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s`        Player        DS    Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
   -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
   FH.John Haight.......HY..Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Al.. Ma
   ...Kevin Newark..........Dorhak............Warrior.Normal/Dwarf....Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom....YY..Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   W3.Mark Murtha.......HN..Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human....Ma
   W2.David Sanders.....HN..Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   R4.Wout Broere.......YY..Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R3 Panthera..............Pyandalgor........Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
   R4.Alex Koponen......YY..Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
      Z'layha ..............Npc...............Normal..Normal/Shaman...Fe
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra

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       Game Update #147 sequence (file #998)

       Admin Notes: None

         From Z'leyra: [RE: Actions]
           Z'leyra tells the two who look like her sister "Z'layha!..
         GM: Ack.

         From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
           When Pyan questioned Corona's absence Arawn couldn't...

           "He's referring to your sister's tonah," he said,...

           If the party's hunger is bad enough to impair them Arawn will
           use the Scroll of Sustenance to conjure some food to be split
           among the hungry crowd while in the basement (or clearing if
           you prefer)

           - Arawn knows that shifters can see invisible things but is
           curious to test out the elvish ability to hide in forests.
           He'll use the ability while Z'layha speaks to Edell, and ask
           Raki to alert him to the effectiveness of this.If the ability
           to hide in forests is effective Arawn will do so on the way
           to meet the Lone Shifter If the ability to hide in forests is
           effective Arawn will use it to travel in hiding on the way to
           meet the Lone Shifter.

            - Using his ability to Hide in Forest Arawn will spy on the
            area to see if someone else is with Edell/if there's anything
            for the party to be concerned with.
         GM: Ack.  The whole hiding in forest I always treated as a skilled
             hunter using camo.  Its not like you can lean against a
             tree and poof you're not seen.  To me its a notch above what
             a skilled hunter can do.  Since party walked toward the
             shifter and not knowing where he might be (he appeared
             just suddenly around a corner) there was no real need to
             hide and look around.  The forest this time of year is not
             thick so hiding is also a bit harder since trees are sparse
             with foliage and such.  So it'd not be too effective.  Good
             idea though.

       [New Stuff]

           [Decalis 2nd, 1635TH]
           [Time: 5:48 pm?]

           [Minutes earlier in clearing...]

             When Pyan questioned Corona's absence Arawn couldn't help
           but wonder to Z'layha's tonah as well.

             "He's referring to your sister's tonah," he said, though
           guessing Z'layha likely knew that already. "I'm curious, are
           you an eagle shaman as well? And do you think they're, both
           your guides, alright since our absence? Can you sense or call
           to them?"

             Z'layha shrugs, "I'm mostly in the fortress so do not have
           much time for outside time with them.  I could call them
           if needed but we should move fast as it may take some time."

           [At the showdown..]

             Z'leyra tells the two who look like her sister "Z'layha! Kneel
           down and put your hands behind your back! We will tie up both of
           you and then figure out which of you is my actual sister." While
           saying that she readies her staff.

             "Seriously?"  Z'layha says. No.  Wait.  Both of them
           at same time?

             In Unison they continue, "I've learned many things over
           the centuries.  Like with a quick touch one can control
           the simple minded."

             so some how the Shifter is forcing the real sister to
           speak as he is to confuse even further.

             Arawn stretches out with his abilities to read the emotional
           state of the two.  Confused.  Surprised.  Anger.  Nothing
           too shocking there.  But it is coming from both.

             "Especially from you.  No don't move there Alfar." Both
           say as Arawn tries to merge into the forest.

             "With a snap of my finger I can kill the real one of us.
           Do you risk that to sulk around?  Plus you are my prize!"

             Arawn quietly casts a Hidden Truth spell to try to find
           out which is which.

             Both Z'layha's place hands on hips.  "Even in ancient
           times we fooled the gods.  Do you think a simple spell
           could tell which is which? Centuries I've learned even
           the best techniques.  Your spell give the answer Alfar?"

             Arawn frowns slightly with no answers form his spell as
           the shifter predicted.

             Z'layha turns to her sister.  "Ropes?  You don't think
           I could break ropes.  Tell you what.  Surrender now or
           surrender him and you can live." Both point to Arawn.

             But Arawn ignores the words wondering why he even knows
           he is a Alfar.  But he has one final spell to try.  A
           way to see inside the two and find the hidden magical
           item.  Arawn begins to speak but is suddenly stopped.

             By a piercing noise directed at the party from the
           two or maybe one of them it is hard to tell.

             All but Raki falls to their knees in pain from the
           blast of soiccs.  Dropping weapons or shields to reach
           up to claw at ears that are killing them.

             A second mouth has emerged from the one on the
           right.  The Shifter!  It seems to be giving the
           sonics outward.

             The Shifter releases Z'layha on the left and
           she falls to the ground holding her ears.  "I've
           learned that human ears as well as others are very

             Raki steps forward but the Shifter raises a hand
           to show a ring that is now uncovered from a flesh
           shift.  The shifter activates the magical ring and
           a fireball of huge size hits Raki spinning him backwards
           and to the ground.

             Arawn holding his ears sees his chance if he can get
           Z'layha away the shifter can be dealt with without
           her being killed by a sudden claw to her neck.  But
           the sonics is so great that concentration is difficult.
           Arawn tries mentally to flush the pain and concentrate
           on the spell.

             "I'm told after two minutes one begins to black out.
           Then after another minute ears burst and bleed.  After
           another minute some seem to just die."  The Shifter
           steps forward as he watches Raki burn and roll on
           the ground.

             The shifter must be amplifying his voice to be heard
           over the sonics?

             The Shifter turns to Z'layha and then she disappears
           as Arawn translocates her behind the party a half
           mile away.

             "That was not nice!"  The Shifter changes form into
           a 7 foot snarling creature with fangs, claws and
           a  face that only a demon can love.

             The shifter steps forward toward Arawn.

             Kiet tries to raise his hands to fire off his
           rings but the pain is immense.  Each time he tries he
           has to hold his ears.

             Raki rolls and rolls to try to douse the flames.

             "Now to take your head and free my people.  Soon
           the infestation that is humans will be dealt with
           once and for all by our army!"  The shifter steps
           toward Arawn and looks around.  He turns to Z'leyra's
           and pulls the great sword from her sheath.

             Z'leyra tries to resist but is in too much pain.

             The shifter kneels.  "You know.  I have 2 memories.
           One I killed your dad.  The other I did not.  What
           was that about?  I'll keep you around to learn the

             Z'leyra realizes that like her the time change did not
           seem to affect the shifter.

             The shifter stands over Arawn and raises the great
           sword.  "I'll be sure to say hi to mommy and daddy
           when we kill them!"

             As he aims the sword suddenly something hits the
           shifter from the side.  It is a large wolf that
           bites onto his sword arm.

             A second wolf leaps onto the shifter's back and
           tries to bite down on his neck.  This causes the
           shifter to drop the sword and claw the wolves away.

             This is when the wolves seem vulnerable to the sonics
           as well and release their grips.  They howl in pain.

             This is when Raki with flesh dripping off him stands
           and rushes the lone shifter.  As he does he pierces
           the shifter's neck with a claw and rips his neck open.

             The sonics end!

             With open flesh and blood-like blood gushing out
           the shifter does a grab and toss.  Raki is tossed
           into Dorhak just as the dwarf stands.

             Dorhak grumbles why do people seem to fall on
           or into him!

             This is when Kiet stands and shoots both of his
           rings right at the shifter.  Both rings blast right
           into the shifter.  First one does 32 points of damage
           and the second 25 more.

             The shifter screams and with something new he
           sheds the outer layers of his skin.  A neat new
           trick he learned.  This causes the fire to just
           fall away.  But the shifter is still hurt and
           rather upset now.

             The shifter looks to Kiet ready to kill him but
           realizes he underestimated things.  He shifts
           into a aerial form of a creature and takes to the
           sky to flee.

             But by now Fremea and Pyan have also stood and
           reaching for their bows.  They both fire at the
           fleeing shifter.

             Pyan's arrow hits the creature in the left wing doing
           another 6 points.  But Fremea's arrow goes wide and
           she misses.

             Kiet raises his hands again and fires another set of
           blasts from his rings in hopes to get him before
           he escapes.  Both rings hit doing 18 and 25 more

             The lone shifter crashes into a tree and is basically
           burnt shifter-flesh.  His cohesion is destroyed
           enough that his body just dissolves.

             Kiet grins and rolls his hands in a gesture like
           a faster archer might use.

             Arawn dashes for the remains.

             From behind Z'layha rushes up and kneels to check
           the wolves she summoned.  "To answer your question.
           Wolves picked me."

             Arawn reaches the tree and sees a round object
           like a necklace.  But as he reaches there the
           necklace flashes a bright white and then fades
           from view.  Arawn tries to find the evidence of which
           god helped but none exist.

             But he does find the magical ring the shifter used
           on Raki.

             As Arawn returns each person checks their hearing.
           there is ringing but it seems to be coming back
           to normal.

             "Go now.  Thank you."  Z'layha ushers the wolves
           back into the forest.  She stands.  "So is that
           it?  Now what?  Do we kill Mae?"

           Actions? Comments?

           Next Update....Saturday...

           GM: A bit dramatic end?  Well kind of.  I actually
               had about 8 alternate endings.  If this was a DVD
               would have such endings.  But due to the time and
               other issues like the heat today I choose this
               quick ending.  Even with A/C, 2 computers and TV
               in this room its hot.  Old pc gets hot already.  So
               I wanted to just get it done.  I could've prolonged
               it for weeks.  But based on emails and such actions
               I used those actions to complete it.  If Arawn hadn't
               translocated Z'layha to summon the wolves once the
               sonics ended for her (range) it saved the others.
               It might've been far worse.  Once Arawn decided to use
               God's eyes to find the magical god-detect-Shifter necklace
               it forced shifter to move fast.  We've all seen the
               doppelganger scenes before.   Ask questions, bleh
               blah.  But once he touched her it was all over as he
               had his memories or was in a mental link with her.
               But I think this should be a good ending for it?
               I hope.  Plus I want to start IBT on a even date like
               9/1.  Z'leyra wants to spend a month here.  But once
               party teleports back to Marentia and there is one
               Bonus Scene then adventure is over.

               So we'll move on.  What now?

               For those in USA don't forget eclipse monday afternoon.
               All here except Wout should see it.  Even Alaska.  Here
               we'll have 90% coverage.

               Sorry for short update but its been a long day and
               a very hot one as well.

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