[pnpgm] Update #30 - Raddok - phases 5 & 6

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Thu Aug 9 09:39:02 CEST 2018

[OOC: still learning how to figure two phases & how much to put in to cover unexpectancies. If I put in too much, at least you kinda know what he's thinking he might need to do next - thoughts can be faster than action. I appreciate our GM's ability to fill in our actions & to help me not feel too stupid at my slow learning, but I hope Raddok lives through this (lol)]

Phases 5 & 6

Raddok has no idea why several of the mermen vanished, but he's relieved as he continues to focus on merman #5 in front of him, hoping the upwelling of alertness & dexterous energy that he had suddenly felt (the battle magic, which he didn't recognize, as it's new to him) will improve his fighting skills on the slowly rocking deck, making the short rush forward to strike the creature with his shield with his full weight, bracing it with both arms until contact, in an effort to knock the merman back & block the axe, then quickly using his mace to strike around the shield at the merman's ribs & body. He will strike at least twice, & three times (if there's time during the 2 phases, & if it's needed to disable the merman). He continues to keep his shield over his left ribs to protect his injury, as well as to block any weapon strikes. He does not understand why someone called out not to kill these attackers, so he will try to kill #5, unless someone again tells him not to kill, then he will try to strike it unconscious or only seriously injured. (But he really doesn't like leaving a living enemy behind him.)

IF he's successful at stopping #5 merman, & seeing that Dorhak has gone to help Barbosa, Raddok will turn & run left (he's been facing the stern) to help Z'leyra with mermen #13 & 17 in front of her, or if she's clear, ask the seaman at the wheel if he should stay near him for protection. He will not see the sails on fire unless he has time to glance toward Barbosa. He will do what the seaman at the wheel suggests (unless Z'leyra or Captain Dorhak call to him with orders) - stay near the wheelman, help Barbosa or help with the fire, but whichever, he keep his weapons ready for anything he cannot see beyond the lockers center-ship, and swiftly looks around to see if anyone at the stern again.

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