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Dorhak turns to Raddok and says in Marentian "understood.  Go do a thorough search for bows and red fletched arrows. Take whoever you need to help.  Quickly!"

Turning back to Gnipp? No, that’s not right. Gnopp.  No!  Gnorff!  Yeah, that’s it. Gnorff.  Anyway, turning back to Gnorff, Dorhak looks at him for a moment while he sucks on his teeth, as if while trying to decide something.  Then he silently nods his head and says, in Dwarf Elder, "Well!  It seems there’s more to you than just being an exhibitionist.  You’re a brave one too, coming here alone.  I’ll tell you what. How about I invite you into this little cave so you can see for yourself what is happening.  But know this: only slaves surrender their arms on demand.  And none of us takes kindly to that thought.  We won’t surrender. But you have my word you will not be harmed or held here."
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