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Since we have new players, I thought I might explain a couple of things.

Sandwiched between adventures our sturdy adventurers have some time to rest and relax...and improve themselves. It's called "In Between Time", or just IBT.  You get some time on your own to shop, study, work on spells, improve your weapons, whatever you decide.  Keep in mind that random encounters can, and will, occur.  They can kill you if you aren't careful.  Also, if you want another character to work with you, you will have to coordinate time.  This is often difficult.

We are almost done with this adventure.  Please be considering what you intend to do for yourselves for the next three months.  Also...please be very specific about what you do and where you go when you communicate it to Scott.  When I do mine, I tell him exactly what I am doing every day of IBT time.  I keep track of my mana.  I keep track of how often I cast certain spells.  I tell him exactly what I want to buy, etc.

Scott is not responsible for filling your character's time. We are all responsible for our own.  His task in this is already difficult enough.

We will also be allocated any Experience, Expertise, and characteristic points we might have earned.  And then there will be the treasure splits...always a welcome time!

So...be making your plans now, if you can.  You mostly just need to be deciding what you want to do...in a general way...but please start writing it out so we don't have to wait real months to start the next adventure.

Thanks for listening.


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