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   Arawn was in agreement with those that had already spoken. This Lone Shifter, if left to roam free, could find another way to one day free his people. And despite Arawn's compassion for the race he knew that such could not be allowed to come to pass. At least not until the day came that a spiritual healing had washed over the shape-shifters, returning them to a more peaceful nature in spite of the efforts of the Eldest Serpent who had corrupted them as he had with the Vong.

   "I can translocate us out of here if this place isn't warded," Arawn replied. "But the real question is, 'where is the Lone Shifter?'. I'd need a familiar enough target to translocate us to for maximum safety."

   He turned to Raki.   "Can you sense if the shifter is within the fortress? Or if it lies some distance away? What's the best way for us to track him from here?"

   He then presented a few questions to Z'layha.   "Do you know if the fortress is warded against teleportational magic? And, should we have to navigate this place, I suggest you take point as you won't arouse suspicions. If you encounter anyone a simple conversation should hit Raki's ears while the rest of us remain far enough away to make preparations as needed."

   He then looked around the chamber, collecting the young boy's skeletal remains as he stared at Mae's slumbering form.   "Should we wake her? Or else, who's going to carry her?"

   "And make sure we don't leave anything behind that might arouse suspicion to our presence," he added, his tunic and any other gear having been collected and in hand.

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"Right." Z'leyra decides " Okay, let us get after that shifter and stop it from doing more evil. Anyone have the skill and mana to teleport us after him?"
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