[pnpgm] Addendum - Update 66 - Raddok

Bessie Hadley eleabess at sbcglobal.net
Thu Mar 21 17:17:53 CET 2019

[Sorry - as this is still new to me, I feel I need to clarify sometimes Raddok's thoughts when we're dealing with something new to the adventure - like gathering/sharing out the treasure, etc - therefore, this footnote]

Raddok will not want to push his wishes on treasure items. When he turns his list in, although he might stare longingly at some items on his list, he states he doesn't want to cause any rifts over popular items asked for & he is willing to just take his fair share (in coinage, etc) of coins found, treasure items sold & small, wearable items (he likes the tourmaline armband, for example, which is not only dressy, but practical in that it protects a part of his arm - he sighs over it [lol]) & a share of any jewels/jewelry (he tends to like colored or exotic stones, like turquoise, lapis lazuli, etc., due to his just liking bright colors, but will accept anything) - he's trying to build up a small fortune to take home to show his father he's a worthy provider (& to his girl). 

In reality, he will be pleased with anything with which he is awarded - especially if one or two items on his wish list are included [lol]. During the journey to Vahear, he will be willing to spar with Mournath with any of his weapons to M's sword (M's choice), altho' he suspects the navigator to be more skilled than Raddok is - which would be good for Raddok, too. They could also practice Fomorian during the bouts - the action will force concentration on the unfamiliar words. (Raddok can be a little sneaky about the Fomorian, you see - hee hee)

[I don't know the state of his current gear. If he finds anything better, that he is capable of using, among the loot than his current gear (e.g. - one of the metal helmets) he will put in a bid for it, and sell his old gear (or keep for backup, if that's more practical - weight is a definite factor for him - I'll let GM decide about his need to bid for gear at this point) Thinking that if he gets enough points to elevate stats, his IBT/actions will probably have improved his S or St, if not both] 

Bess L. Hadley 

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