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    Character Name   Type       Player        Sex           Notes
..Arawn...........Druid...John.Haight........Ma..Alfar/Backup Navigator
..Raddok..........Miner...Bess Hadley........Ma..Human/Miner
..Unali...........Ninja...Wout.Broere........Fe..Human/Dagger Maiden
..Z'leyra.........Healer..Alex Koponen.......Fe..Human/Shaman/1st Mate
..Brutto..........Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #1
..Finn............Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #2
..Ardrackle.......Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #3
..Zepp............Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #4
..Corona..........Eagle...Npc................Ma..Companion to Z'leyra
..Zol.Zim.........Wolf....Npc................Ma..Zehani Wolf/Ix's Friend

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         Game Update #81 sequence (file #652)

         Admin Notes: None.

            From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
                 Arawn held off tongue-lashing Velf for his insolence but, 

                 "My men are not dregs. They're the best of the best and 

            GM: Ack.

            From Raddok: [Re: Actions]
                 As Arawn gathered the others around to give his report, 

            GM: Ack. To be honest even if over 
burdened it won't be a major issue due to time involved.

            From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
                 "I don't imagine we'll be taking horses as climbing will 

            GM: Ack.

         [New Stuff]

         [Ma 3rd, 1636TH]
         [Time: 11:18 am – Ma'Dor town – Vahear]

            Arawn held off tongue-lashing Velf 
for his insolence but, unsure of his relative 
status, kept it to standing up for himself and his men.

            "My men are not dregs. They're the 
best of the best and solid replacements for 
Khias's choices. Khias is dead but my men have held against sea dragons,
wyrms, mermen and pirates to get the cargo here. 
I take my obligations seriously, Velf.

            I will bring them here."

            Velf as he walks waves a hand 
dismissively as if sea giants are no big 
deal.  The arrogant Fomorian is starting to irk 
Kiet who has been clenching his fists.

            Arawn decided a quick return was in 
order, hustling and taking the elevator-gondola if it seemed faster.

            A man is sitting at a chair looks in 
his 30s.  There is a team of 3 horses tied to 
ropes and a lever and pulley system.  He eyes the 
group,   Then stands, “visitors?  First ride is 5 
Brass per person.  After that depending on weight 9 Brass Bits.”

            Arawn considers this for a 
moment.  So its as fast as the horses can drop it 
so might take only a minute or two.  But using 
the natural path might take 6-8 minutes one 
way.  Payment is taken and the group moves to the 
bamboo, wood and light metal cage.  Horses looks 
like they could take 800 pounds per so maybe 2 
tons is max?  But some doubt the cage would handle such.

            The man hooks the tree trunk sized 
ropes that could fasten a ship to a dock to the 
pulley system.  Then using a large lever and 
weights – and no warning by the man- the cage 
lifts and swings right over the side of the 
cliff.  Now hanging a few hundred feet to the 
ground the cage creaks and moans and some grit 
teeth.  Within another few seconds the cage 
slowly descends and gets caster by the moment.

         [Time: 11:22 am – Ma'Dor town – Vahear]

            At the bottom the man seen before 
ascending open the cage as it slams gruffly onto 
the sand.   Arawn moves briskly toward the ship with the others.

            Once on the ship, Arawn briefs the 
others quickly.  "We're to meet Velf in 15 and 
then head out. There will be climbing involved 
apparently. He's an ornery man so we should move quickly. And if the other
dwarves wish to join and see this through now is 
the time. I don't think we'll be returning to the 
ship anytime soon. Not unless we're willing to ensorcell
Velf's mind."

            As Arawn gathered the others around 
to give his report, Raddok asked him directly, 
"Arawn? Does it sound to you like we will need 
horses? I'm just asking, because I'll have to 
leave my greatsword behind if we're on foot. I 
can carry everything else I need with me."

            He considered for a moment, rubbing 
his chin absently. "Do you think they'll have 
wagons? He certainly gave us no indication of 
waiting for anyone else than us - our ship - at 
this point. But we may be going to meet one, 
since it sounded like several ships were sent out for - dang, 'cargo.'"

            Raddok frowned. "I don't like this. 
It all sounds a bit - underhanded - and, like - 
there's some big plan going on, & being kept 
under wraps, even from the villagers here, 
perhaps? Oh, well, that's why we're here, right?" 
And he grimly went to his locker to gather his 
loaded backrack, quickly double-checking that 
everything was loaded & ready to go, leaving only 
his greatsword in its sheath, & his share of the 
treasure that was merely mixed valuables. He 
checked that his amulet was well-tucked under his 
tunic until (if) needed, and that his glove was 
folded away from the protective bracelet, so it 
would operate properly. His ring fit nicely, if 
firmly, over the other glove, and he was glad he had it.

            He joined the others, loading his 
backrack & shifting his mace & shield to their 
'resting' positions, the shield hooked over  the 
top of his backpack, the rope & a couple other 
bulkier items tied about it with leather ties. He 
was carrying less than 60#, a load he was well 
used to handling. He knew he was capable of 
carrying twice as much, but if it turned out he 
had to ride a horse at some point, he did not 
wish to carry more, to save the horse.

            "I don't imagine we'll be taking 
horses as climbing will end up being involved. 
But it sounded as if Velf would be gathering the 
necessary supplies as only he knows what we'll 
need for the journey so we'll have to wait and 
see. But if we need anything from the ship I can 
return here to gather them. That or I can carry 
some of the extra gear in my magical bags."

         [Time: 11:26 am – Ma'Dor town – Vahear]

            For the next 8-9 minutes the party 
gathers all the gear they need.  Arawn keeps a 
internal count going so not to be late.


         [Time: 11:18 am – Ma'Dor town – Vahear]

            Velf lumbers with his cane and and 
Unali watches from a side area a smile on his 
face.  But in only 30 seconds or so he reaches a 
vendor stall.  “Parchment! Quill!”

            A young woman in her 20s compiles and 
plots down both.  Velf stares at the woman.  “You 
can't even understand how writing works do you?”

            The woman looks confused.

            “You expect me to write with a dry 
quill or should I use the sweat that is pouring down your scalp?”

            The woman reaches under the plank 
platform and pulls a ink well and uncaps 
it.  Velf grumbles, “how does this town even survive a winter?”

            Velf begins to write a fast 
letter.  “Sealant? And wheres that ...boy?' As he writes.

            The woman turns around to grab some 
box of wax and a candle to seal the 
parchment.  She whistles a bit loud after that.

            Unali watches behind a garbage pile 
pit near a blacksmith shop.  What ever he is writing she can't read.

            A lad around 22-23 approaches from the side.

            “If you get this one wet like last 
one ...you will regret it.  You 
understand?”  Then he rolls the parchment into a 
thin scroll.  He seals it with wax to ensure it can’t be read.

            “Yes Sir!  I'm so sorry for last time.”

            Velf turns to the boy and hands it to 
the lad then digs in a pocket and tosses the 
woman some coins.  “If you weren't the only boy 
in this forsaken village I'd be less 
concerned.  But we work with ...what we have...”

            'Send it to the previous location immediately.”

            Then Velf rushes off again to the 
east.  Unali is unsure what to do but the lad is 
tacking up a horse and may be a few 
minutes.  Unali watches Velf stop briefly into 
the threshold of a small shack which based on 
sign of a knife may be a blade shop.  He whistles and leaves.

            Unali then watches Velf move north 
west toward probably the only market. He grabs a 
leather bag then goes quickly from stall to stall 
to buy some food and water skin.

            As he does a large man in his 40s 
approach.  Unali tries to get closer to hear them 
talk as Velf inspects some fruit using a tarp of 
a stall to being unseen by others.

            “A new ship has arrived.” Velf speaks 
to the man with a large scar down his cheek and 
shows signs of heavy sun burn and a light brown beard.

            “This is the 14th lot?” Scar-face speaks.

            “I don't keep track.  But I lost 
count after 57.  I just hope this lot is smarter 
than the others.  You know the routine?”

            “Sure no problem boss.”

            “Good.  I need to head back to meet them. Give me 10 minutes?”

            “I'll count it directly.”

             Velf pays for the final travel items 
and looks at the man.  “Can you count that 
high?  Just watch us as normal and do your thing.”

            Velf rushes south toward the Inn he was at.

            Unali is unsure what to do 
now.  Follow Velf, the messenger or the brute?

         [Time: 11:31 am – Ma'Dor town – Vahear]

            Arawn and party arrive at cage 
again.  The man eyes the dwarves with the binds 
but only holds out his hands for the coins.  He 
says it will need 2 trips due to more folks that can fit in age.

         [Time: 11:35 am – Ma'Dor town – Vahear]

            Arawn watches the second group come 
over the cliff side in the cage and rushes them out and rushes to the inn.

            Velf is pacing back and forth with a 
new bag on his belt.  “Your about 5 minutes 
late!”  Arawn grits his teeth by his count only 2 minutes at max.

            Velf ignores any reply from Arawn as 
he eyes Dorhak and Barbosa.  He looks at the new 
party members and around.  “Just two? Are you...” 
Velf rubs his temple. “This is it? 
Seriously?”  Velf begins to grumble his breath 
and curses.  He eyes Barbosa and Dorhak.  “I hope 
these two are worth it or there will be hell to be pay.  Let's go!”

            Velf leads the group toward the south 
end of village. “We'll be walking. Its not far at 
all.”  He moves toward Arawn. “Do they have any bit of brains?  Can they read?”

            Velf studies the party as he 
walks.  “Might as well unbind them.  They'll need 
their hands free.  But their brains more so.”

         [Time: 11:39 am – Ma'Dor town – Vahear]

         Actions? Comments?

         Next Update...Monday??

         GM: Eyes are better.  Enough to work as 
best I can.  We move on.  Next update will be 
mine arrival.  Will try update Monday if staff 
cooperates.  Gear choices will be done by next 
update deadline wise.  At this point Mae and Ix 
are npcs left on ship. Will remove the gear notes below on next update.

         GM: Unali – What do you want to do?
             Fremea – I have you marked as 
Trailer do you help Unali or  scout ahead for party?

         GM: Gear info given
                 [No weights needed can be just 
important items – weapons/armor or a book or such 
but no need to say taken spoons. :)]

                 Raddok  Given
                 Pyan            Given
                 Arawn           None Yet
                 Dorhak  None Yet
                 Fremea  Take all gear
                 Kiet            Given semi.
                 Mournath        None Yet
                 Unali           Given
                 Z'leyra Given
                 Barbosa None Yet

         GM: Landing party roles

                 Player          Role
             Arawn               Fomorian spokesman??
             Dorhak              Prisoner
             Fremea              Scout/Trailer
             Ix          Stay on ship since npc now
             Kiet                Guard
             Mae         Stay on ship since npc now
             Mournath    Chief Sailor for Arawn's ship?
             Pyan                Guard
             Raddok              Aide to Arawn?
             Unali               Trail behind for sentry
             Z'leyra             Guard (though 
female guard is unusual)/Consort?
             Barbosa             Prisoner
             Sailors             Stay on ship

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