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"Congratulations everyone! We have rid the world of a danger that
threatened not just us, but threatened everyone we know of. That threatened
the futures of all our tribes, nations and peoples. You did good."

"I had said that Mae was welcome in the party until she proved a threat or
attacked one of us. She attacked Dorhak. But she did this under the
magically induced famine of an unknown time dilation. Mae, can you normally
control your feeding as to not hurt anyone?

Dorhak, what say you? Do we forgive Mae this transgression, or do we slay
her and prevent her preying on folk in the future?

Later..."Do you folks wish to teleport directly back to Sivas? I hope to
spend perhaps four weeks here before heading back myself but I will write a
note telling my staff that you will be welcome to stay at my manor. If I
had known that we would be subject to time dilation I could have cast a
protection spell, but as is the best I can do is cast a cure age spell to
get a month or two of aging negated. Let me know if you wish me to do so."

"Hey Sis, can you tell me how our old friends are doing and where they are
now..." She gossips with her sister...
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