[pnpgm] Mournath's actions

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Thu Aug 9 09:53:50 CEST 2018

[to GM] Is your 'dead count right'?  In the description you say Mourn'
kills one but it's not reflected in the body count after.

Knowing that fire on board a ship is never a good sign, and well...there
goes the sails now!  That fire has to be stamped out, but a man can't leave
his back to the enemy while attending to business.  Nothing for it but to

Mournath continues to fight the closest targets to himself while edging
towards where the fire is blazing.  He hopes to polish off the ones on him,
then attend to the fire as best as he can - likely cutting the lower
rigging so the sails only attachment point is high and away from the ship
so that it can possibly be put out by the wind.
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