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   When the question of Khias's heritage came up Arawn turned towards Mournath and Raddok, both of whom had spent time sailing with the man.

   "Any idea if he was indeed fomorian?"​

   As Dorhak continued with the plan the alfar nodded.​

   "Sounds like a plan. I can disguise myself as one of the fomorian soldiers traveling with Khias with little trouble.​
   I'll mention the contact, to see if they're aware of him. If they do I can see if they know if he's still in place or moved elsewhere as we're past schedule. And, if Unali and Fremea find a way in they might be able to see if more than the two mines exist. ​
   As to the vision, I think that might reveal itself in time. I have a feeling it's a bit early for us to figure this out unless one of the dwarves might have an idea.​
   And I can help with the locks, either through illusion or real shackles opened via magic."​

OOC:   Scott, did the papers mention if the dwarves were supposed to be delivered to Tal-kor or just the agent?   If I recall Tal-kor was just a company mentioned, though worth looking into. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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"Well, do we know that Khias was formorian or was he just working for them?  Either way, I figure they wanted to be as far away as practical so that Vahear doesn't gain a reputation for doing things the way, say, Clima might do, raiding places for slaves."

"I think the best 'story' to tell is just that us Dwarves figured out what he was doing and set a trap for his party.  He didn't make it, so our pseudo-replacement", (nodding toward Arawn) "is now in charge of that group.  Khias was unlucky.  Now that they have their dander up, it's not going to be possible to get any more dwarves for their scheme."

"We only were told where to deliver the dwarves, or how to meet the contact.  Asking about where they are being sent would raise suspicion.  We should be able to simply follow them.  between Unali, Corona, and Fremea, I think we won't lose them, er, me, er, us."

"We should keep us Dwarves out of sight on the ship until the 'group' can find this contact at either of the two joints (Inn and Tavern), though someone is going to find us a keg of Vahear's finest ale while we wait.  This would also give you people time to look up the mine owners afterward and contact them about their infestation problem.  Maybe there would be mercenary fees to be had by cleaning them out.  Probably some of those damnable goblins..."  He spits on the floor.

"anybody want to comment on the meaning of the 'vision?  Just babble to me."

"I am most comfortable with being 'tied up', where the bonds are easy to release but firm enough not to accidently fall off if one of us is abused.  then simply use your famous magicks to make them seem like metal shackles."

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   I've listed the details that Finn went over along with notes from Raddok. If anyone has anything to add or questions please post:)

 - Why did the fomorians travel so far north for dwarves?​
 - Captain Khias demise... I think we'll need to have a good story on why/how I became the replacement to hopefully avoid suspicion
 - Where are the dwarves destined?​
 - Qamon Velf is the guide and was to have been met 2-3 weeks ago at the Fuzzy Dice Inn​ (although have Scott also mentioned a tavern called the Green Serpent)
 - Tal-kor company are believed to be the  mine owner - Genar Hargath and Yotan Jelatoni
   - company employees had been removed from the area due to Kotothi creatures? Did they suddenly appear from below?​
   - 2 known mines​

 -  A Divine Vision spell produced the following:   "The heart leads to long term trauma while the mind relies on daunting ambition. Which can lead to old meeting new and new meeting old."

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