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   Arawn came to, his eyes flying open as his mind sought to catch up to the current state of disarray. Mae lay slumped, the alfar fearing her dead until his keen eye spotted the tell-tale signs of breath and life. Beside her stood a seething Dorhak, the dwarf's emotions slamming into him like a ton of bricks - a heavy load with all else just experienced. And just beyond lay the skeletal remains of Kell, Arawn's otherworldly heritage allowing his sharp mind to reach the conclusion of planar temporality faster than might be expected.

   It was then that he noticed his fallen tunic, picking it up to discover the large hole burnt through it.

   Then it hit him. His own memories before he blacked out. Before he came to in this strange chamber. Of Kell's spirit struggling to free him from the unbreakable grip of the Cryx, now left behind in the prison. Whatever secrets it held it was probably for the best that it remained behind, a beacon of hope for any others that might find themselves accidentally trapped there in the future. Then he recalled the purple glow. And running toward the swiftly collapsing portal. Then darkness.

   Had he truly made it through? Or was this some trick, another challenge of the guantlet? Or had he been wounded and now healed?

   All this barely had time to flash through his mind when Raki's voice broke the silence. ["It is good to see you alive again Arawn. But we should leave soon." ]

   Alive again...

   So he had died. So how was he alive now?

   "Someone's going to have to catch me up on what I missed," he replied with remarkable composure, considering. Though a bit weak, he found strength quickly returning to him and he seemed little affected by his passing, likely a courtesy of a quick death. He accepted Fremea and Z'leyra's help as he rose to his feet, a bit wobbly at first, while he listened to the exchange between Raki and Z'layha.

   "Yes, someone's definitely going to have to catch me up on things," he echoed, his brow furrowing as he sought to examine the necklace wrapped around Raki's neck before it slipped from view.

[Raki/Kell and Kiet]

   Arawn watched the exchange, his face tinged with suppressed sadness. Unlike the others, except for Raki and now Kiet, he had seen Kell's spiritual form, in the brief moments before escaping the prison. And he instinctively knew what was happening now, his own psychic sense picking up on the flow of emotions and energy between the three.
   Noble Kell, all the way to the end. Though not as close as Kiet was with the half-elf, Arawn considered him a friend and, though distant, kin. As the half-elf shared words with his close friend, Kiet, the druid spoke a quiet prayer to help usher Kell towards a truly blessed afterlife.

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