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“This has become serious!  We found a dead human nearby!  Now we will need to investigate this and my rum will get too warm tonight!  Surrender now and we'll not smoke you out.”

"Serious!  SERIOUS!?  We’ve been chasing the humans that we think killed that other human, though that is no loss.  He tried to enslave my kin, stole from me, then brought us here, to wherever this place is.  He received his reward, but his murderers then stole from him!  They are mine to do with as I please, as their actions have cost me dearly in gold and effort.  As for the humans that are with me, they are my crew and all I really want to do is make my way back to home and my ship."

“As for surrender, I warn you to reconsider.  I am Captain Dorhak Red Wall, made red from the blood of those who tried to pass through this wall!  We are not your enemy, but by Dvallin I will not yield to some pre-pubescent blowhard that doesn’t even have the decency to cover himself properly.  I and my crew are not to be trifled with by the likes of you, nor do I believe you could even come close to succeeding.  Now, should you wish me to send out the human thieves for you to take your angst out upon them, then so be it.  Happy to be rid of them.  Once we extract from them what is mine, of course, with interest, and most certainly including penalties with prejudice!”

“Since you now know we are not here by trespass, but by treachery, will you continue your base and gratuitous accusations and force us to teach you a lesson in civility or shall we discuss things like, well, if not Dwarves, then at least like Elders should.”
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