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She looks about the room and can see her clothing still on the floor and
shrugs, while her twin almost giggles, 'Uh oh, don't look now, but this
night is about to end sweetie.  Don't worry about answering me.
Unfortunately for you, you'll never be truly rid of me, as I had been
instructed to keep tabs on my Princess's little toy.' the voice gave a dark

Waking up groggily, two things hit her, that she isn't dead and wondering
if she was dealing with a client, as the ropes give evidence that she might
be.  But the sound of birds in the distance, pity they weren't vultures and
the fetid smell of decaying earth all about her remind her of something has
gone very wrong.  'No this wasn't a client or for pleasure.' she gives a
mental sigh.

Maelorna twists about with a dancers grace and manages to sit up on her
knees, she manages to look up from beneath her unkempt hair as it shades
her face.  Somehow the tantalizing taste of the dwarf's life force still
lingers upon her tongue and she mutters, "Great, I'm worse than what I've
heard vampires are like, at least they can control they're, whatever they
feed on, blood I guess."

She takes a ragged breath and can feel the all too familiar hunger, though
it's much easier to ignore it.  "I broke my word, I accept any punishment
you deem fitting." she offers while looking at Dorhak.
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