 
Z'leyra.  They both spot 5 dead men.

            Fremea hovers down from the hatch and 
into the hold and comes too late to help Unali.

            Unali notices Arawn's burnt body but 
he seems to be twitching as if trying to wake up 
but it too deep in.  Unali wonders if some how 
Arawn killed the mage and pirates?  After his 
supernatural ability in the flying castle island 
library to douse out the fire in the library she 
wonders if even while near death his powers is 
beyond comprehension or maybe his parents?

            Brutto hits the last pirate on his ship and kills him.

            Unali inspects Arawn and while he is 
badly burnt finds a very faint pulse. Z'leyra 
seems fine except 2 thin cuts on her 
chest.  Fremea inspects the dagger of Wayla and 
sniffs it.  Confirming its poison of some 
kind.  With Z'leyra unable to move it must be a paralytic.

            Kiet stops Barbosa and offers to heal 
him with his dagger.  “Let's clear below first then you can.”

            Zepp steps behind Dorhak, “we 
shouldn't stay here long.  If we are to loot 
these ships we do it fast.  Before other ships 
spot us.  Or those on land see us and report to the city.”

         Actions? Comments?

         Next Update...Saturday?

         GM: A fun update.  Combat is over.  No 
more pirates will be found.  Dorhak needs to 
issue orders. I did a 3rd phase to end the 
combat.  Will be busy Tue and Wed so probably no 
update chance till Saturday.  I may work on 
experience those days.  Now its just clean up.

         GM: Wound Status -

                  Player         Status
                 Z'leyra Paralyzed/Light Wound/Poisoned
                 Barbosa Heavy Damage
                 Mae             Light Damage
                 Pyan            Light Damage
                 Fremea  Moderate Damage
                 Ardackle        Light damage
                 Finn            Moderate Damage
                 Arawn           Unknown
                 Dorhak  Light Damage
                 Raddok  Light Damage

       GM: Language Necklace Use: Roll W+EM or less
               Buff: +Em Mar 24th, +W Mar 29th

                 Character           Date         Learning          Notes
               Raddok              Mar 26th   Marentian           Success
               Pyan                Mar 29th   Eagle from Corona   Fail
               Pyan                Mar  30th  Eagle from Corona   Success
               Kiet                Apr  3rd   Bhamotin            Success
               Unali               Apr  4th   Bhamotin from Kiet  Success
               Fremea              Apr  5th   Bhamotin from Kiet  Success
                   Unali               Apr  19th   Cerulean from Arawn Success
                   Raddok        Apr  22nd    Cerulean from Arawn Success
                   Raddok            Apr  23rd    Fomorian from Unali Failure
                   Raddok            Apr  24rd    Fomorian from Unali Failure
                   Raddok            Apr  25rd    Fomorian from Unali Failure
                 Raddok      Apr  26th    Fomorian from Unali Success
                   Pyan          Apr  27th     Fomorian From Unali Failure

         GM: Watch Assignments:

                 First  ( 7-10pm) - Dorhak, Raddok, Ix
                 Second (10- 1am) - Arawn, Mae, Pyan
                 Third  ( 1- 4am) - Fremea, Z'leyra, Mournath
                 Fourth ( 4- 7am) - Unali, Kiet, Barbasa

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