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   HT         Player       Character Name     Type    Status/Notes   Sex
   -- ------------------------------------------------------------------

   FH.John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar... Ma
   ...Kevin Newark..........Dorhak............Warrior.Normal/Dwarf....Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   W2.David Sanders.........Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   R3 Panthera..............Pyandalgor........Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
   R4.Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R4.Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra

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       [New Stuff]

           * Z'leyra's IBT

             [Decalis 2nd, 1635TH - Kameran Village]

               Z'leyra sits down to dinner at Z'lart's small cabin.
             Her brother is amazed about her being alive.  Mona is
             thrilled by her aunt being back.  Z'leyra eats two plates
             full of pork chops and rice.  Even after eating some
             in the forest by the Fortress she is still starving.

               Mona giggles at her aunt's voracious eating.  Soon Mona is
             placed to bed and the serious talk turns to her return.
             Z'leyra has been avoiding it all night but relents and at
             least gives a overview of what happened.   But does not go into
             detail on the whole shape shifter thing.  Z'leyra could trust
             her brother but the danger of them knowing could put them
             at risk.

               Z'lart and Kalara sit and listen to Z'leyra's story.  They
             are amazed as she details the events with clear and distinct
             flair that a village story teller would be impressed by.  Then
             she mentions Kell's death and both are saddened.  They did  not
             know Kell at all but to the Sculptor and his wife life is

               Z'leyra exits the cabin to find Corona sitting on a tree
             limb nearby.  She smiles at seeing the snow white eagle as
             he has gained a bit of weight.  It seems Mona has fed him
             well and spoiled him.  Corona is glad to see the Shaman back
             but seems aloof.  He can sense loss in Z'leyra not just her
             cherished satchel but Kell among other things.  Z'leyra
             explains where she was and quietly gives a bit more detail
             than she did inside.  Before going back inside she tells
             him they'll be flying often for him to lose the weight.

               Z'leyra collapses onto the couch and sleeps deeply.

             [Decalis 3rd, 1635TH - Kameran Village]

               Z'leyra slaps her nose once.  Twice then a third time.
             Then slaps her chin and wakes up.  She hears a girl's giggle
             as Mona tickles her cheek with a feather from Corona.  Z'leyra
             rolls over and grabs the girl and begins to tickle and wrestle
             with her.

               Z'leyra notices the smell of breakfast and hot tea.  She
             stretches and reflects.  To escape this mysterious special
             dimension prison holding god-killing shape shifters.  To then
             escape and teleport her a day ago.  She worries about her
             sister and wonders if she can handle the abuse the elders
             will surely be putting on her.

               Z'leyra sips her herbal tea and reflects to the family she
             watches.  This is how it is to be a settled family.  At her
             age she is a old woman not married in social areas.  She has
             seen Jordi/Neva, Cholan/Kes, Ben'dar/Pasha (though not
             married last she heard), Fremea's parents and others from her
             home of Ticasi marry and have kids.  Could she make it past
             the next great adventure to settle down?  Could she just settle
             down and have a few kids?  Some are just bred for adventure
             while others like her brother are made to settle down.  She
             has to decide which side of the fence she is on.

               Z'leyra gets some clothes from Kalara to wear until the
             can clean her other clothing.  Z'lart takes his sister to the
             village elder.  He seeks permission to allow her to remain
             another month.

               The old lady looks frail but smart as a whip.  "You were
             here what a year ago?"  Z'leyra states 10 months to be honest.
             "Normally we don't allow two visits.  But since this was your
             home at one point before you abandoned us, I'll grant it."
             Z'leyra doesn't correct the statement as it was Tiren who
             was kicked out not her technically.

               Over the next 2 weeks Z'leyra spends time in this village
             as well as some nearby ones.  She socializes to catch up
             on the past 3 - now almost 4 - years.  She will help teach
             if the villagers allow it with her healing and crafting

               Z'leyra spends time flying with Corona mainly to get him to
             lose his 5-6 pounds of extra flab as well as to get back a
             connection with the eagle.  She does this during the day or at

             [Decalis 3rd-4th, 1635TH - Kameran Village]

               The village healer takes up Z'leyra's offer to listen to her
             healing techniques.  The healer watches and listens intently
             with keen interest.  Over the next two days Z'leyra teaches
             some more civilized techniques.  The Kamerans shamans use
             more general techniques by nature while as what Z'leyra shows
             its more medical material for the body directly.

             [Decalis 4th, 1635TH - Kameran Village]
             [Time: 3:09 am]

               Z'leyra is awoken to bells from outside. She notices in
             the dim fireplace light Z'lart moving to the door.  "Just
             go back to sleep.  Probably a wolf trying to get some hens."
             Then leaves the cabin.

               Z'leyra stands and grabs her staff.  It would take a bit
             of time to get her armor on so decides to see if its just
             a wolf or not.  She grabs her helmet and leaves.  Outside
             the bells ring likely from a town square stop.  She sees
             figures some distance away maybe 2 cabins down.  She moves
             down and hears the distinctive noise.  She has heard them
             before they are Hyena barks.

               There at the nearby cabin she watches as a pack of hyena
             surround a pen of a half dozen goats.  A man and women
             watch helplessly from the door as the hunting pack circle
             for a weak target to drag away.  These plain dog like creatures
             do sometimes venture into the forest.  But this pack is huge
             there are she counts 18-19!  She notices to the side 4
             hunters come to repel the group but notice the size as well
             and hesitate.  They might pelt 3-4 at a time with bows but
             would be swamped themselves.  They quietly wonder if its
             just best to let a goat or two be taken.

               Then the hyenas select 3 goats two young ones and a
             female that has a limp.  Eight of the hyena scamper under
             the fence and attack.  The hunters knock bows and prepare
             to fire at the dozen or so left.

               Things go into chaos after that.  Hyenas spread out to
             attack and defend the pack.  Hunters and villagers come
             to defend the helpless goats.  Z'lart isn't a warrior but
             seems to help direct the fray back and forth.  Z'leyra
             and 3 other villagers armed with spears get near the pen
             or enter it to defend the goats.

               Z'leyra personally has to deal with 4 hyena on her own.  The
             entire combat lasts 2 full minutes.  Of the 24 attacks attempted
             3 go through.  Two bites were normal doing 2 and 3 points
             while a 3rd bite was severe doing 7 points to Z'leyra for
             a total of 12 points.  In the end though Z'leyra kills
             the four that personally attacked her.  She wounded 3
             others.  While two of the young goats were dragged away
             they were dropped when the hyena numbers decreased
             dramatically.  Z'lart is able to kill one wounded one that
             went after him.  Four of the villages had other bites.
             The last few rounds of combat go so fast that a dozen of
             the hyena were killed swiftly.  Five of the unwounded ones
             flee into the forest with no chase by villagers.

               Z'leyra casts a healing mist spell after treating the bite
             wounds to heal the wounded.  Sadly the two young goats were
             lost but the numbers were too much to defend them well.

               Z'leyra returns back to her couch and gets a few more hours
             in before doing some village chores and teaching today.  She
             is able to use a empty cabin for a few more weeks so she does
             not have to stay with Z'lart.

               Z'leyra casts Levitation, Insubstantiability and then casts
             a low powered teleport 12 times.  OF the 12 teleports 2 of
             them fail.

               That night Z'leyra casts Orient Self with her drum in hand
             to enter a shamanic trance, purification and then a knowledge
             spell to learn more of a Restoration spell.

             [Decalis 5th, 1635TH - Kameran Village]
             [Time: 3:11 am]

               Z'leyra is awoken to tapping on the window.  She sees
             Corona at the window trying to get her attention.  She
             opens the window and the eagle explains there are some
             large spiders attacking 2 hunters in the woods.  Z'leyra
             quickly dresses and as fast as she can gets her armor
             on.  She was loaned a horse today as hers was taken by
             Chion awhile back.  But if she takes the horse it might
             just endanger it.  She grabs her staff, helmet, sling
             and sword.  She rushes outside and is directed by
             Corona to follow.

               Even if she just came half naked with no armor it would've
             been a good minute and if the hunters are still alive no hope
             would've befallen them.  So she knows a bit of extra time
             should not make things far worse.

               Z'leyra aims her helmet at one of the Great Spiders
             ready to fire..  She signals for Corona to be ready.
             There are actually 3 hunters two fighting back to back
             but the 3rd is on the ground probably poisoned.  The
             two hunters are using spears against 5 circling and
             leaping Great Spiders.

               Z'leyra triggers the firestone in the helmet and a
             fire dart shoots out 70 feet toward spider #5 hitting
             him doing 25 points of damage.  Corona also flies over
             and fires his magical eyes releasing a fire dart like energy
             blast at #5 doing the damage to kill the spider.

               Now it is 4 against 3.  Z'leyra runs forward in the fray
             hoping to defend the hunters.

               Spider #2 turns and runs toward Z'leyra.  The other 3
             soilders choose hunter #2  They all three in a coordinated
             attack try to distract and knock the hunter down but each
             spider fails in their attacks.

               Hunter #1 turns to Spider #4 and stabs it in the side
             doing 6 points of damage.  The other hunter is just trying
             to avoid being hit.

               Z'leyra fires another fire dart from her helmet at the
             one charging her.  This time the fire darts does over 50
             points of damage and turns the spider to ash.  Corona can't
             help the hunters as it might hit them with his blast.

               Spider #1 whips its arms at hunter #2 and is able to knock
             him over and getting on top the spider injects his poison
             and paralyzes the hunter.  Now it is 3 vs 2.

               The other two spiders charge Z'leyra who is now only 10
             feet away.  Both spiders try to knock Z'leyra down but fail.
             Their arms whip at her hitting but her armor protects her.

               Hunter #1 tries to attack the spider on his friend but
             the spider uses a leg to distract the hunter.

               Z'leyra hits #4 doing 15 points with her staff.  Both
             spiders try to attack Z'leyra but fail.  Spider #1 turns
             to the last hunter and leaps.  But the hunter ducks in
             time to avoid the attack.

               Z'leyra swings on one spider but misses.

               Spider #4 tackles Z'leyra and she is knocked down.  It
             runs over her dripping blood from his previous wounds.  The
             mouth lowers ready to inject and bites down.  Z'leyra becomes

               The other spider grabs the staff and flings it away.

               Spider #1 attacks Hunter #1 but does not hit.

               Hunter #1 sees Z'leyra fall and wonders if he could flee
             to get help.  Spiders are just as fast as the humans but
             they can use the limps and trees as a repelling force
             to increase their speed.  So chances are he may not be able
             to flee.

               Corona fires on spider #4 which is already wounded and
             just took out Z'leyra.  The blast kills the beast nearby.  Now
             it is 2 vs 1.

               Both spiders charge the hunter with spider #5 doing 3
             points of damage with his legs.

               Spider #1 slashes a leg at Hunter #1's chest tearing
             a line of flesh out killing the hunter.

               Corona could fire all day at these beasts but if they
             start to drag the bodies away but it might take a long time
             to kill the beasts.  So he flies toward the village to get
             help.  Soon he is tapping the window to Z'lart's window.
             Z'lart has no clue what the bird is saying but this must be
             serious so dresses to warn the villagers.

               Inspecting Z'leyra's cabin they find it empty.  Corona
             then leads a group of 3 hunters to find the battle site.
             Once there they find the paralyzed hunter has been dragged
             away by both spiders.  It seems Z'leyra is still alive
             but paralyzed.  Her armor and weight must've been too much
             to carry.  The three hunters carry Z'leyra back to the
             village for a shaman to treat.  Then they return to
             gather a larger force of 8 hunters to try to track down
             the missing hunter.

               Almost an hour later the group of hunters find the
             paralyzed hunter left on the ground.  There are signs
             the spider must've detected a large force behind them
             and gave up.  The hunters carry the hunter back to the
             village and fetch the dead hunter who tried to save

               Z'leyra is freed and able to move.  Some in the
             village see this as a bad sign.  Some argue banishment
             but Z'lart talks them down.  The freed hunter does
             not support Z'lart as frankly he didn't even know she
             was there until explained later.

             [Decalis 7th, 1635TH - Kameran Village]
             [Time: 6:07 am]

               Z'leyra is flying over the forest and spots a Searbhani
             giant.  From what Arawn tells of them these giants are mostly
             harmless unless cornered.  She and Corona follow it as
             sunrise is on the far horizon.  It seems to be avoiding
             local villages.

             [Decalis 9th, 1635TH - Kameran Village]
             [Time: 3:24 am]

               Z'leyra is visiting the outhouse that a few of the
             cabins share.  She notices 13 hunters entering the
             village with pelts and animals.  She wonders if this
             group might have her brother.  But as she nears she doesn't
             spot her brother.  It seems they are returning from a large
             hunting trip.  Some have minor cuts and scraps and Z'leyra
             helps to ensure no infections.

             [Decalis 10th, 1635TH - Kameran Village]
             [Time: 3:53 am]

               Z'leyra is stoking the fireplace when she hears the
             sounds of hyena in the forest.  Gathering a robe she
             exits to take a look.  Sounds like they a mile or two away
             to the south.  It is hard to figure out numbers since they
             are not seen.  But the sentries never see the animals enter
             the village.

             [Time: Afternoon[

               Like first 2 days here in the village Z'leyra gets
             another chance to teach healing for some visiting shamans
             from other villages.  She spends most of the day teaching
             them some of the "civilized" methods.

             [Decalis 11th, 1635TH - Kameran Village]
             [Time: 3:53 am]

               Z'leyra casts Levitate which fails and then a new
             Insubstantiability.  She then casts 12 teleport spells with
             4 failures.

             [Decalis 12th, 1635TH - Kameran Village]

               Chion knocks on Z'lart's door and finds Z'leyra.  She
             dresses in her best black clothing, borrowed from the village
             and teleports away.  First landing in Cetric's  camp then a
             short jump to Ba'ru.

               Z'leyra meets the party and prepares for Kell's funeral.
             The shaman-healer greets Kell's mother and sister as well
             as fellow friends.  At the service she watches as a priest
             and Arawn deliver a good eulogy.

               Z'leyra and others return for a feast at Kell's old home.
             Before Chion takes the others he takes Z'leyra aback to the
             Kameran lands with 2 quick teleports.

             [Decalis 13th, 1635TH - Kameran Village]
             [Time: 10:47 pm]

               Z'leyra is coming back from a town square party
             celebrating a birth in the village when she spots 5
             wild dogs prowling the village.  When they come across
             a young teen girl they approach ready to chase if the
             girl flees.  Z'leyra sees this and asks Corona to scare
             the dogs.  Corona fires near the pack once.  This only
             causes them to stop.  A second time they decide it is not
             worth staying so head into the forest.

             [Decalis 14th, 1635TH - Kameran Village]

               Using staff Z'leyra casts Orient Self with her shamanic
             drum and purification.  Then casts a Knowledge spell to gain
             some Restoration education.

             [Decalis 16th, 1635TH - Kameran Village]

               Mona rushes up to Z'leyra tell her aunt that her uncle is
             in town.  Z'leyra rushes to the cabin to see Z'varara her
             other brother.  Last time he was far off on some trip.  She
             watches as he stands.  He has grown so much since she last
             saw him years ago.  His biceps alone could hold a wagon on his
             back.  He has grown a few inches and has a stylish mustache.
             But along his left cheek he has a scar of some sort that looks
             like from a boar tusk she guesses.

               Brother and sister meet for hours and catch up.  It seems
             he is not married but has a girl in a eastern village.  He
             has dabbled in fine leather crafting like boots.  Over the
             next few days both talk and catch up.  Z'leyra can still
             sense a bit of wary hesitation to her brother.  She can only
             guess he still resents them leaving.  He was very vocal that
             Tiren should've either taken them all or none.

             [Decalis 17th, 1635TH - Kameran Village]
             [Time: 3:10 am]

               Z'leyra casts Levitate, Insubstantiability and then does
             12 teleport spells with 1 teleport failure.

               Z'leyra is in the outhouse when she hears a cat purring
             and on exiting she finds a gray and black cat shivering
             in the cold.  She has not seen it before in the village
             so it must be wild or lost.  Z'leyra decides to take it
             to her cabin to warm and give some water.  In the morning
             she'll see about getting her some milk.  Later that day
             a villager adopts the cat. Mona pleaded for it but Z'lart
             refused since it has clear signs of fleas and is too
             feral to try to tame.

             [Decalis 18th, 1635TH - Kameran Village]

               That late afternoon Z'leyra gets a note that she is needed
             at the Ancient Moss Fortress.  Since it would take days to
             get there by horse she decides to teleport there with Corona.
             She packs up and will leave in the morning.  Till then she
             spends her last few hours with Z'varara and Z'lart.

             [Decalis 19th, 1635TH - Kameran Village]

               Z'leyra says good bye to Z'lart and his family and
             Z'varara.  Then teleports to the spot they ended up that
             day the party left.  She walks to the fortress.

               The guards do not recognize her at all and it takes some
             time to convince them to allow entry.  She is escorted to
             a meeting area to wait.  An hour later she is escorted too
             a small set of lounges.

               There she sees Z'layha and 3 very elderly females in
             various robes of their order.  Z'leyra recognizes one as
             a Elder of the Mystics from years ago.  The other two seem
             unknown to her.  They are sitting lotus style on the floor
             with Z'layha off to the left.

               The three elders are the highest ranking in the Kameran
             tribes and the most powerful lodges.

               "Z'layha has explained the situation to us in great
             detail."  The head elder speaks calmly with hands on
             knees.  This elder she has talked to before and she can
             be stern but formal.  The Mystic Arts seem to make sense
             to be the head lodge here since things are more mystical
             than secular in this fortress.  "We want your explanation

               Z'leyra has no time to cast magic to sense magic here.
             But she suspects there could be truth magic here.  If she
             lies she could be dealt with harshly.  She decides to
             explain everything but the shape shifters.  It was agreed
             to previously weeks ago to not mention them.  IF the gods
             just happen to hear they could take out this entire tribe
             with a few avatars to ensure their secret is kept.  Z'layha
             just said "prisoners" which is truth.

               Z'leyra explains it all and finally the elder speaks. "D
             you feel these are gods?"  Z'leyra shakes her head.  That
             is truth as well.

               "This concurs with Z'layha.  At great length we have
             decided to end all tributes effectively as of 2 weeks ago.
             Your sister will be keeper of the Tribute but will hold the
             secret to her death.  We will still mimic the tributes so
             the others will not be aware of the facts.  We assume you will
             also keep these secrets to yourself.  We are still debating
             what to do with the strange Kameri blade metal.  We ask that
             you remain here for the next few days in case we have more
             questions.  We need to get a grasp on this thing and which
             lies far to our basement levels."

               Z'leyra agrees.  She is assigned to a restricted set of
             levels and access to the outside and common areas.  Her sister
             has a bit more access.

               Over the next week or so Z'leyra will be fetched to
             answer military, logistics, religious and philosophical
             questions by the elders of this mystical prison.

               Questions on how best to ward the "gate" in the basement
             level as well as other possible wards are done.  She is
             not allowed to set wards as she is not a person who will
             remain here.  But she can give her own advice.

             [Decalis 23rd, 1635TH - Kameran Village]

               Z'leyra casts Levitate, Insubstantiability which fails and
             12 teleports with 5 of those failing.

             [Decalis 24th, 1635TH - Kameran Village]

               Z'leyra casts Orient Self, Purification and a Knowledge
             spell to learn more on Restoration.

             [Decalis 25th, 1635TH - Kameran Village]
             [Time: 2:14 am]

               Z'leyra is awoken to Corona on the balcony to her room.  She
             is several stories up and above the river in the south west.
             There is a moon out and Corona gestures to the sky.  Z'leyra
             sees a dragon about 20 feet long.  It is flying lazily around
             the area.  While dragons are rare they are not that super rare.
             But then Z'leyra notices it.  In the light of the moon she
             notices there are 5 human bulbs at the front.  Squintng, it almost
             looks like human heads.  Corona agrees they are like human heads.
             Later Z'leyra will speak to Arawn and learn it sounded 
like a Naga.

             [Decalis 26th, 1635TH - Kameran Village]
             [Time: 10:56 am]

               Z'leyra is outside the fortress watching the locals
             tend to some gardens and having breakfast. As she sits
             tired of the questions from the lodge leaders she has
             2 black cats approach.  For some reason she has a thing
             for wild cats lately.  They inspect Z'leyra and she pets
             them but they seem well fed for wild cats.

             [Decalis 29th, 1635TH - Kameran Village]

               Z'leyra casts Levitate, Insubstantiability as well as 12
             teleport with 6 teleport failures.

             [Decalis 30th, 1635TH - Kameran Village]
             [Time: 8:40 am]

               Z'leyra rounds the corner of the back of the fortress
             outside.  A small grove is there with statues and benches.
             She finds a man dead as well as another man dead.  There
             are a half dozen male guards.  Then she realizes the man
             looks like the other man but is wearing robes.  The same
             face and build.  Inspecting the dead she finds the robed
             man naked under and wounds from the guard swords.  But the
             wounds are not bleeding but look almost green ooze.  She
             has seen this before.  When the tree of souls copied Pyan
             this is how it looked.  This dead robed man must've killed
             the other man.  But in doing so he was killed by the guards.
             This Soul Son must've gone far and wide to track down this
             man.  She wonders if there is another tree of souls or if
             this is the one they found on the river hundreds of miles

             [Janaq 1st, 1636TH - Kameran Village]
             [Time: 3:34 pm]

               Z'leyra is outside watching the artist paint some
             elder portraits when a boy is trying to carry a large
             dog past.  Z'leyra goes to help and finds the dog's leg
             is broken.  She places the dog on the ground and does
             a healing spell on the dog.  She tries to let it up and it
             still has a limp but it can at least move now without pain.

             [Janaq 2nd, 1636TH - Kameran Village]

               An hour after sunrise and breakfast Z'leyra teleports
             with Corona to Cetric's pre-set teleport circle.  She
             spends a short while with the village and visits.  Mainly
             to show the kids Corona as they always seem to enjoy the
             site of a eagle his color.  It is a good sign to them.  She
             then teleports to Sivas at the Library roof.

               Once back at her manor she enters the gate.  She notices
             a new guard.  But the other she recognizes.  She'll have to
             talk to the steward about it later.  She heads inside for
             a quick overview of any major events by the cook.  Nothing
             major has happened but the steward will inform in depth later.
             Z'leyra casts Mana Sensing and Mana Reading 8 times each to
             check on each manor ward.  Two of the mana sensing spells do
             fail though.

               Z'leyra enters her office to collect the pile of papers,
             notes and scrolls after almost a year's away from home.  She
             know it will take a few days to go through it also tries
             to skim the important parts.  Even then it takes a few hours
             to do so.

               She calls for the steward to enter the office for his
             report. He explains about those who stayed here for a short
             while like Mae, Kiet and the dwarf before they moved on.
             Apparently Kiet has a new place and she makes a note of
             the address.  Apparently Kiet would like to see her once she
             gets back into town.  Lastly the steward covers the events
             some 3 weeks prior with Arawn and his body guards.  This
             surprises Z'leyra.  Why would he need a bodyguard?  Then
             she hears about the succubus attack and the firing of the
             guard.  Z'leyra sits back to consider this.  While the guard
             would be very easy to sway from such a creature the idea of
             having more than 1 guard should defer those risks.  So she
             doesn't blame the steward for firing him.  They should've been
             prepared.  She makes a mental note to work with the guards on
             possible scenarios in the future.

               Z'leyra drafts a letter to local healers she knows that
             she is back and almost ready for healing again.

               Z'leyra then spends the rest of the evening reading the
             papers into the late hours of the night.  The cook did come
             in and bring food but she is too distracted and has the soup
             reheated for later.

             [Janaq 3rd, 1636TH - Kameran Village]

               Z'leyra spends the morning inspecting the manor, the wards,
             the workshop and stables.  She meets with the guards and
             gets a feel for the new guard.  The other experienced guard
             says he is good at his job and has been at it for 3 weeks.

               Z'leyra wonders if Mae attracted these succubus to her
             place or it was just random.  But according to reports she
             wasn't seen here.  At some brothel it seems not wanting to
             stay at her place.

               Z'leyra greets her horse again and ensures it is healthy
             thanks to Chion and the stableboy.  She then mounts up
             and heads to find Kiet's place.

               At Kiet's manor she is impressed.  The acrobat has far more
             land than she does.  But her house is a bit bigger in width
             so at least that is something.  She finds the acrobat inside
             as the work crews work around the estate.

               Kiet simply brings out a slip of scroll that Kell had left
             in case he were to die.  She reads the note:

               To Z'leyra, user of magical toys and healer at large.
             I hope that you learn to use your magic from within
             not from without.  Using toys is all great but it
             deludes your magical prowess.  My teacher Na'bob Bruse
             taught me that things delude the magical environment.
             Since I enjoy elemental magic this was a huge factor
             as elementals did not like 'muddy' waters as it were.
             I hope that you will build and enjoy your healing
             places.  To that end I have purchased land in the north
             east of the city near the old dairy.  It is not much
             but it is 5 acres.  It has a old stone building that
             used to hold city work supplies and offices.  It is
             yours to sell or use.

               Z'leyra sits back after reading the comments form
             Kell.  Land?  A building?  Kiet explains he has a architect
             that can help if needed and gives directins on where to
             find him.  Then he shows the Healer the manor and the silo and
             grounds.  His own private future plans for this new place of

               Z'leyra leaves and finds the architect who has his wife
             at his office.  His wife is a designer for making places
             nice looking including furniture and so she offers to come
             and visit the land.

               The trio make it to the north east section of town near
             the old dairy.  It is large at 5 acres but there is
             no fence just a dirt path and the one story stone building.
             Kiet and Dorhak had already explored the place and after
             visiting the town city hall got the key to the place.  But
             there is nothing to take.  The wooden single door is a bit
             worn out and should be replaced.  There what seems to be
             3 offices, 4 storage rooms and another open area that may
             have been another room of some sorts.  Z'leyra envisions the
             place for her students and teachers.  She states where her
             office or the healer on duty's office will be.  She'll need
              a simple desk, 4 chairs and some cabinets.  At the front door
              will be a lobby for a small desk and maybe as many as 14
              chairs?  The other rooms she orders a simple single bed,
              3 chairs and cabinets for patient rooms.  She sets aside one
              room for storage for medical supplies and will need a good
              metal door here to make sure no thieves at least try to get
              inside.  The architect has plenty of ideas but Z'leyra
              states she will need to gather more funds for those plans
              for later on.  His wife totals the estimates and comes up
              with 26 silver - 220-225 for furniture, 20-25 for repairs
              and other things like plants and curtains and around 15
              copper for labor and wagons to bring the stuff.  For a total
              of around 26 silver.

               Z'leyara locks up and parts with the other 2 to do their
             duties for the school.  Z'leyra glances around the land
             at the sparse set of trees.  She can imagine building multi
             story structures of her great school.  As she mounts she
             wonders if the Royal Healer will hear about this and try
             to stop her like he did in the past?

               Z'leyra returns to her manor and back to the chore of the

             [Janaq 4th, 1636TH - Sivas, Marentia]

               Z'leyra wakes up to more paperwork and knows it will take
             a few days to paint and clean up the healing building.  She
             tries to come up with a name - Z's Healing?  Z'leyra's School
             of Healing?  Kell's Healing Foundation?

               She knows she will want a herbal garden and to do more
             plans.  She has heard how well Kiet did on his quick
             construction of the fence and the cheap amount of coin.
             Only needing weeks not months to finish.  She asks to speak
             to his gardener to get idea for her own garden at the
             school property.

               That afternoon she asks the guards if they know of
             a person who could teach her better stamina.  The
             head guard quickly suggests their training sarge.  During
             the winter he takes a month off but could help teach her
             all she wanted.  He is tough and stern but knows how to
             mold a fat recruit into a lean warrior in weeks.  This
             seems acceptable so she rides to the barracks to find him.

               After a interview with Sarge Omas she hires him for the
             next month of work to improve her stamina.  She will start
             tomorrow if possible.

             [Janaq 5th, 1636TH - Sivas, Marentia]

               Z'leyra meets with Sarge Omas a tall 6 foot 2 middle aged
             man with arms size of tree trunks and a nice scar along his
             neck to left ear.  Omas eyes the healer and scoffs and
             does his assessment of the healer and how much work she'll
             need to have done.  From the roof Corona snickers a bit  as
             much as a eagle can snicker.

               He outlines a regiment of running, swimming, hiking and
             climbing as well as exercises to tone the body and
             mind.  There will be days of endurance marathons of
             lack of sleep and environmental exposure while hungry
             and tired.  Even swimming in the Cholchara Sea when its
             in the water is in the 30s.  Z'leyra figures this is just
             torture but knows it is needed to be done.

               Sarge Omas says it will take place in the hills outside the
             city, city streets, here at the manor and parks of the
             city as well as the sea.  He claps his hands and starts the
             yelling and screaming to whip Z'leyra in shape.

               First he orders a quick and easy 3 mile run in the hills and
             back.  Z'leyra groans but he orders no armor and weapons
             as it would bog her down the first day.  Maybe later she
             will wear armor to make things tougher.

               As they run into the hills outside the city they encounter
             a large boar.  Omas ignores it but Z'leyra tries to dodge
             and weave as it chases her.  Then Omas yells that she is
             taking too long.

               For her free time after the work with Omas she will plan to
             read, study and spend time with local rich elite.  She hopes
             to be asked to make items.   But she is also hoping to make
             contacts to help her school. She has seen how Unali can easily
             merge into the Court in Maren City so hopes she can at least
             try the same her with local people.  Over the next month
             she repeats these free time activities each night.

               Z'leyra casts Orient Self that evening then purification which
             fails.  Then casts Knowledge but it also fails.

             [Janaq 6th, 1636TH - Sivas, Marentia]

               She has a day's of grueling work with Omas hiking a fast
             trot along the city wall itself - which is not easy since
             the wall is only 1-2 feet wide at the top - and running
             along it as guards patrol the perimeter of the upper wall
             is not easy.  Now early evening she is at a tavern resting
             her feet and meets a merchant who sells finely crafted
             leather personal items like belts and hats.  They sit and
             discuss various topics.

             [Janaq 6th, 1636TH - Sivas, Marentia]
             [Time: 9:36 am]

               Z'leyra is at a park trying some old fashioned tree
             climbing.  Omas is off to get some water when she
             encounters 10 peasants.  They are arguing over how to avoid
             influence over a merchant who wants to build on the streets
             they live.  So he can build large warehouses.  Z'leyra doesn't
             have much advice but suggests a few things and who she might
             want to contact like Etain who may know the city well by now.

             [Time: 11:57 pm]

               Z'leyra is heading to the outhouse when she finds 2 wild
             cats prowling around.  She tries to chase one to see if they
             need help but they are too fast and avoid her.  She sighs
             and will have to talk to the guards how the cats snuck in
             without notice.

             [Janaq 9th, 1636TH - Sivas, Marentia]
             [Time: 4:57 am]

               Z'leyra wakes to stoke the fireplace in her bedroom.  The
             cold night is creeping in too much.  She passes the window
             and notices a guard walking by on patrol.  She stokes the
             fire and passes the window but the guard is still in place?
             She stares and notices the man is motionless.  There is  white
             gleam to his skin and that's when she figures something is
             bad it almost looks like a purification spell.  She grabs
             her armor, helmet, sword and staff.  Exiting as fast as she
             can with time taken to don her armor she finds the guard
             in mid walk.  Sure enough his body is rock hard like that of
             stone.   She glances around and notices a creature on the
             barn peering down with red eyes.  It speaks some demonic
             words and Z'leyra pulls inward her magical defense.  But
             nothing happens.  The Devil then raises a hand to show
             a dagger and a hand.  On his hand grows 4 inch metal like
             claws.  It cackles and then flies toward Z'leyra.

               Z'leyra tosses her staff down and draws her magical blade
             as it will deflect those claws a lot better.   The Devil
             swipes with his dagger and claws but both miss.

               Z'leyra swipes her sword at the fleeing Devil as it tries
             to take to the air.  She notices the demon wearing armor
             and the blade slices into its left ribs doing 19 points but
             it had to pass chainmail quality mail as well as chainmail
             quality natural hide to do so.  She yells to the other guard
             who should be at the guard for help.

               The Devil dives again clawing and slashing with his dagger.
             His dagger hits her in the chest but does no damage.

               Z'leyra tries to swing at the demon but it is too agile.

               The Devil misses with his dagger but his claws take a bit
             of flesh from her shoulder doing 4 points of damage.

               Z'leyra misses again as she hears the gate guard moving
             toward this way.

               the Devil stabs Z'leyra in the back with the dagger doing
             6 more points as the dagger remains in her back.

               Z'leyra hits the Devil in the left leg cutting his leg in
             half doing 7 points of damage.

               The devil takes to the air and sees the guard running.  It
             decides Z'leyra is too tough so flies fast toward the
             guard.  Z'leyra yells to fall down!  If the Devil can possess
             the guard she might be forced to kill her own guard.

               The guard falls to the ground as the Devil reaches just
             above the guard reaching with his claws to kill the
             guard.  But Z'leyra unleashes a firedart from her helmet
             and fries the demon.

               Z'leyra considers leaving the guard as is maybe as a nice
             statue to show Dorhak.  But his girlfriend might get upset
             so decides to cast a dispel spell.  Z'leyra crosses her arms
             and looks stern at the guard as he realizes he is now free.

             [Janaq 10th, 1636TH - Sivas, Marentia]
             [Time: 7:46 am]

               Z'leyra is heading to the market to do some shopping when
             she notices a messenger eye her.  "You that lady that does
             the healing?"  Z'leyra nods.  "If you ever need a good messenger
             or need a person to deliver notes or such I'm your boy. "  He
             tries to promote himself for the next 5 minutes and details where
             he can be found if needed.

             [Janaq 11th, 1636TH - Sivas, Marentia]
             [Time: 1:51 pm]

               Omas allows Z'leyra to rest for 30 min for lunch when she
             sees a local noble - a baron in the park.  She tries to make
             small talk but when she rounds the corner around a mule
             she accidentally steps in mule droppings and the baron is
             turned off and rides away.  She curses the farmer and his mule.

             [Janaq 12th, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]
             [Time: 3:22 pm]

               Z'leyra and Omas are jogging a simple 4 mile run through the
             street when she notices a group of 4 merchants.  It seems one
             has cut his hand.  Z'leyra stops but Omas yells at her to
             continue.  She ignores him and the other merchants asks if it
             can be infected.  She does not have her medical supplies but
             she cleans it with water and gives her medical opinion that
             it should be fine.  She offers to heal the hand magically and
             the merchant agrees.  Z'leyra heals the hand up.  Then Omas
             grabs her and drags her along before she can get their names.

             [Janaq 13th, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]
             [Time: 6:41 am]

               The steward wakes up Z'leyra and she finds in the parlor
             are 4 adventurers. They are saying they have returned form
             a small adventure to hunt down a bandit group in the hills for
             the city.  But one has a bad foot and requests to be 
seen.  Z'leyra
             grabs her bag and find it infected.  Another day and he might have
             to cut it off.  But he is lucky to be here.  She treats the
             wound with her best skills and then a quick healing spell.

               The leader of the group who could use a bath offers to pay but
             Z'leyra find it rude to ask for payment in her own home.

             [Time: 1:09 pm]

               Omas stops their run in a park when he spots 4 actors
             doing some kind of play in the park.  It is very low tech
             with not much props and scenery.  Just oratory speeches for
             word images.  Omas stares at one particular actress and
             Z'leyra grins.  She knows when he wanted to stop not to give
             her a rest as he claims but to ogle the girl.  They watch
             the scene for about 15 minutes before moving on.

             [Janaq 14th, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]
             [Time: 12:10 pm]

               Omas has setup a obstacle course in the hills west of
             the city.  As Z'leyra is climbing, dodging, ducking, crawling
             and otherwise putting her body in positions not normal for
             humans she notices a small army pass.  They must be 25-30 men
             marching north.  But the only thing up that way is the far outpost
             at the foot of the Cholchara bay some 50+ miles away.

             [Time: 9:24 pm]

               Z'leyra walks the cook out for the night to the gate so she
             can go home.  As they near the gate they notice  a city guard
             in patrol uniform on horse stop and speak to the guard.  He
             moves on as they near.  It seems the city is on the look out
             for a escaped felon.  The cook worried hesitates to leave but
             a guard offers to walk her home as his shift is almost up anyways.

             [Janaq 15th, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]
             [Time: 1:50 pm]

               Z'leyra and Omas are hiking in the hills when they
             encounter a site of carnage.  There are 8 here on the
             ground.  Six are dead.  Two are wounded.  There are signs
             of some large beast attacking the peasants.  Z'leyra quickly
             treats the wounded and does some quick magical healing.  They
             explain it was a griffin attack.  A half dozen of them
             all took their 4 horses but killed the others.  Omas and
             Z'leyra help carry the bodies to the city and get help
             for the dead.

               That night Z'leyra casts Orient Self, Purification and a
             Knowledge spell to learn more on Restoration.

             [Janaq 17th, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]
             [Time: 10:43 pm]

               A light earthquake rocks Sivas but it is enough force to
             knock some old buildings to rubble.  Z'leyra and Omas are
             running around a town square when it happens.  One such
             structure a mining office does collapse.  A column outside
             kills 2. But there are 3 badly wounded.  Z'leyra and Omas help
             the wounded.  She stops the bleeding and resets a disjointed
             shoulder.  Then casts a quick healing spell to heal all 3 of
             the men.

             [Janaq 18th, 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]
             [Time: 7:23 am]

               As Z'leyra and Omas jog around a park they watch a large
             crowd.  Some mini-festival is going on in the park with
             at least 20 entertainers - acting, sword fighting, sword
             swallowing, acrobatics, musicians and dancers.  There are
             about 120 people enjoying the festival.  But Z'leyra is
             urged to run and enjoy it later.

             [Janaq 21st 1636TH - sivas, Marentia]
             [Time: 3:04 pm]

               Omas and Z'leyra are almost done for the day when both
             encounter a soldier outside a tavern beating his war horse
             a very superior war house mount.  Omas yells at the man
             and a fist fight ensues.  Omas being more experienced ducks
             and avoids the first 3 punches.  Then with one quick foot
             slide knocks the man to his knees then punches the man out.

               Z'leyra checks the horse but it is minor bruises only.
             She finds it is property of a local barracks.  They walk the
             horse to the barracks and complain to the Captain on duty
             about the man.

             [Time: 10:38 pm]

               Z'leyra is riding from a nearby estate where she was
             socializing with some merchants.  She encounters 5
             peasants who form a X around one particular person.  They
             glare as Z'leyra rides by but seem only want to protect
             the central figure for some reason.   Z'leyra would stop
             and investigate but she is tired and needs sleep.

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