[pnpgm] Update status....

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Fri Nov 17 05:52:49 CET 2017

Been working on Arawn's IBT this week and last.
Last week was rough first 3 days due to family issues and a complex IBT start.

But as of now I'm at Marqi 16 which means only 1 week to do.
I estimate
* 1-2 hours to finish the IBT
* 3-4 to spell check and clean up.
* 2-3 days to finish character sheet.

This means it will nto be till next Tuesday/Wed.
3 weeks for a IBT?  Yep.  Several reasosn.
* Lots of good rpg elements, investigations which created a lot of work.
* Thousands of spells
* Lots of combats.

When I saw IBT got to 1600 lines.  I was doing it daily and this was 
taking forever. Not John's fault.
With 110 days its a lot of work.  So I decoded to do it in 
batches.  I'd do 1-2 weeks at at time.
1) Basic text/actoins for those days
2) Updates skill points based on those actions
3) Roll for encounters, Resolve combats.
4) Do one big batch of spells.

This spell batch helped.  So instead of 5-6 here and updating which 
tok awhile I did 50-100 spells.
Sorted.  Then updated and rolled results.
This speed things up.  So instead of say 30 foyson thefts over 2 
weeks I did 3 rolls for foyson theft.
Instead of 1 Foyson update mep, expertise.  Repeat start over next day.
This allowed 1 update.

The draw back was I could NOT track daily mana useage.  But I know 
high end spells enough like BMC10s to know I
should do a quick could that day to see if enough mana was done.  So 
I did verify that.

Right now IBT  will be about 2400 lines which means I'll have to 
split it up into 2 updates.
Again not complaining.  I can be wordy at times :)

But this is more a factor of IBT time.  4 months is a long time.
I usually do Long, Short, Long.  So next IBT might be 2 weeks. :)

So right now I might have the IBT to John to approve Sat/Sun.
Once he does will post which might  be next week.

I suspect for Z who does 10% rpg and 90% spells compared to 40% rpg 
nad 60% spells for Arawn will take just as long.
But I will use this batch process to cut a few days off.
Fremea's IBT tend to be easy adn fast.

Z'leyra's - 1-2 weeks
Fremeas - 3-4 days.

So these 2 have yet ot send IBT.
Who wlil be the last ? After 2.5 months of IBT?

Sadly my vacaton time started in September and ends 12/31.
At this rate game start will be delayed but only so much i can do.  Sorry.

Means for the 4 months I get no free time for projects of my 
own.  and fun stuff...:<

Maybe I should've delayed IBT till 1/1 :) But then IBT would've taken 
longer since would have only 2 days off a week compared ot 4 
days.  Good for you bad fo rme. :)

So for Alex/Tobie.
I trust you guys but you sohuld verify you have enough mana to cast X 
spells that day.  So I can do this batch
process.  I WILL still double check for the expensive ones like Perm magics.

Tobie does few spells.
But Alex tends to do a lot.

But as warned for ALL Reputation - Human and Divine Reputation has changed.
So far 2 have gone way up in charts for being 'noticed'.  I suspect 
if Z fixes the spell pattern a 3rd.

This means a Avatar or Avatars will likely 80% arrive.  Like the old 
man.  But it may be harder.
You guys have ben warned for years. :)

Reputations are based on
* Actions (less so)
* Spells just doing 100 spells a day ignoring the Laws of 
magic.  Compared to doing a few with purpose.
* Society/Envionment effects.

But it is probably 60% based on spell use.  This home brew for new 
players has been around for 35 years.
The Charts are private.  But I update them in game and IBT.

Someone like Xian my personal character who has only 1 magic item and 
few spells over these decades has single digits.
Some like Chion who crosses the globe with ease has high numbers.

But a non spell user can still have high rep.  Farseeker has high 
number for various reason but is sitll mostly ignored by the 
gods.  But his human rep in society is extremely high.

One could compare say Mae's simple IBT with Kiet's who did spells 
with purpose to
say Arawn's and Z's Then get a general feel for reputation. :)

So I'm babbilng..sorry...

I work Turkey day...

So assuming i get IBT form Alex/Tobie
I can start 11/25ish add 3 weeks?
Sigh... maybe we cna try a 1/1 (nice round date) start time?

Sorry guys to push it back but the amount of work I've done is daunting. :)

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