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   Noting the apparent lack of wounds Arawn came to the conclusion that Mae had likely attempted to feed on the dwarf. It was a reasonable conclusion considering the state the others were in, only his own retarded aging keeping him from suffering to the same extent.

   "Her hunger likely overtook her. All of us seem famished and her appetite is more difficult to control than most," he replied sympathetically, directed at both Dorhak and the unconscious half-demon he knelt beside. "It's one the things she fears - losing control and hurting an innocent."

   "I would apologize for her but that's something for her to do when she awakens," he continued, looking down on Mae with some concern on his face. "I may be able to ease her hunger pangs but I think it will be best to attempt this after we've vacated this fortress."

   Casting an eye towards Dorhak he scanned him for any signs of exhaustion or other clue to indicate spiritual depletion.

   "And I can see to restoring what she has taken, again once were out of here and before she awakens. But if you feel in need now let me know."

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Dorhak doesn't stand down at all, despite (or because of) Arawn's 'command'.

"Be careful of this one!  After we came through the gate she went bat-sh*t crazy and attacked me.  She's a danger to everyone here!"

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   Just curious if anyone is updating Arawn on what happened while he was passed out, at least while we wait for Z'leyra to return after the first teleport.


[Quote Raki: "... As I said in the prison he made a deal with one god... which we don't know or at least I don't...."]

   Arawn couldn't help but think back to Ba-en-kekon's presence at the meeting with the other gods, the Champion of Entropy demanding a means of potential freedom for the Shifters. It was an odd request for a scion of Chaos to ask for any reason other than the possibility of attempting to use them in the future. But as the magic likely needed all the representatives efforts it was a request that was probably acquiesced to.
   Of course that didn't dismiss the possibility of Kototh maintaining his involvement by aiding the Lone Shifter after starting the whole ugly mess.


   The tell-tale signs of magic were absent but that didn't mean that they didn't exist. The party had encountered such more than once in their time and he felt the need to urge caution.

   "I don't sense any wards... any magic at all. But to be safe, I'd suggest a divination before teleporting if you're set on that. It's not foolproof but if a ward or other effect might throw off the teleportation it may give us a sense of things. Or at least some useful guidance from here on out," Arawn suggested after Z'leyra discussed her plans to act as the party's teleportationist.

   "If you make the return journey alone I can pull the scene from your mind afterwards. I can then take the majority with me and you can take the rest for one final teleport. This should help lessen the toll on the forces of mana."

   "Just decide on who you're taking with you for the initial journey."

   [OOC: If Z'leyra takes 4 people with her that drops the inclusions/people from 15 to 10. Arawn can take the gear, boy's skeleton (3 inclusions) and 5 more along with himself - 9 total, including himself. Z'leyra can then take the last person with her.]


   Making his way over to Mae's slumbering form, he motioned for Dorhak to relax as he knelt to examine her.

   "What happened?"

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