[pnpgm] Mournath's actions

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As for loot - Mournath isn't pushy and will accept whatever is determined
to be a fair share, declining items and looking for jewlery, gems, and
other such portable wealth.

Feeling the exhiliration from the recent combat, he feels that his skills
need to be honed further and will ask for sparring partners and to get
pointers on other weapon use. [currently Mournath uses spear, bow, and
shield and wants to train the lower of those skills up but is interested in
picking up a bit more skill in the use of swords and other weaponry that
can be had]

As for duties, Mournath wants to build a bit more raport with his fellow
crewman and will take the opportunity to know more about them, scribe their
names in his journal, find out a bit about their families, their desires,
and why they choose to sail.
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