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   Arawn knelt down, examining whatever remains there were to the burnt Lone Shifter and the ring dropped by it in death. He scanned it with otherworldly senses, only daring to pick it up with gloved hands after such scrutinization. [OOC: Mana Sense and Mana Reading on ring]

   Upon returning from the tree Arawn's first objective was to see to the others, starting with Raki, who had suffered the most for the encounter. By now the shifter had recovered from him ignominious collision with Dorhak, the alfar noting the dwarf's penchant for being slammed into. Better that than the dwarf being tossed around! Not that the alfar would mention such - dwarves seemed a bit sensitive on the topic!

[OOC: If Raki and/or the forest is still on fire Arawn will attempt to smother the flames or, if it's of significant size, he'll cast Tempest to douse the fire. He'll follow this with Healing Hand spells on anyone injured, though if Raki seems comfortable enough just regenerating his wounds Arawn will skip casting magic but still offer emotional support]

   "Good job, Kiet... Raki... everyone!," he said as he moved among the company.
   [Quote Z'layha: "To answer your question. Wolves picked me."]
   Arawn grinned. "They picked well."

   Turning to the wolves he knelt down, extending both his hand and heart out to them. He had an unusual fondness for animals as much as they did for him.

   "It's not the first time we... I've been saved by wolves," he said, recalling not only Will's wolf but others as well, a certain silver-eyed one among them. "Give them my love," he added, though his own empathic abilities would help to ensure they got the message.

   [Quote Z'layha: "So is that it? Now what? Do we kill Mae?"]

   "Of course not!," he admonished, though jovially, half-guessing but not entirely sure if the shamaness was joking. "But we should wake her up after I've a chance to restore some of her lost energy. It may not perfectly assuage he hunger but should help enough for her to regain self-control."

[OOC: Before anyone attempts to dispel the slumber Arawn will cast a Bless spell (Max EL) to boost Mae's Willpower followed by an Energy spell (Max EL) in hopes that it helps to temporarily fill her up]

   "As to 'what now'? Quite a bit I'm guessing," he said, sighing. "There are things to collect and check on back in town prior to the earthquake. And you'll have to decide how best to address the issue of truth among your superiors in the Moss Fortress.

   And, from bits and pieces of the conversation I've overheard, I'm guessing that things aren't quite the same as we left them," he continued, turning his gaze towards Z'leyra. "I'm not exactly sure what happened but I'm guessing time might have shifted a bit, been altered by our actions. Perhaps Z'leyra can enlighten us when we get a chance to rest and prior to our return to Ticasi."

   "Plus I have my own questions in need of answers.

   I'm curious who the figure was that saved me from death," he said, recalling the mysterious figure who awaited the party when they passed through the portal into the Middle World. A troubled look came over him as he continued.

   "And then there's that poor Abnari. If I could make my way back to that world to save her without endangering all three Worlds, I would do so in a heartbeat. But I feel the need to do something for her. I just need to figure out what that might be."

   He looked with some concern on Mae in her enchanted sleep.

   "If not then Mae may find herself in a bit of a dilemma once the Abnari's absence is noted by her Patrons," he said, knowing that Cernunnos and Isis were not ones to forget their favored priestesses.

   "But before we go there's something I need to do," he said, heading back to where the Lone Shifter had dissolved.

OOC: Scott, please post these following sections as is appropriate. If you have questions let me know -

[Part A]   "Just in case he's found a way around fire I want to make sure it doesn't come back. [Not sure if the ritual version of Dispersion can be used if Arawn casts Purification on the spot but he'd like to cast this spell in hopes of permanently blasting this thing out of existence. I'm guessing with the necklace gone that this should be enough to ensure the gods noticed and dealt with it but just in case he sees some remains or has some other reason to worry otherwise he'll cast it. - Ignore part A) if this is the case.]

[Part B]   "The necklace protecting the Lone Shifter flashed out before I could study it. But want to see who was responsible for protecting it and allowing this trouble to unfold."

   "If I purify the ground, Z'leyra, would you be willing to cast Akasha to see the necklace details? [OOC: Arawn will cast Akasha if Z'leyra is unwilling, after casting Luck at max EL to aid the Purification (max EL) along with his Wand.   If Z casts he'll use Eye of Mystery to pull the information from her memory and then commit it to his memory via Memorize Skill.]

[Part C] [OOC: If possible to do so (if whatever is left qualifies as a corpse0 Arawn will seek to cast Necromantic Powers - Dark Knowledge at max EL to question the Lone Shifter. If this is the case he'll alert the party to this -

   "I have a question or two for this shifter. If anyone has a question they seek answered let me know. And other than one or two to keep an eye on things I suggest the rest step out of the clearing before I call up the spirit as it takes extra power to protect each additional person present."

   OOC: Scott, let me know if this is possible and if so I can post the questions along with any that other party members might have, including the NPC's if they one.

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