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   HT         Player       Character Name     Type    Status/Notes   Sex
   -- ------------------------------------------------------------------

   FH.John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar... Ma
   ...Kevin Newark..........Dorhak............Warrior.Normal/Dwarf....Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   W2.David Sanders.........Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   R3 Panthera..............Pyandalgor........Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
   R4.Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R4.Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra

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       Game Update #-19b sequence (file #50)

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       [New Stuff]

             [Janaq 23rdt 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]
             [Time: 7:48 am]

               Z'leyra is heading to meet Omas at the shore for some
             very cold swimming today.  She passes a small field where
             there are 8 pesaants around a elderly older man.   The man
             is preaching about his god and how powerful he is that they
             should join his group of worshippers and be well 
rewarded.  Z'leyra
             notices the peasants growing agitated but not against the
             man but for what he is saying.  Z'leyra watches as the man
             walks to a bush and waves a hand over the bush.  The crowd
             gasps as they see something.  But to Z'leyra she sees nothing.
             "As this bush decays the power of my god grows and is given
             to you in reverse!"  Z'leyra sees the plant fine and realizes
             the man must be using illusions.  She stops and walks toward
             the group.  As she inches her way forward the necklaces around
             her neck forces the bush to reveal the truth to the crowd.  They
             point but the man ignores them.  He eyes Z'leyra and says she
             is a non believer and should be removed.  Four men come
             close as the man points to Z'leyra.

               Z'leyra quickly moves to the elderly man and hopes the
             necklace will reveals a bit more.   She is surpirsed to
             see the man never change.  "Kill that non believer!"

               Six of the men and women move toward Z'leyra.  Z'leyra
             wishes Arawn was here a priest could argue against this
             man or reveal him faster.  Z'leyra backs up from the group
             as she considers her options.  She can't just take on these
             peasants.  But the elderly man is another story if he is
             doing evil here.  She has her staff but since she would
             be swimming doesn't wear her armor.

               Time is up as four of the men grab her arms and shoulders.
             One of the men draws a rusty knife.

               Suddenly the elderly man yelps as Corona fires a bolt from
             his eyes squarely at the back of the man.

               Everyone turns to see the man shift from human form to
             a scaled short thing with pointy ears.  Z'leyra has seen
             similar things like a terrestial demon.  The crowd gasps
             as they see his true form.  But the crowd recovers as the man
             continues to speak that only they will get the bonus of his
             gods and their family.

               The man draws up the rusty knife and Z'leyra kicks the
             man away.  She throws the man on her left arm toward the
             man on her other arm making heads collide.  She reaches
             down and grabs her staff.  Stepping back as the others
             charge she swings.

               She knocks out one man quickly but was a pulled blow
             not wanting to kill the man.  She side steps and rushes
             the Pseudothei thing.  She swings and hits the old man
             knocking him down to the ground.

               Five of the men attack and charge Z'leyra.  They kick, claw
             and slug Z'leyra doing 5, 4 and 6 points of damage.  But she
             knows if they can only see the truth they'll stop.

               The creature gets to his knees and yells at the shaman
             speaking strange words.  Then in Marentian he says "If
             I did you all will kill each other!"

               This causes the crowd to be taken aback.  They hesitate
             and seem dazed.  Z'leyra hits the demon in the head once
             more doing another 10 points.  The creature fails flat
             on his back.

             - The crowd surges all at once as 8 men and women toward
             Z'leyra.  Corona fires a blast in front of the crowd forcing
             them to stop and hesitate as they glance up at the eagle.

               Z'leyra glances down to see the man breathing so he's
             not dead that's good. Z'leyra quickly speaks a few words
             and a fine mist starts to drop over the crowd.  Soon the
             weak peasants fall asleep.

               Z'leyra can't detect what magic is at hand here so can't figure
             out what to end.  So she circles the sleeping group and
             waits.  Soon the first man wakes and she demands he remain
             on the ground.  Then a 2nd and 3rd man.  She continues this until
             all of the 8 people wake and are forced to remain on the
             ground.  She waits and waits.  Soon the magic of whatever
             was cast on this crowd ends.  A woman gasps at seeing the
             scaled demon thing.  Then 2 more man realize what they are
             seeing.  Z'leyra explains this thing is not working for them
             but against them.  She lets the crowd up and they back away.
             That's when Z'leyra delivers the blow to kill the beast.

               Confused and dazed Z'leyra casts a healing spell upon
             herself as they thank the healer for helping them.

               She declines swimming as her wounds could get infected
             in the water so instead they jog a few miles.

             [Time: 3:24 am]

               Z'leyra wakes to the clank of the front gate.  She'll
             have to oil it soon.  She notices the guards talking to
             3 on horseback.  The men soon leave and the guards
             re-enter the manor grounds.  Curious she summons one guard
             to find out what was the issue.  It seems the group that
             came back to get healing for hunting down the bandits has
             come back.  They found the bandit camp but did lose half
             their group and only down to 3 now.   They felt they should
             at least let you know and give thanks for the healing.

             [Janaq 24th, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]
             [Time: 7:48 am]
               Z'leyra is requested at a tavern this early to meet a group
             of merchants.  When she gets there she finds 15 merchants.
             They explain that her healing school could offset local healers
             and pull resources from them.  In the end it is a issue of
             supply and demand  They are here to protect their supply
             lines including healers.  Z'leyra stands for 45 minutes
             and gives a eloquent argument.

               A dozen of the merchants leave without given approval or
             comments.  Three remain.  They ask questions and she answers
             them as best she can.  At least one man who sells healing
             kits to the military does not like how she looks.  She is
             not a typical healer in the city.  Dressed in various styles
             of clothing and that helmet.  The merchant feels Z'leyra
             is not the city quality healer based on these silly things.
             The two who remain promise to get back to her on future
             deals for supplies once they assess her "school".
             [Time: 9:33 pm]

               Z'leyra spots a creature flying in the air over the
             buildings nearby.  She is heading home from the school
             to get dinner so Corona is not with her.  The creature
             is wearing light blue robes or cowls.   As she watches
             she recognizes it as a possible female jinn. The Jinn is
             flying over the buildings fast.  Z'leyra tries to give
             chase on her horse but the flying Jinn is so fast she
             easily over takes distance and disappears from Z''leyra's sight.

             [Janaq 25th, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]

               That evening Z'leyra casts Orient Self, Purification and
             Knowledge to gain more Restoration knowledge.

             [Janaq 30th, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]
             [Time: 3:14 pm]

               After a long morning of obstacle course work, Z'leyra
             notices 5 peasants on a street.  Four seem to be arguing with
             one young male.  Seems the 4 are trying to prevent the man
             from marrying a girl they feel to be tainted by bad spirits.
             Z'leyra knows the lowest group of society have these odd
             phobias and superstitions.  To argue for the man would
             just be futile.  Sometimes education helps but to some there
             is no hope.  She leaves them to their argument.

             [Janaq 31st, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]
             [Time: 3:12 pm]

               Z'leyra is making up for lost swimming time today when she
             notices getting out of the water a single cattle bull.  Omas
             yells at her to go back to the water.  But Z'leyra finds it
             odd for a animal of this type to be so close to the water.
             Very little grazing land in this small beach.  Omas pushes
             Z'leyra back into the ice water.  To swim a bit more to build
             up her stamina. As she exits the bull seems to be missing
             and figures the owner came and found it or it was taken by
             others.  Either way it is branded so not her concern.

             [Febris 1st, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]

               Z'leyra casts a Cure Age spell on herself.

             [Febris 4th, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]

               Z'leyra casts Cure Age, Orient Self, Purification and another
             Knowledge spell to learn more Restoration.  She then casts
             Mana shield which fails, mana sense, mana reading and a
             balance speed spell.

               Z'leyra then casts Orient Self and 5 enchantments to
             enchant her previously made purses to improve their
             armor value and capacity.  She does this for 2 of the 5 before
             she gets low on mana.

             [Febris 5th, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]

               Now that Z'leyra has finished her stamina training
             she can dedicate the rest of her time mainly at the
             healing school.  Today she inspects the school.  Originally
             she only had 3 students but they have moved on to other
             jobs.  There isn't just enough work for this school
             at this time.  The one student Kamaris is young in his
             early 20s and explains that it is mostly first aid stuff
             with nothing serious.  He explains that the reputation of
             her school will have to spread before they get a steady
             customer flow.  Till then it may only be a half dozen a week
             at most.  Even then they usually pay in trade or chickens or
             some such as peasants can't afford much.

             [Time: 10:50 am]

               At the school two farmers rush in with a man bleeding.
             From a nearby farm about 2 miles away it is close rather
             than other healers.   They explained there was a plow
             accident and he was cut.   Z'leyra and Kamaris examine the
             man and find the leg almost dead.  If it was the main artery
             he'd be dead by now.  But this is serious so Z'leyraa has
             to cast a healing spell on him.    Z'leyra requests to watch
             the man for anther hour in a room until she can discharges him.

               The farmers offer to pay in goats if need be.

             [Time: 5:50 pm]

               Z'leyra is heading back to her manor when she spots
             3 falcons in the air nearby.  Two are adults and one
             is a small one.  She watches as Corona dives and
             weaves playing harmlessly with the birds.  She considers
             changing to eagle form but it is dusk and needs to
             get home.  She decides to stop at a tavern for dinner and
             see if some of the local rich and elite are around to carouse
             with so she can socialize.

             [Time: 8:46 pm]

               Z'leyra bombed out finding only a tax collector in the
             tavern.  It seems it is harder to get into the social
             elite than expected. Back at the manor she is in her
             office when she notices the clank of the front gate
             open.  The guard is talking to some peasant and they
             are arguing.  The other guard from the back goes to help
             the verbal argument.  Z'leyra dons her armor and
             grabs her sword and staff.  Why can't the guards just get
             rid of the peasant?  Exiting the front door the peasant
             suddenly stops arguing and turns to leave.

               The Anakim smiles.  Humans are so gullible.  Pay
             some fool a shiny coin you took from another puny
             man and they do your bidding.  The Aankim easily
             scaled the manor wall due to his height.  Now that
             both guards are in the same area he casts a spell and
             gestures the 100 feet toward them.  Suddenly a sound
             sphere of noise 30 feet in diameter hits the guards.
             the infernal noise is so much they scream and fall to
             their knees reaching for their ears.  The Anakim smiles and
             moves through the bushes.

               "They will be fine...eventually in a month and can hear
             again."  The anakim speaks.

               Z'leyra twirls and sees a very large man with many muscles
             and standing 8 foot 4 emerge from the darkness.  On his
             hip is a scimitar.  He is wearing black ring mail.  On his
             back looks to be a hammer?  But in his hands is a Glaive.
             The being reaches into a vest pocket and pulls as shiny
             ball out.  He throws it the 80 feet toward Z'leyra.

               Before she can ducks the ball explodes.  Green and
             white lights flash in a strobe.  But there is no damage.
             But Z'leyra saw this once before in Donara.  A mana bomb.
             Which means she may not be able to cast magic for some
             time at this point.

               The being calmly walks forward.  "Now that we are on
             a level field.  It is time for you to die!  Prepare!"

               Z'leyra sees the long glaive and knows that either her
             staff or sword will be more limited.  Her staff would be
             fine with range but less effective against this bulk of a man.
             The sword should be fine.  She drops her war staff and
             draws her great sword.  She stands ready as the Aankim
             quietly walks forward.

               Z'leyra swings her sword and misses.  The Aankim being
             just smiles.  The anakim misses as well as he swings but
             maybe he is just toying with Z'leyra.  Above Corona wants
             to help but might hit Z'leyra.

               The Aankim hits Z'leyra in the lower left abdomen doing
             1 point through her armor.  The Aankim smiles at first
             blood.  Z'leyra fails to hit in reaction.

               The being fails to hit Z'leyra.  Z'leyra misses as well.

               The being hits Z'leyra again in the same area doing another
             point past her armor.  Z'leyra slices the sword up and side
             ways to cut a chunk out of the being's right shoulder doing 9
             points of damage.

               The Anakim fails to hit. But Z'leyra does hitting
             the creature in the same place she was hit in the lower
             right abdomen doing 15 points of damage.  The Aanakim
             flinches and looks surprised.

               Both attack each other and fail to hit.

               The Anakim hits Z'leyra in her right arm forcing her to
             release her great sword and does 2 points of damage.

               Z'leyra dives to the side and yells for Corona.

               Corona fires at the chest of the Anakim.  The
             eagle's magical eyes bore a deep hole in his chest
             doing 8 points of damage.  But the being still remains

               The being moves toward Z'leyra and stabs her in the
             upper left chest but her armor protects her.  Z'leyra
             now with better angle and range fires a blast from
             her helmet.  The fire dart hits the being but seems
             to bounce off doing nothing so his magical defense must
             be too high.

               The Aanakim slams his glaive onto Z'leyra who rolls
             away in time to miss a death blow.  Z'leyra grabs her
             staff and gets to her knees.  The being had bent to
             take out Z'leyra which gave Z'leyra time to aim her
             staff and hit the being in his head doing 15 points of
             damage.  Cheek and skull is crushed as the being collapses
             on the ground dead.

               Z'leyra stands and ensures the being is dead then moves
             to help her guards.  They are both knocked out dazed from
             the sonics.  She figures the spell will end soon so turns
             back to inspect the being.  His similar and ring mail seem
             nothing special at all.  She wonders why this being was here
             as he is not a normal human at such height.   But then again
             Raban was this tall but he was half human.  Was he hired to
             kill or just some random encounter?

               The sound sphere ends and Z'leyra goes to help her guards.
             She wakes one up and realizes he is deaf.  Otherwise he is
             all right with no damage.  She figures the deafness is a
             result of the spell so its not magical and can't be cured.
             An hour later with the steward helping they try to explain
             the guards can't work.  But she will pay their wage since
             she can't cure them.  If the being is correct they will
             regain hearing soon enough.  But she has no choice but
             to hire another set of guards until then.  In fact the
             guards can't until a mosth later on Marqi 13th.

               Z'leyra casts Orient Self and enchants 2 more of her
             purses for capacity and armor.

             [Febris 6th, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]

               Z'leyra casts Orient Self twice and then enchants the
             last purse.  Then casts enchantment to improve her
             wand but does not realize one or both spells fail.  She
             had hoped to enhance gems but needs to learn more
             enhancement rites to do so.  Had hoped to cast a Chaos
             purification zone around her manor but needs to learn that
             chaos spell as well.  Z'leyra does cast two protection vs
             Chaos wards on her manor two doors.  She does hear the guards
             comment that such magic won't help a evil thing form using
             a window or just getting inside and avoid doors.  Plus
             the succubus attacked outside not at the doors.

             [Febris 7th, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]
             [Time: 3:09 am]

               A freezing knight finds Z'leyra leaving the outhouse when
             she encounters a small black freezing cat.  The cat
             flees when she gets near.  But Z'leyra brings a bowl of warm
             milk and food from the cook the cat might be able to eat.
             She then heads to bed making a note to find the hole the
             cat came in.

             [Febris 9th, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]

               The next 3 days Z'leyra spends away from the school not
             teaching.  The first 2 days she works on her damaged armor.
             It will take 2 days and 3 hours to repair her armor back to
             its full amount.

             [Time: 7:00 pm]

               Z'leyra does find a high end tavern to visit to try to
             make some elite contacts.  This has expensive food and wines.
             So it should work.  But in the end all groups seem to be
             tight and hard to mingle with.  Those who go to the bar
             she tries to chit-chat but they are too distracted by
             their own friends.

               Z'leyra heads home and spots 6 pigs on the road.  They'd
             be a nice meal.  But probably escaped from some farm or
             house so leaves them to the cold.

             [Febris 11th, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]

               Z'leyra heads to town scour the lumber yards to get
             wood to replace her lost wand thanks to fake-Kiet.  She
             could spend weeks finding the wand-best wood but decides
             to pick any old wood.  First place seems to have average
             wood quality.  The second seems better with less decay,
              rot and wood disease.  The clerk asks what her husband
              wants with the wood and acts friendly.  Then she spots
              the raw lumber uncut.  "You don't want that's your husband
              wants cut wood little lady.  Let me show you over here."
              But Z'leyra insists knowing cut wood would ruin any magical
              ability unless she did it.  Z'leyra selects two long pieces
              and asks how much.  The clerk confused by the strange lady
              stats a few copper.  Z'leyra pays and asks if she can cut
              the wood with their saws.  He laughs saying a little lady -
              if he says that once more she'll slap him - should not get
              near dangerous tools.  Best to have her husband do it.

                Z'leyra is tempted to buy the saw space but would not
              want to pay this snob any more coin he doesn't deserve.  So
              she leaves to her manor to try to cut it.

                It takes a few hours to cut the wood as she already knows
              wood working skills.  At the end she ends up with two
              wand length pieces in case one fails.  But she'll have
              to finish up next weekend.

             [Time: 9:54 am]

               As Z'leyra is exploring lumber yards she hears a scream
             from a house.  Riding close a woman says her husband is
             dying.  Z'leyra dismounts and rushes inside.  Z'leyra finds
             the man but no signs of injury.  She rolls him over and
             sees two bite marks on his neck.  She has seen such like
             from Count Ezam the vampire killed by Chion.  She looks up
             and around as its daylight he could still be in the house.
             Then she sees the curtains blowing and rushes to the open
             window.  She barely spots a small thing that looks like
             a bat winging away.  She yells for Corona to kill the
             thing if he can. Then rushes to help to the man.  Z'leyra
             notices blood still on his neck and this is a good sign.  He
             hasn't been fully drained so he can be not turned yet.  Maybe
             the woman came home and found the vampire?  She tells her
             what he needs like juices and time to recover.  If he continues
             to be weak he could try to get a blood transfusion but he should
             recover.  She then rushes outside to look for Corona.  He is

             on the roof grooming.  But when asked he says he didn't hear
             her yell and was chasing a dog that was chasing a small boy.
             So the vampire must've escaped.

             [Febris 12th, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]
             [Time: 1:23 am]

               Z'leyra is finishing up reading in her study losing
             track of time when she sees a form walk the hall.  She
             runs after it and finds the form moving through the kitchen.
             Z'leyra speaks to it but it seems to ignore her.  Then
             Z'leyra realizes this thing is a ghost based on its appearance
             and cold in the usually warm manor.  She watches as it passes
             through the kitchen wall and disappear.  She looks out
             the window but does not see it again.  She wonders if the
             previous manor owner was that ghost or another ghost?

             [Time: 3:24 pm]

               Z'leyra is taking a break from the school outside and
             notices a old man walking on the road some 500 or so
             feet away.   The man in robes is walking with a large staff
             like hers or maybe just a walking staff.  She notices the
             man is eyeing her but can't read his expression at this
             distance well.  She considers going to talk to this man
             who seems to be eyeing this place.  She pops her head inside
             to her student she'll be stepping away.  But when she
             turns around the man is gone.  No where to be seen.  She
             later hears some time later from Mae of a similar encounter
             that old man who looked like him helped her in a park.  Z'leyra
             wonders if her reputation is getting higher for the good or
             for the bad.

              That day at the school she has only 3 visitors but a young
            girl is bought in with her merchant father.  It seems she
            her leg has been infected by a cut.  Z'leyra treats the
            wound and is forced to do healing magic on her.

             [Febris 13th, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]

               The school only has 9 visitors today mostly only needing
             first aid and tips on health.   But mid afternoon a man
             walks in with a nasty snake bite.  Which confuses her as
             snakes in winter are rare.  But the man says it was one
             of his own snakes.  She mixes a potion to cure the poison
             and then does healing magic.

             [Febris 14th, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]

               Z'leyra casts a Cure Age spell today.  She hopes the spell
            works as it is impossible to know if it does.

             [Febris 15th, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]

               Z'leyra meets with a knight that was interested in her magical
             buckler.  She has had 3 others interested but once she
             mentions the price at 90 gold they become aloof and avoid any
             more contact.  She explains to the young knight that it is twice
             as strong as a normal buckler.   It is also half the weight of
             a normal buckler.  The knight examines it and admires its quality.
             But he tries haggle it down.  His best bid is only 55 gold and
             some silver.  But Z'leyra decides there may be better offers
             so says no thanks at this time.

             [Febris 16th, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]

               Z'leyra's weekend starts again and she works on her
             new wand.  She carves it with some artistic flair.  It
             will take her 2 days to complete both - backup included
             in case first fails.

               Z'leyra casts Orient Self, Purification which fails and
             then Knowledge to gain more Restoration knowledge.

               She then casts Mana Shield, Mana Sense, Mana Reading and a
             Balance Speed spells.

             [Febris 17th, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]
             [Time: 9:16 pm]

               Z'leyra is interrupted by the steward requesting a
             person to meet her.  In the parlor she sees a young girl
             in her 20s sitting with timid body movements.  She
             explains that she needs help that she ran away from
             a old boyfriend and asks to stay here the night.  He
             is a bit violent.  Z'leyra is unsure on this as why
             would one night help her?  Boyfriend could just find
             her tomorrow.  The girl explains that she will head to
             her place in morning and pack up.  She'll get a wagon to
             take her to a town in the east where her family is.  This
             seems acceptable so gives her a room.  But to make things
             secure she asks a guard to stand in the hallway just
             in case the girl is faking it.  In the morning the guard
             offers to talk her to her place to help pack up.  Z'leyra
             agrees and they depart in the morning.

             [Febris 18th, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]
             [Time: 5:14 am]

               Z'leyra is up early due to the fireplace needing wood.
             Technically the steward is off duty so doesn't ask him
             to get wood.  She goes outside to get some wood and
             feels the hairs on the back of her neck rise.  She
             looks into the darkness.  She spots nothing then she
             spots a flitter to the side.  She watches and faint
             light from a quarter moon shows a form.  Without any
             armor or gear she watches the form.  It seems to just
             be sitting on the edge of her property in a tree. As
             she stares it seems familiar.  Almost looking like
             Mae?  Is Mae visiting?   But the hair is golden not
             red.  But she spots tiny wings.  Z'leyra drops the wood
             ready to dash inside to get her gear.  Then she spots
             another form in another tree.  There are 2 now?  They
             are just watching the house.  Z'leyra heads inside to
             get her armor and weapons.  But as she exits the succubus
             are gone.  She warns the guards to be alert.  But
             as sunrise approaches she finds no attackers.  Were
             they watching her place based on the attack a couple
             months ago with Arawn?

             [Time: 11:33 am]

               Z'leyra has finished carving her wand.  Before she
             enchants it she decides to fly with Corona over the
             area.  As they fly she spots a single camel trying to
             graze on a nearby hill.  A camel?  In this area?  She
             figures he must've escaped some market.

               That night Z'leyra enchants with a Shamanic trance the
             wand and then makes a mana battery out of it.  She hopes
             it worked.

             [Febris 19th, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]
             [Time: 5:$0 pm]

               Z'leyra tries to find a gambling hall to carouse with
             some nobles if she can find any but it seems most clubs
             are private and hard to get into.   She decides to enter
             a tavern and get some warm tea due to the extreme cold of
             the evening.  Inside she finds a man drinking ale and
             they talk at the bar.  Seems he is on a quest to find some
             item for his love who needs said item so he'd marry him.
             The adventurer doesn't say what item just that it is a
             huge and difficult quest.

             [Febris 21st, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]

               Today at the school there is only 1 single patient
             who needs first aid.  Since the snow and ice is causing
             travel issues many just don't want to came in.  But around
             3pm or so 3 do enter.  They show signs of frost bite and
             it seems they fell into a sink hole and had to escape before
             they died.  They lost 2 others in the escape.  Sadly
             Z'leyra is forced to cut off 3 fingers of one man who
             has too much signs of damage and no matter even regeneration
             could help him.  Z'leyra and the student helps to do
             some first aid and Z'leyra does healing magic.

             [Time: 8:11 pm]

               After the sudden surge of patients who are still being
             watched in the school until tomorrow - Z'leyra rides
             home to her manor.  As she rides 6 men emerge from the
             bushes and surround her.  Two are carrying short bows.
             They aim at Z'leyra and demand to relieve her of her
             coin and gear.

               Six verus 1.  Corona flew home due to the cold affecting
             him too badly.  A fair fight even for Z'leyra who has her
             full gear on.  She whispers to her horse to run when she
             dismounts and slowly dismounts.  She pretends to draw
             out her money pouch and taps the horse to flee.  It
             rushes off and this distracts the bandits to miss
             her drawing her sword.

               She releases a fire dart from her helmet and fries
             one of the bowmen.  Then charges the other with
             her sword.  The bowmen fires a arrow and impacts on
             her armor but bounces off.  She slices the guard from
             left to right in his chest killing the bandit.

               Now 4 to 1 she turns to see the others charge.  Three
             of the bandits hit but her armor protects against the

               She stabs another bandit killing him.

               One bandit hits with his sword but doesn't penetrate her
             armor.  But one bandit does hit with his sword and impales
             deep into her left ribs doing 4 points of damage.

               Z'leyra fails to hit one of the 3 bandits.

               One of the bandits hits but fails to penetrate armor.

               Z'leyra stabs another bandit in the side doing the damage
             to kill the man.

               At this point the last 2 bandits decide to leave
             having lost half their party.  They run as fast as
             they can.  Z'leyra considers frying one or two.  But
             while defending herself is legal.  Firing on a fleeing
             enemy might be considered murder.

               Her horse returns and she does a side trip to report
             the incident to a barracks.  Almost 45 minutes they
             finally release her to head home.

             [Febris 23rd, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]

               Z'leyra heads to town not teaching these next 3 days.
             She spends some time shopping for a tailor that can teach
             her the skill.  She already had some previous experience but
             needs to complete that training.  She finds a tailor and
             he agrees (the 4th one that day to actually agree).  The
             tailor brings a book with pictures to help teach.

             [Febris 24th, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]
             [Time: 10:10 pm]

               Z'leyra was invited by the merchant to his club.
             The same merchant who saved his daughter recently.
             There she finds some low level nobles of knight and
             land owner level.  She carouses but it seems no one
             needs any particular items.  The merchant quietly says
             that they just don't trust her.  Once word gets out maybe
             things will improve.

               As Z'leyra exits to get her horse she enters the alley
             and notices a man being accosted by a flying beast.  It
             looks like a terrestial demon?  The demon is trying to claw
             at the man as the man lies in a fetal position behind a
             large crate.  Z'leyra yells out and the demon looks
             up.  It flies toward her eager for things to hurt.

               Z'leyra activates her helmet and releases a fire dart
             that flies the demon to ash before it makes 3 feet closer.

               She helps the man up and realizes its a son of a Baron
             who has a barony far to the south on the edge of Farseeker's
             fort territory.  The son is so grateful he promises that
             he'll try to see what his father needs for items.

               Z'leyra casts another Cure Age spell today.

             [Febris 25th, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]

               Z'leyra finally learns the clothier skill but asks the
             tailor to remain to help her making uniforms with the
             skill.  The tailor sketches out designs after several
             denied sets and they being to work on a rough uniform.
             By the end of the afternoon Z'leyra has enough idea how
             to proceed.

               Once Z'leyra explains her intentions the teacher explains it
             will take more time than though.  She'd become a Weaver this
             weekend but tailor and designer has to be learned next.  So
             this will take a few more weeks.

             [Febris 27th, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]
             [Time: 1:33 pm]

               At the school the last 2 days have been dismal with no
             visitors.  But Z'leyra notices a single mule trying to
             graze outside in the snow.  He has a pack so it must've
             escaped its owner.  It seems content and she decides
             not to bother it.

             [Febris 28th, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]

               Z'leyra casts Orient Self, Purification and a Knowledge spell
             to gain more Restoration info.   She then casts a Mana Shield,
             Mana sensing spell which fails, Mana reading and a Balance
             Speed spell.

             [Marqi 2nd-4th, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]

               Z'leyra spends 3 more days working with her clothier teacher
             to become a designer.

             [Marqi 6th, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]
             [Time: 5:41 am]

               Z'leyra casts a Cure Age spell.

               Z'leyra exits the outhouse on a cold night and hears flapping
             noises. She looks up and sees the white of Corona's skin against
             the inky black of night.   He is dodging and weaving for 
some reason.
             Then Z'leyra notices a dozen or so flying things around him
             trying to attack.  A flash is seen and a blast form Corona's
             eyes as he tries to take one down but misses.  There are just too

               Suddenly 5 of the Vampire Bats latch on and begin
             to drink blood.  One attaches directly behind his
             neck and the eagle screeches in pain.  Almost immediately
             half of his blood is drunk.  Corona begins to waver and

               Z'leyra realizes he must've distracted the bats to
             save her.  But in doing so she could lose yet a second
             eagle and a very special one.

               In the span of just 4 seconds it all comes to pass.
             Z'leyra considers flying up and helping but they'd
             swarm her.  But as Corona sees his death coming he
             realizes what he has to do.  He stops.

               The other 9 vampire bats attach easily and Z'leyra
             yells out and begins to remove clothing so she can
             change.  But with 14 vampire bats attached they drink
             fat like river piranha taking a cow apart in seconds.
             Corona falls.  The bats knowing death has come release
             and fly away with sated bellies.

               Z'leyra sees Corona fall and leaps into action to
             move to try to catch him.  With agile hands she catches
             the limp bird.  She finds him dead and a lump in her
             chest.  Clearly drained of blood no magic can help to
             fix this.  If only Arawn was here.  A priest might be
             able to help by regrowth or regenerating which she does
             not know.  Then she half naked remembers a priest in
             her survey of local healers.  He has to know of these
             spells.  Without hesitation and without wanting to
             waste time she images the place in her mind and
             casts a teleport spot.

               She appears on the street and at least it is so early
             that no one is here.  She runs to the priest's door
             which Arawn talked about once.  What was his name?  She
             bangs on the door.  A suprised priest in old night robes
             appears a bit upset at the early call.  Then he sees a
             topless Z'leyra and the bird.  Z'leyra pleads for help.

               The priest agrees though skeptical.  He explains he and
             she must coordinate spells together.  He must recall that
             she is also a healer.  She must heal his body while he
             heals his soul and life force as well as try to regenerate
             the eagle's blood.

               Both begin to cast the spells.  Gestures and magical
             blessings with prayers.  At the end Z'leyra sees his
             bite wounds close up but there is no movement.  The
             priest looks to her that she must restart his heart.
             But doing so on a bird?  She concentrates as she traces
             the ribs and tries to recall herself being a bird and
             where the parts are inside.  Then she begins chest
             compressions.  By now 3 minutes have passes since brain

               There is always resurrection if she can find Chion or
             Cetric.  But as Z'leyra gives the breath of life to
             Corona suddenly a blast shoots out and hits the ceiling.
             the priest jumps back startled.  Corona begins to stir
             and confused where he is he realizes he is inside a place
             now and looks around.  Z'leyra asks questions and the
             bird seems all there so far. But he reports he is still weak.
             Which may take time.

               Z'leyra apologizes for the ceiling damage and says she
             will pay for damage and services.  She thanks the priest
             and starts to leave.  But the priest tells her to wait.
             Then comes out with a blanket.  At least to wear around
             her naked top half.

                Z'leyra carries Corona back home.

             [Marqi 8th, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]

               At the school the week has been slow up till today.  With only
             5 patients the last 2 days.  Today they see 10 with 5 of those
             needing magical healings.

             [Time: 3:56 pm]

               Z'leyra is taking a break from the school outside to
             relax.  In the distance a mile or two she notices a large
             group maybe 80=100 men at a farm.  They are building a
             barn.  She is amazed how farmer community works so fast
             to rebuild such things.   That group could be done with
             a new barn in half a day.

             [Time: 6:42 pm]

               Z'leyra is heading home when she spots 1 pure snow white cat
             and a brown cat chasing each other.  The brown seems to be
             the male and the white cat seems to not want any love tonight.
             As she rides away she hears the howl of a cat.  Either the
             brown cat won his quarry or the white cat hurt him badly.

             [Marqi 9th-11th, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]

               Z'leyra spends these 3 days learning under the Clothier

               A merchant visits Z'leyra at her manor tonight and
             asks to see the magical buckler.  She met with the merchant
             at a social club 2 days ago.  Seems he wants to impress
             a Baron for his son who is in the military.  OF course the
             Baron happens to own 4 merchant ships the merchant wants to
             deal with doing trade contracts.  Z'leyra rather meet with
             the Baron but a low level merchant will have to do. The
             merchant offers 90 gold.  He gives her the voucher for
             the money lender to get her gold.  The next day the
             moneylender confirms it and she drops the buckler at the
             merchant's fine glass shop.

             [Time: 1:10 pm]

               A patient reports there are sheep outside.  Z'leyra checks
             and sure enough a small herd.  A ram and 3 females and 10
             lambs.  They are on the edge of her property.  The patients
             threatens to get one for dinner but Z'leyra reminds him that
             poaching is against the law.  They must be escaped animals
             from a nearby farm.  She is sure a shephard will be around to
             fetch them soon enough.

             [Marqi 10th, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]
             [Time: 10:19 pm]

               Z'leyra is in her office when she hears laughing faintly
             from the front gate.  She goes to the window and notices
             the guards laughing at a single cattle. She shakes her
             head why does she attract all these escaped wild animals?

             [Marqi 11th, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]
             [Time: 4:09 pm]

               Heading home from a social club, Z'leyra notices a ram and
             a female sheep on the street grazing.  She wonders if this
             is part of the herd she saw the other day.

             [Marqi 12th, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]

               Another 4 days at the school waiting for patients.  While
             the entire week the school only sees 14 visitors.  Today
             is the only day that magical healing is done.  It is done
             on two patients.

               Today Z'leyra casts Orient Self, Purification and a
             Knowledge spell to gain Restoration.  She then casts Mana
             Shield, mana sense, mana reading and a Balance Speed spell.

             [Marqi 16th-18th, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]

               This is the last 3 days Z'leyra learns under the clothier
             teacher.  Hopefully next weekend she can work on her new
             uniforms for her guards unless some wild new adventure comes
             up in its place.

               Z'leyra casts another Cure Age spell.

             [Marqi 17th, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]
             [Time: 7:10 pm]

               Z'leyra is riding back from Kaylle's library when she spots
             a silver-gray fox running down a alley.  The color is
             quite strange but a fox in a city is not so much.  Since
             she is late for dinner she heads home.  Later she hears
             some poor homeless man was found dead near those streets.
             She later learns from Mae weeks later that fox may have been
             what is called a Kimiho.

             [Marqi 18th, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]
             [Time: 12:47 pm]

               Behind the clothier's teacher's shop are light woods.  There
             outside in the back eating her lunch she sees a boar rush out
             of the bush toward her.  It must smell her food.  She with
             ease stands and avoids the tusked animal.  But as she swings
             the staff she hits it in the back.  It yelps in pain and
             then decides enough is enough and flees back into the bushes.

             [Marqi 22nd, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]
             [Time: 5:04 pm]

               It is almost closing time for Z'leyra at the school.
             It has been a slow week.  In the last 3 days there have
             only been 5 patients and none needed magical healing.
             She even dreams of some wild adventure soon.  But as she
             is storing up supplies she notices cats outside.  There
             is an adult female and 3 kittens.  Since she is a bit bored
             she decides to bring them inside for a check up.

               Z'leyra spends some time flying with Corona.  After his
             death - or maybe near death - the bird has rested and
             recovered.  As far as Z'leyra can tell there is no change
             to the eagle.  She asks him what he thinks of a time travel
             spell to go back and maybe redo a few things or use the
             time for other things.

               Assuming no big adventure pops up soon Z'leyra plans to
             make and enchant uniforms, sheaths, armor and weapons for
             the manor guards.  This will take time and at this point ran
             out of time doing so.  There is always next week.

               Corona tilts his head and a glint in his eye shows that
             perplexed look he always does.  Sometimes it is confusion
             or hesitation.  But today Corona explains time travel is very
             dangerous.  He points to warning his father and that the
             event still occurred but in a different way. Z'leyra sits back
             a bit shocked.  How could the eagle know this since the entire
             party's minds were changed.  Only Z'leyra and the guardian knew
             of the change in history.   If Corona could grin he would but
             simply explains he is aware at various levels. He does not
             explain details.  He simply states it is not time for that. Maybe
             later.   He explains that you go back in time you better have
             a good reason.  That each ripple created after will not affect
             everything else.  In the end it is your decision.  But be prepared
             for any consequences it may cause.  Even going back 2 minutes to
             redo a combat to good results could mean disaster.  What if
             that saved man becomes dictator and the bad men killed were
             actually on the brink of a great medical cure?  Lady Varo
             explained that the Fates should be accepted not contorted.

               That night she sits in her office staring at the fireplace
             considering her future.  Her school has started but she needs
             income.  She has had 9 different times socializing with
             petty nobles.  The highest she has met was a count.  Though
             she tried not one request to make items for them was made.
             Her steward did warn it may take time.  She needs to talk to
             Unali to see how easily she can smooze with the elite
             at Maren City and the palace.  Course having a friend like
             Duke Aren does help.  Maybe she can contact the Duke
             and ask him if others have requests.  Granted Sivas is not the
             hot bed for rich and powerful other than the merchants.  The
             merchants are numerous here with shipping and trade.  But the
             true elite is in the north it seems.  She will have to consider
             a new strategy.

               She considers her last 2 months of income from selling
             her buckler at 90 gold as well as her 5 purses.  She was
             asking 25 gold for each purse.  But could've gotten 36
             gold. For her purses she had 12 chances at the market to
             sell them.  She is able to sell each one for 28.8, 26,
             25.2 each a slight discount.  But for 2 she is able to
             get a nice profit at 34 and a poor lady who was willing
             to pay 55.6 gold.  For 5 purses she did well making  169
             gold.  So 250 gold should be enough for some more buildings
             for sure.

           Actions?  Comments?

           Next Update....Next ...

           GM: My alignment is off.  Wow. Just noticed that.  Darn.
               Z's IBT took a full 2 weeks.  Mainly due to starting
               late and losing around 48 hours of lost possible work
               time.  But its out now.  :)  Next is Fremea's when
               Tobie sends his.  Sadly he started it but had a pc crash
               so lost all what he did.  So having to doit all over.
               So that may delay things.  But I need to work on Z'ls
               sheet this week and that'll take 2-3 days.  Sadly this
               is my LAST 3 day week.  Today was my only Saturday and
               i spent it not at a rpg game sessoin as hoped but doing
               the IBT final edits.  I had hoped to be far more ahead by
               now but sadly not.  I can only do so much though with
               delays.  Sadly the last 4 months I've not had time for
               any vacation since I've been doing IBT.  Oh well.  Just
               m luck. :)  Monday is my last day off this year until
               September 2018.  So i have 8 months of 5 day weeks.
               So we'll be going back to the normal Monday/Friday
               schedules.  Assuming i have time to do Friday updates.
               So we'll see if can start 1/1.  But with only 5 days
               off and work nights to do what typically taking 2 weeks
               chances...sigh.  I just am OC I like round easy numbers
               like 1/1. :)  But oh well.  I can only do so much.
               So hopefully next month we'll start adventure.

           * Expenses

                Expense             Price          Notes
             Healing School upkeep - 26   SC   Furniture, labor
         Stamina Training          -  3   SC   1 Month
         Guard Parole              - 48   CC   36 days of Defness
         Temp Guard Hires          - 48   CC   Temp replacements
         Town/Other Expenses       -  6   GC   Taverns, Healing Supplies
         Clothier Teacher          - 36   CC
         Magical Buckler Sold      + 90   GC
         Magical Purses (5) Sold   +169.6 GC
                          Total  = +237.5 GC

           * Skills

                Skill            CEP   Expertise    Notes
             Restorattion         -        85     From Knowledge, +2 EL
             Great Sword          -*      (52)
             War Staff            -*      (88)
             Clothier - Weaver    -        10     Learned
             Clothier - Tailor    -        10     Learned
             Clothier - Designer  -        20     Learned

             CEP: 570  * Record in figure to left

           * Spells

                Spell            MEP   Expertise    Notes
             Healing              16       8        x4
             Healing              32      16        x8 [Law]
             Healing               3       2        x1 [Sidh]
             Healing Mist        132      54        x9 +2 EL
             Cure Disease          4       2        x1 [Law]
             Levitate             82      25        x4 x2 Failure
             Insubstantiability   56      15        x3 x1 Failure
             Teleport            600     582        x44 x18 Failure +4 EL
             Orient Self          28      28       x14
             Purification        120      34       x8 x3 Failure [Sh]
             Knowledge           360     109       x9 x1 Failure [Sh]
             Mana Sensing         18      21       x9 x3 Failure +1 EL
             Mana Reading         36      36       x89 +1 EL
             Enchantment        1004     154       x13
             Dispel Chaos         15       6
             Protection vs Chaos  24       8       x2
             Sleep Mist            4       4
             Cure Age             70      71       x5 x1 Failure
             Mana Shield          12      13       x3 x1 Failure
             Speed                10      10       x5

             MEP: 2,630

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