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          Player        DS    Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
   -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
   FH.John Haight.......HY..Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Al.. Ma
   ...Kevin Newark..........Dorhak............Warrior.Normal/Dwarf....Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom....YY..Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   W3.Mark Murtha.......HN..Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human....Ma
   W2.David Sanders.....HN..Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   R4.Wout Broere.......YY..Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R3 Panthera..............Pyandalgor........Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
   R4.Alex Koponen......YY..Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra

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       Game Update #121 sequence (file #862)

       Admin Notes: Added Raki to Roster for ease for now.

         From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
           "Everyone! Gather what you can. We must leave quickly!...
         GM: Ack.

         From Dorhak: [Re: Actions]
           Yeah!  I was wondering how much I might be able to get from
           this adventure.  200 experience points is a lot for a starting

           Go Dorhak!

           That should translate into some good character points too!

           Dorhak agrees!  Let's get out of here.  But he does privately
           hope we can leave the demon behind!
         GM: Ack.  Some GMs do much less there are optional rules
             that give llmited for encounters.  But I figure this
             is a fun game and takes dedication/time.  So I don't
             mind giving you guys what is due.  I just feel sad for
             those who don't post actions often so they miss out.
             I do CPs at end of adventure.  This was mainly for my
             sanity.  But with folks wanting spreadsheets that
             could be done in real time.  But then it would be
             unfair to those who don't use spreadsheets.  So
             I will have to decide on that.

         From Mae: [Re: Actions]
           Maelorna looks at Kiet incredulously and gives an...

           "By the Court, are you serious?  Do I look like I....
         GM: Ack.

         From Fremea: [Re: Actions]
           Fremea still feeling the hit from the one she had made...

           "Mae, there is nothing that I have to worry from you....
         GM: Ack.

         From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
           "Okay Raki, lead us out!" ZX'leyra says once folks have
           grabbed their stuff and Kell's body.
         GM: Ack.

       [New Stuff]

           [Febris 9th, 1635TH]
           [Time: 5:01 pm]
           [Unknown Location]
           [Audience Room - Current room]

             Kiet closes Kell's eyes and considers one of those prayers
           Arawn does.  He glances at Arawn but would never admit that the
           priest is rubbing off on him just a bit.  But Kell deserves such
           words even if its not a formal thing.  Kiet knows that Kell is
           here in spirit, literally, so knows he is only looking at Kell's
           shell.  Who knows maybe Kell could return with resurrection.
           He vaguely recalls how Chion and his shaman trainer Cetric may
           know such things.  There is always hope in this world.  Well
           maybe not this prison world but HIS world.

             Maelorna looks at Kiet incredulously and gives an exasperated
           sigh, "By the Court, are you serious?  Do I look like I want
           him?  I just offered my life in exchange for his if it will
           help him," as she takes a step back, the dagger in her hand
           gives her little comfort, especially when the others raise their

             "As well I gave Arawn my word that I would not harm any of
           you.  Believe me, it's hard enough having to listen to the voice
           trying to goad me into feeding on every one I can see, but now
           you honestly sound like one of the religious zealots I was
           constantly running into or from in the city.  I tried more
           than once to explain, I'm not a demon," as she sighs, "Ok, half
           of me is.  I don't make the rules and I guess take it up with
           the Court and the Princess as to why I was allowed to be borne,
           as it's something to do with her."

             She looks at Kiet evenly, "I do not break my word lightly,
           Thus when Z'leyra asked me what I was, I spoke truthfully and
           the offer was given.  If she survived this, do with me as she
           chose.  Besides, I've already learned that no matter what I
           desire it will be denied to me.  Zin killed Lucria, one of the
           two I was drawn towards and thought I might find companionship
           with and care about," as she wipes angrily at tears, "Then to
           add insult to injury, the revenge I wanted, truly thought I
           would have, I only needed to wait for a few days and that thing,
           Zin would have perished while still being a toy.  Denied as
           well, since you killed him,"

             She throws the dagger at the ground at her feet, "I did
           promise I would repay the kindness you and the others had shown
           me when you freed me of the collar.  So if it will assuage your
           fear of me, I can offer the one thing a succubus that Master
           Gniled had summoned to teach me, she had instructed me to fear
           one thing above all else," as she rolls her eyes, "Ok, apart
           from dying that is, I will give Arawn or Z'leyra my true name
           or to them both," as she sighs, "I will accept enslavement in
           the manner that is more effective than a collar, since I can't
           remove my name or run from it."

             Z'layha looks at Mae and finally forms a solid expression
           of wonder.  Then she places the dagger in her belt.  She
           looks down to her spirit cage necklace.  She nods a few
           times as if hearing things.  "I do not understand why I
           even understand this language you speak.  Maybe this place?
           Maybe when that thing touched my mind.  But what you
           offered a life for his.  Is a noble thing.  We have a thing
           in my world which is kina-ma'un.  It means the circle
           of life and how life replaces death.  It is the highest
           honor one can do.  A demon would not do this.  At least as
           far as I know of demons  There must be something in you that
           is more human than demon.  Frankly we need everyone.  So
           come with us.  They can deal with you later."  She glances
           to her sister.  "I am very confused by all this.  I hope
           if we escape we can talk.  But I fear we do not have much

             Mae turns to Raki recalling his warning.

             Mae sighs upon Raki's warning from Lucria, "Foul them?
           Why ever would I even want to do that," she asks and sighs.

             Raki glances at Mae and smiles.  He has already copied
           that sly smile of Kell, creepy.  "You show up as human
           then that."  He waves a hand.  "You have more common ground
           with me than them.  We foul folks all the time."

             Fremea still feeling the hit from the one she had made her
           thrall, thinks it such a shame to have lost it too. She checks
           herself on her wounds, realizing she is pretty badly hurt. She
           collects her equipment, checking to make sure nothing has broken
           or is missing really quickly. She will find her brooch (1.F) and
           have it handy, just in case, by pinning to her shirt. Otherwise,
           she will get her quiver and her bow out, putting the daggers
           away on her body again.

             Fremea grumbles at the mess Fake-Kiet did on the pile. the
           amount of scattered arrows is annoying to collect.  She
           listens to Mae speak while she collects her gear.

             As they all start to work towards the exit, her mind finally
           plays catch up. Kell is dead, but yet there is this imposter.
           Should he come with us, or die here? Fremea understands
           outcasts, being one herself. She quickly looks over at Mae,
           knowing she must be going through a million thoughts at once.
           Fremea has not care about her appearance and even feels a
           little sad that others will again judge her just because she
           has wings and is dangerous.

             Fremea recalls the times in Marentian and Donaran streets
           where others called her demon as well.

             "Mae, there is nothing that I have to worry from you. I know
           what it is like to keep secrets, even from those you are wanting
           to trust and to have trust you. I do not believe you are evil or
           even a danger to us. Learning to control your dark is what makes
           us all equal in this land." She glances around quickly. "Well,
           our land, not here at least." She smirks a little at her own
           inside joke. "I do not speak for the group, but I do not mind
           you being here with us and very much appreciate that you were."
           Rubbing her neck as she said that part. "Can you turn into this
           flying form at will? That would be awesome to fly with you. It
           is fun to fly with Corona, but he has to do other things and
           does not always get time to fly with me."

             She realizes how quiet she had been this whole time. She felt
           like when she first started with this group again. Needing to
           hold back, needing to find her way, not sure who she could
           trust, yet it was not at all like that at the same time. She
           knows her place in this group, she knows she can trust all of
           these people; expect maybe the sailor, she has no idea about
           him, but he has not said or done anything against her or her
           family. Shrug.

             Fremea just kept quiet because this was all so foreign to her,
           more than even the escape she took to get out of the Fae lands.
           When she say two Kiets, she knew nothing was right and something
           bad was happening. It would have been amazing to learn what she
           could from her thrall, but alas, it is no more. And good

             "Take the one that helped us." She knows if he does try to
           betray us, she will make sure he is dead.

             Raki tries a partial bow and tries to correct it from
           Kell's memory to a full bow.  "i am ...you can call me

             Fuk looks to Mae still a bit wary but after hearing
           Z'layha and Fremea he shrugs .  He moves toward Raki.
           "Question.  If you sent the ...spirit of Kell to do
           recon.  You guys can see him.  Why wouldn't your friend
           as well?"

             Raki looks taken aback.  "I...hadn't thought of...
           that...that could be a problem."

             As Kiet and Z'leyra stand from their charges of Arawn and
           Kell, Unali collects her gear.  It is nice again to have her
           second magical dagger.  It just fits so well in her hand.  She
           grabs her bags after she picks up a few items discarded by the
           annoying fake Kiet.

             Unali digs in one of her bags.  The first talisman was a good
           try to save Kell.  But if Raki is correct there was little hope
           as the flesh of Fake-Kiet was eating him away.  But Unali grabs
           a second talisman with a silver chain and a ruby in the center.

             Talisman in hand she moves toward Fremea who is obviously
           the worst off in the group.  "Do you need to be healed now,
           before we go?"

             Fremea nods and gives permission.

             Unali raises the talisman to the Fae's chest.  She
           activates the magical healing item.  The green magical
           energy begins to heal three of Fremea's largest wounds.
           In seconds 8 of her 10 points are healed.  Making her
           from heavy to light damage.  Fremea stretches and feels
           much better.

             Unali places the talisman in the bag and heads to the
           threshold to stand watch while the others get gear.

             "Everyone! Gather what you can. We must leave quickly! Now!"
           Z'leyra commands. And she gathers what she can of her stuff.

             Inside Z'leyra is a broiling range of emotions. Disbelief,
           nervousness, regret, sadness, anger, even a bit of rage. Out
           of these comes a thought...though the gods may have destroyed
           many moons of my best efforts in putting the satchel and its
           contents to burn in lava - I shall replace them with even
           better, more powerful items! And someday she will master the
           arts involved in resurrecting folk.

             Upon hearing Z'leyra's instruction, Mae goes to the pile and
           looks for the ceremonial dagger that was hers.  As for her
           gear, it was still back at the lodge.  The scraps of cloth
           that had been her gown do little more than tease rather than
           hide her modesty and she seems little troubled by it.

             "Okay Raki, lead us out!" Z'leyra says once folks have
           grabbed their stuff and Kell's body.

             Raki goes over to grab Kell's body with ease and carry
           him to the threshold.  He stops.  "My people are in the
           thousands.  If they find us we are all doomed.  Even
           your great powers will not fight them all off.  We
           must be careful.  But if you do fine...them only great
           concentrated damage will matter.  We can regenerate

             With that Raki leads the group out into the passage.

             Kiet places his second ring on and secures it as he
           sees his friend being carried out by his duplicate.  It
           just makes Kiet a bit nervous.

           Actions? Comments?

           Next Update.. Wednesday...?

           GM: A short update.  But I started this late.  I had
               hoped to move folks down the passage.  But will
               do that next update.  I will do it Wednesday afternoon
               assuming I have enough posts.  Will do a bit at the
               very least.  Part of it was done in Kiet's BTS file
               I posted.  If you read the entry on the loot cave
               then you can plan accordingly and get a step ahead.

           GM: I had hoped to hear more on the things I covered
               in my mini post.  But Oh well.  So this is how it
               seems to be so far.

               Healing: Unali seems to have the only item to
                 heal that I found.  I was hoping folks would
                 look at sheets or remind me if I missed any. :<
                 But Fremea is mostly healed with Fuk being the
                 worst off now.

               Order: The passages will be 1-2 people wide
                 hallways.  I didn't do this in the mini post
                 but if Z'leyra needs to set a order who goes
                 where let me know.  Who is in middle and
                 rear and all that.  I assume Fuk would be in
                 middle for his wounds. etc.  If Z'leyra does
                 not want to assign such order then you guys
                 can let me know.

               Raki: To take/trust/kill Raki.
                 Based on the posts of far it seems...

                 Fremea, Z'leyra (by her command) accepts Raki
                 in group.  For now?  Kill later?  Unsure.

               Mae: Accept Mae/Trust/Kill later?
                 Based on old posts and new ones I figure...

                 Take Mae:
                   Arawn (he is who he is :)).
                   Fremea, Z'layha (for now), Fuk (neutral for now)
                 Leave Mae (unsure if that includes kill?)
                   Dorhak, Kiet
                   Unali, Mournath, Pyan, Z'leyra

                 Take: 4  Leave/Kill?: 2  Undecided: 4
                 Based on that 6 would be a majority.  But then
                 again a player who just decides to kill Mae
                 I have no control over. But I'm doing this very
                 democratic like. :)

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