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   Arawn was half-tempted to simply enthrall the man and wondered if should have brought Mae along. But for now he'd play along and avoid magic on the off chance it backfired, saving that for a last resort.
   The man's threat to see the boy assigned to a naval ship made Arawn wonder if Velf was an officer or noble to be able to pull that off. He continued to study the man as they made their way downstairs, his skill as an actor and elvish empathy working together to 'read' him. When Velf rushed out the door, seemingly wondering where the 'cargo' was, he followed.​
   "They're aboard the ship. They proved more troublesome than the average dwarves. I felt it best to leave them there for your inspection."


OOC:   Arawn will do his best to Influence Velf to go to the ship if necessary.  If/as they near the ship he'll explain that there was an uprising and the dwarves nearly succeeded in freeing themselves at Khias and most of the crew's expense/lives.

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