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 Maelorna pauses as the world has passed by without her realizing what
happened.  She had been hurt?  Did the voice do more than just antagonize
her?  She remembered the fight, the merman as it jerked about from the pain
she hit it with.  She looks at Arawn and tries to hide the haunted look in
her eyes, she couldn't have lost herself.  But the desire was still there,
wanting to see the creatures cry out in pain, beg for their lives and watch
the life drain.  She looks up at Arawn from where she was sitting at and
gives a wistful smile, "Sadly no, I didn't feed upon him, rather I used his
trident.  I've had to stay away from the others, not easy I know.  It's
more to avoid temptation and have a repeat of the issue that occurred
before with Dorhak," she gives a distracted smile.

OOC - During day or night, she's dressed as she normally does, no actual
gown, but a long shirt and tied off with a belt, a dagger is her physical
weapon.  She does keep to herself as much as she can when not helping as
able.  Her gear is stowed away, but she'll choose to rest where she can
with her back to a wall or post.  She will happily take whichever watch is
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