[pnpgm] Illusions

David Sanders dasandersx at comcast.net
Thu Jun 6 03:46:24 CEST 2019

"I can cast an illusion on Z'leyra to make her look like a man.  That might make 'guard' more believable.  I’ll be casting a personal illusion to make my appearance not be Lemasan. Even here I’m sure I’m not welcome."  Kiet makes no bones about his dislike of Formorians.

He rubs his chin then says, "Yes, the Formorians do have slavery, in some cases worse than Lemasa.  Mostly, though, they only have it for serious law cases."

"One thing to remember.  I have heard these Vaherians have raised arrogance to an art form, so I highly recommend all of us get used to groveling.  Sucks, but it’s no different than when dealing with Zhao."

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