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Sun Jun 2 16:54:22 CEST 2019

   I've listed the details that Finn went over along with notes from Raddok. If anyone has anything to add or questions please post:)

 - Why did the fomorians travel so far north for dwarves?​
 - Captain Khias demise... I think we'll need to have a good story on why/how I became the replacement to hopefully avoid suspicion
 - Where are the dwarves destined?​
 - Qamon Velf is the guide and was to have been met 2-3 weeks ago at the Fuzzy Dice Inn​ (although have Scott also mentioned a tavern called the Green Serpent)
 - Tal-kor company are believed to be the  mine owner - Genar Hargath and Yotan Jelatoni
   - company employees had been removed from the area due to Kotothi creatures? Did they suddenly appear from below?​
   - 2 known mines​

 -  A Divine Vision spell produced the following:   "The heart leads to long term trauma while the mind relies on daunting ambition. Which can lead to old meeting new and new meeting old."

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