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   Sorry for any silence on my end. I was recovering from the flu but should be back in the swing of things now:)


5:01pm [Inside Arawn's mind]

   Arawn, staring at the twin thrones, listened to a doubting aspect of himself question his parents. In that moment his higher self snapped into being, realizing that doubt had no place here and would only serve to entrap him. It was in the aftermath of this recognition that Raki appeared, bearing Kell's face as he knelt before the alfar.

   It was not the first time that Arawn had traversed spiritual space, though each held their own rules and lessons to be learned. He showed little surprise or concern at Raki's presence and action until the shifter voiced his concern for Arawn's doubt and despair. That elicited light-hearted laughter from the druid.

   "Haha... Why should I doubt or despair? Why should I be concerned with death or dying?," he asked Raki/Kell, a sagacious smile on his face. "Death is nothing more than transition, transition from one state of being, life, to another. It is only a door and nothing to be feared."

   He laughed again, eyeing the figure before him with with a look that challenged an answer in a pleasant manner. As his laugh faded a more serious mien crossed his face.

   "But though my memory is hazy and I would consider the risk of this being a ruse or test. However, it seems a decision must be made sooner rather than later for I sense an urgency and importance in your words. And so I will take it, your offer, and see down what paths it leads the two of us."


   Coming to Arawn's head snapped up and about, a bit of shock at his sudden return driving him so as he then began to take in the scene. He was still trying to assess the situation when Raki moved from Kell to help the alfar to his feet. Despite the sad event his face showed little emotion, the urgency of the moment forcing him into stoic practicality.

   "Catch me up on things," he asked, his eyes moving from Kell to Luc's headless body. "And we should take Luc with us if we can.
   I wish I could do more to help them or make the move easier but my energies are low and I think we may need what little I have if we're to escape."

   As he moved to gather his gear he looked back to the tunnels with a bit of concern in his eyes.

   "The others, the villagers, was there any sign of them?"


   Eyeing the Cryx in Raki's hand Arawn extended his hand and asked, "May I? It will likely not come into its full power in your hands if my visions are true. But I sense you are more familiar with at least some of its applications. What can you tell me of it?"
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