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s`        Player        DS    Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
   -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
   FH.John Haight.......HY..Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Al.. Ma
   ...Kevin Newark..........Dorhak............Warrior.Normal/Dwarf....Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom....YY..Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   W3.Mark Murtha.......HN..Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human....Ma
   W2.David Sanders.....HN..Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   R4.Wout Broere.......YY..Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R3 Panthera..............Pyandalgor........Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
   R4.Alex Koponen......YY..Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
      Z'layha ..............Npc...............Normal..Normal/Shaman...Fe
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra

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       Game Update #146 sequence (file #995)

       Admin Notes: None

         From Arawn: [Re: Actions]

          Just curious if anyone is updating Arawn on what happened
          while he was passed out, at least while we wait for Z'leyra to
          return after the first teleport.

          [Quote Raki: "... As I said in the prison he made a ...
          The tell-tale signs of magic were absent but that didn't...

          "I don't sense any wards... any magic at all. But to...

          [OOC: If Z'leyra takes 4 people with her that drops the
          inclusions/people from 15 to 10. Arawn can take the gear,
          boy's skeleton (3 inclusions) and 5 more along with himself -
          9 total, including himself. Z'leyra can then take the last
          person with her.]

          Making his way over to Mae's slumbering form, he motioned...

          "What happened?"
         GM: Ack.

         From Dorhak: [Re: Actions]
           Dorhak doesn't stand down at all, despite (or because...

           "Be careful of this one!  After we came through the...
         GM: Ack.

         From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
           Noting the apparent lack of wounds Arawn came to....

           "Her hunger likely overtook her. All of us seem...
         GM: Ack.

         From Pyan: [Re: Actions]
           After all the talk about time and teleportation Pyan...

           Pyan says, "Didn't we use to have a  eagle with us? I...
         GM: Ack. A very good observation and comments!  Good job

       [New Stuff]

           [Febris 9th, 1635TH]
           [Time: 5:01 pm??]

             Raki speaks of the Shifters making deals with certain

             Arawn couldn't help but think back to Ba-en-kekon's presence
           at the meeting with the other gods, the Champion of Entropy
           demanding a means of potential freedom for the Shifters. It was
           an odd request for a scion of Chaos to ask for any reason other
           than the possibility of attempting to use them in the future.
           But as the magic likely needed all the representatives efforts
           it was a request that was probably acquiesced to.

             Of course that didn't dismiss the possibility of Kototh
           maintaining his involvement by aiding the Lone Shifter after
           starting the whole ugly mess.

             The tell-tale signs of magic were absent but that didn't mean
           that they didn't exist. The party had encountered such more than
           once in their time and he felt the need to urge caution.

             "I don't sense any wards... any magic at all. But to be safe,
           I'd suggest a divination before teleporting if you're set on
           that. It's not foolproof but if a ward or other effect might
           throw off the teleportation it may give us a sense of things. Or
           at least some useful guidance from here on out," Arawn suggested
           after Z'leyra discussed her plans to act as the party's
           teleportationist. "If you make the return journey alone I can
           pull the scene from your mind afterwards. I can then take the
           majority with me and you can take the rest for one final
           teleport. This should help lessen the toll on the forces of

             "Just decide on who you're taking with you for the initial

             Making his way over to Mae's slumbering form, he motioned
           for Dorhak to relax as he knelt to examine 

             "What happened?"

             Dorhak doesn't stand down at all, despite (or because of)
           Arawn's ' command'.

             "Be careful of this one!  After we came through the gate she
           went bat- sh*t crazy and attacked me.  She's a danger to
           everyone here!"

             Noting the apparent lack of wounds Arawn came to the
           conclusion that Mae had likely attempted to feed on the dwarf.
           It was a reasonable conclusion considering the state the others
           were in, only his own retarded aging keeping him from suffering
           to the same extent.

             Z'layha explains what happened in the last few minutes since
           the party came through the gate including the odd interaction
           with Raki and Kiet.

             Arawn watches the almost nude ex-slave in human form.  He
           figures she changed again once here and changed again
           once Fremea knocked her out according to Z'layha.

             "Her hunger likely overtook her. All of us seem famished and
           her appetite is more difficult to control than most," Arawn
           replied sympathetically, directed at both Dorhak and the
           unconscious half- demon he knelt beside. "It's one the things
           she fears - losing control and hurting an innocent."

             "I would apologize for her but that's something for her to do
           when she awakens," he continued, looking down on Mae with some
           concern on his face. "I may be able to ease her hunger pangs but
           I think it will be best to attempt this after we've vacated this

             Casting an eye towards Dorhak he scanned him for any signs
           of exhaustion or other clue to indicate spiritual depletion.

             But from a simple look there is no obvious sign.

             "And I can see to restoring what she has taken, again once
           were out of here and before she awakens. But if you feel in
           need now let me know."

             After all the talk about time and teleportation Pyan
           remembers something.

             Pyan says, "Didn't we use to have a  eagle with us? I wonder
           what happened to him."

             Z'layha shakes her head.  "Not with us.  When you folks
           showed up in the tribute room no such eagle was around.  So must
           not have gotten here like you guys."

             Z'leyra nods and figures Corona is still back in the
           village wondering what is going on.

             Z''leyra considers the first group.  But before she
           decides Raki speaks up. "Best take me first so I can
           pinpoint him."

             Z'layha nods, "me too.  Only to know the people
           around here.  As a guide and such."

             Z'leyra nods and explains her plan to do.  As she does
           Raki reforms into a large winged creature like the one
           earlier but much larger.  "Best get on my back."

             Z'layha nods, "at least 100 feet up and a bit that
           away from fortress.  We both don't know how deep
           this place truly is so I assume 100."

             Raki moves toward Kell's remains and gently takes
           the hefty skeleton into his talons.  "I'd do at least
           half a mile up unless a mountain then a full mile."

             Z'leyra knows the land rather well but it has been
           years.  The forest has bound to be changed.  First
           Z'layha with awkward moves climbs onto Raki's back
           as he tries to maintain his balance.

             Then Z'leyra grabs her staff and drum.  Ensures all
           her gear is at least at hand and secure from falling.
           She then casts the first of the four spells.

             First while the others are in contact with Z'leyra, she
           casts a invisibliity spell.  The trio disappear.  Then
           she casts a Levitate spell.    She then tries a insubstantial
           spell.  But Raki tries to test this and find his wings hit
           the wall as it failed.  She figures this place or someone
           was resisting.  But she has little time to warn so recasts.
           This time the trio lose form.  Then the Shaman casts
           a teleport spell.

             The flying Raki and Shamans end up a half mile above
           ground staring down.  The sun is low in the western sky
           and so it must be late afternoon.  But the group notice
           the forest below is green.  There are no sign of snow
           or winter foliage.

             Raki in his ghostly voice says he can't sense the
           shifter while without body mass.  Z'leyra notices a
           clearing about half a mile away and it looks like 2
           miles away from fortress.  She glances back at the
           fortress and sees it again from the air.  Flying over
           it with Fishkerking was a long time ago.   But it seems
           even more dirty and full of moss than ever.  With the sun
           behind them in the west and fortress to their rear right
           or south west the river is seen in the south west as well.
           To the north, east and south are large spans of forest.
           But the clearing is nearby .

             Z'leyra controls her levitate spell to the general
           direction.  After 30 seconds the trio become solid once
           again.  But they are still only half the distance to the

             "There to the right of the clearing.  Maybe 3 Kalons
           away." Raki says.

             Sensing confusion through his mental touch Raki
           elaborates.  "That would be ..no not nautical about
           a third a mile south of clearing."

             The Shamans glance at the forest and can't see
           much above the canopy.  If he is there then he'll
           have to be searched.  "Return for the others.  Send
           them to the clearing.  We'll go from there."

             Z'leyra can feel Raki's wings flap as if ready
           to kick her off so casts a teleport spell again.

             Z'leyra finds herself back in the dusty chamber
           below the fortress.  She knows that clearing very
           well.  It is sometimes used as a festival ground.
           It is maybe 500 feet square.  It seemed to be void
           of folks this time of day so a teleport should be good.

              Still levitating Z'leyra's invisible voice
            declares her return.

              Arawn learns from Z'leyra the location and quickly
            gathers the group.  Arawn counts and estimates the
            load and tells Z'leyra she'll have to teleport as he
            can't take any others.

              Arawn translocates the party toward the clearing.  In
            order to avoid teleporting into logs or such he directs
            the party they'll be 1.5 feet off ground to simply
            be prepared to fall on their feet.  As the party
            arrives all do so with ease.  All except Arawn who
            almost lost the Kameran boy's skeleton in his arm but
            he gracefully recovers and places it on the ground.

              Z'leyra then appears levitating on the ground.  But
            now she is visible.

              The party look around and see bushes and trees about
            50 feet away. Suddenly nature gets the better of the
            brain and everyone rushes to a nearby bush to relieve
            themselves.  All except for Z'layha who looks around with
            a now Kell-Form Raki.

              Z'leyra has a bit of trouble with her own relief as
            she hovers off the ground but it is a bit interesting
            to her as well.

              While still hungry the party soon reform back into the

              As half the party return Z'layha notices a form in the
            bushes.  "You there!"  A head pops up of a male.  "Edell?
            Get over here!"

              A boy in his 20s appears from the bushes.  He looks
            at the party in their strange dress wondering who they are.
            The party then notices the cold.  It is indeed back.  While
            there are no sign of winter it is still here.

              "Z'layha?"  Edell looks confused.

              "What are you doing here?"  Z'layha looks worried.

              "Just a hike."  Edell adjusts his pants and belts.

              "Like you did when I found you with that girl in the
             bushes?  The very young girl."  Z'layha raises a eyebrow.

              "She was lost and I was helping her."  The older teen
            boy replies.  The part notices a slight lisp as if he
            could be a bit slow mentally.

              "When I found you...your pants were down?"  Z'leyra
            crosses her arms.

              "My belt! It just came undone. Honest."

              "Sure.  We'll talk later.  Who else is here?"

              "As far as I know no one else.  Evening meals will
            be made soon so all going home."

              "Then run home fast."

              "Yes Ma'am."

              Raki nods.  "Not him I can't pinpoint if it
            was him but just a general area.  In that direction.
            So let him go."

              Edell turns around, "wait!  I heard you died?"


              "Just disappeared when they looked for you.  That
            was a long time ago."

              "Edell how long ago?"

              Edell scratches his head trying to recall.  He raises
            up 9 fingers.  "This many...no .."  He adds one more. "This
            many months if I'm right."

              Z'layha gasps, "ten months?"  She looks at the party
            and wonders how they could've lived this long without
            food and water.  If this transition of time was still
            going on unless it was diminished?

              Edell runs into the forest to the west.

              "Don't worry he is running away from the shifter.
            So he should be safe.  I sense him that way but he
            has stopped.  He is curious I think.  Maybe a thousand
            feet now away?  Shall we go?"

              Leaving the skeletons behind for now the party moves
            into the forest.  Why didn't Edell ask about them?   Maybe
            the lad is just a bit too slow.

              After a few tense minutes the party spots the man
            standing in the middle of the forest.  He is dressed
            in winter clothing but is probably fake like Raki's
            shifting skin-clothing.  The party could've tried
            to ambush the shifter but he just seem sot be waiting.

              The man in his '50s standing 6 foot tall seems to have
            no weapons.  He glances at the party each person.  He
            stares intently at each person.  "I know you are here.
            Which one?"  He speaks in a deep southern style accent
            that is definitely not Kameran like.

              Kell-Raki steps forward and drops his form of Kell to
            show that naked humanoid form that Kiet first saw in the
            prison.  "Here."

              "Where is Zin and the others?"

              "Dead at least Zin is.  The others are still trapped."
            Raki replies.

              "Still trapped?! And that one is still alive?"  The
            man points to Arawn.  "Then what are you doing here?
            Are they your prisoners? Slaves?"

              "No.  They set...they allowed my freedom."

              The man steps forward.  "Now I know you!  The
            traitor!  The Human Lover!  What was your name...
            oh that kid...Raku."

              "Raki.  You will come with us.  Back to the
            prison by the same way we went in.  That or you
            will remove your shield and be visible to the gods."

              "You are insane!  I will kill all of you and take
            that one back to free the others!"

              The party all reach for weapons.

              The Shifter stops.  He smiles.  "Puny human
            weapons do nothing to me.  I've learned so much
            in my exile here.  Now I will kill you all slowly!"

              But instead of shifting into some odd combat
            form a sudden flash of light and smoke is seen.
            It is so fast that it takes a few blinks to get
            adjusted.  Did the man just try a old smoke bomb
            trick?  Really?

              As the smoke clears though the party sees Z'layha
            Raki, Arawn, Z'layha and ...wait?  Two Z'layha's?
            Both are dressed identical and standing side by

              Which is which?

           Actions? Comments?

           Next Update....Tuesday/Wednesday?

           GM: Took a bit of liberty here.  I could've waited
               for info on where to land.  Could've waited for
               plans to take the shifter.  But it'd have been
               another 1-2 weeks.  The shifter was not hiding
               so I just had the party come up against him.
               Unless someone wakes Mae up she'll be left with
               the skeletons in clearing.   But yes 10 months
               have passed since left village.  That would
               mean it is end of the year.  A full summer and
               fall passed by.  So what now?  I know it is
               cliche but there are 2 Z'layha's now.  Sadly Raki
               sense is not GPS so he can only sense the Shifter
               within a area which could cover the party's location.
               I hope this going forward a bit is acceptable but
               it saves 2-3 weeks and since update was late due
               to storms this will have to do.  I can work on
               next update Tuesday or Wednesday depending on what
               posts come to me.

           GM: Arawn - You said you could get Z'ls location from
                her?  How a spell? I'll assume this was done
                to save time. But if spell let me know.  Before
                you ask you sense both Z'layha's identical as
                in mana source and such.

               Z'leyra - assume 3 teleports.  The one spell
                 did fail but who knows why.   Well I know
                 and dwarves do but they have script access.  Since
                 Arawn did suggest Divinstion I didn't do it
                 since it wasn't determined you would.  But
                 it worked out regardless.

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