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   HT     Player        DS    Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
   -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
   R1.John Haight.......HY..Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar .. Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom....YY..Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   W3.Mark Murtha.......HN..Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human....Ma
W2R2.David Sanders.....HN..Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   R4.Wout Broere.......YY..Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R3 Panthera..............Pyandalgor........Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
W3R4.Alex Koponen......YY..Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra

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       [New Stuff]

             [Fremea's IBT]

             [Decalis 25th, 1634TH]
             [Sivas, Marentia]

               Once back in Sivas from a month away, Fremea heads to her
             warehouse converted home.  She is a bit surprised to see the
             work her mom and dad have done.  Anorlic has done a great
             job on repairs and fix ups.  Holes patched, broken doors and
             windows fixed, wood work worked over again as well as paints
             and roof work.  She wonders how her father got the money but
             recalls the gift Marta gave her.

               For her mother, Saya, she has almost rebuilt the kitchen.
             New fixtures and cabinets.   Fremea is amazed at how much
             work both have done to this place.  But quietly she wonders
             if this could be bad or good.  Her parents will need to
             eventually settle down and relax.  This so called home
             she obtained long ago may not be suitable for long term
             periods.  But she is happy to see how the kids have been
             dealt with.

               Fremea knows her place is a wayward house for kids who
             are from the street.  Either abandoned by the family or
             authorities.  But she is not in the business to house
             kids for life.  She feels this place is a short term
             way station at best before the kids can get a full grip
             on things and live on their own.

               The kids range from 7-19 and she also knows that the
             very young kids under 12 will be needing help long
             term.  She can't just accept any kid as she would be
             filled to full capacity and ruined.  She does a head
             count and finds that at least 3 of the older kids have
             left to jobs and homes.  But she also sees that 5 others
             have arrived.  Three kids from a family killed in
             a fire and with no parents need help.  Sava let them
             in knowing how the city would separate the kids for
             orphanages. She finds that cruel and after such a
             dire event.   Her final count is 22 kids which is a
             bit more than she had planned for.

               One of her original kids she helped from an abusive
             father is Leric who is 15.  For such a young kid he
             acts twice his age.  He has become the leader of the
             kids with Garini, who was sold into the sex trade at
             10 by a uncle.  But now she is 19 and wishes to help
             the younger kids.

               Fremea is amazed to see a entire school area setup
             in the basement.  Anorlic moved all the junk out and
             setup tables.  Fremea sighs she has no issue with teaching
             education but this is not the best place for such things.
             But she will give it a try for now.

               She is told to feed and clothe most of the kids which is
             not that bad at 1 silver per day.  Leric who has been on
             the streets for many years brings in cash with his
             skills of stealing.  Fremea realizes that stealing
             would not be condoned by the party, especially Arawn,
             but she knows these skills are for survival.

               Fremea knows kids will have to survive on the street
             if this place closed down.  So she looks the other way
             when they bring in things.  She tolerates it if stealing
             from merchants who might afford it but not from the
             beggar or poor peasant.  So she does set a slight
             standard for the naughty skills.

               That evening she spends the evening with her parents
             going over the last month's events.  She take the
             both to a fancy place.  The owner is unsure on these
             strange winged folks but she knows that Kaylle eats
             here often so should be respected.    The owner only
             asks subtle use of things not wings furled out to
             show all other patrons.

               Saya is concerned about the goblin fight and other
             rough things that happened.  But Anorlic seems proud
             though subdued.

             [Decalis 26th, 1634TH]
             [Sivas, Marentia]

               At Cholan's tavern, Fremea attends the meeting.  Now
             that Arawn arrived today things need to be planned.  But
             she is amazed at how humans can argue and nit pick the
             smallest things.  Fremea may be weak in power but they
             at least make fast decisive conclusions.

               Fremea sits back and just listens to the arguments.
             Being a flyer she cares little about loads or food
             or even crossing rivers.  But she does have to consider
             the others and pretend to be interested.

               Finally the meeting ends and Fremea meets with Leric
             and a boy around 12.  Leric is teaching the boy some of
             his skills.  The other boy washed ashore after a river
             boat accident and speaks little.  But the boy seems to
             be curious and a fast learner.  Fremea decides to join the
             boys and learn from Leric as well.

               For the next three days the trio try to open locks with
             the small lockpick sets they have.  Most targets are closed
             structures like sheds or warehouses.  Some are shops during
             the late evening.  They all try to improve their speed but
             the younger boy's fingers are not agile enough and tends
             to give up too fast.

               The trio try many places and many locks from doors to
             chests to locks on messenger bags.  All three in 3 days
             try 79 locks.  On the first try to open each Fremea has
             a good rate.  First day 13 of 25, 19 of 29 on 2nd day
             and 13 of 25 3rd day.  So she opens 45 of the 79 locks
             on the first try.

               Of course no self respecting Fae would leave the contents
             of said items like sheds or shops without some friendly
             "inspections".  A few items are taken here and there if
             she feels they would not be missed.

             [Decalis 27th, 1634TH]
             [Time: 7:01 pm]

               On the second day Fremea and the other 2 boys are casing
             a nice Inn in a rich district.  Leric finds out that the
             Inn is full of rich merchants who are linked to organized
             crime that hikes prices to get profits from the poor for
             the food markets.  Thus causing great pains to the
             poor folks who can't afford simple food stuffs.

               Fremea watches as a large group head to the local
             brothel down the street a group of 12.  She figures
             that the inn should be empty.  She picks a window lock
             and enters a room.  Then she helps the other 2 enter
             the second story structure.

               As they make their ways to a large room Leric picks the
             lock after listening in but hears nothing.  But he and
             Fremea are surprised to see 9 guards sitting around a table
             talking and playing games.  Leric is so startled that he drops
             his bag of loot form other rooms and the guards notice
             this and begin to yell and grab weapons.

               It seems the gangsters left their bodyguards.  Fremea
             not wanting to harm the boys tells them to leave now.   The
             two boys scramble down the hall as Fremea draws her bow and
             cocks an arrow.  The guards with melee weapons look surprised
             but realize they could be hurt.  Fremea listens as the boys
             make their way back into the room they came and back down to
             the street using crates from outside.

               Two of the guards finally get brave and stand up and charge.
             Fremea fires her bow and hits one in the shoulder knocking
             him to the ground.  The other stops wary.  Fremea knows she
             can't hold the group for long.

               Fremea backs away into the hall but one of the nearby ones
             charge with dagger at her.  Shouldering her bow quickly she
             grabs her dagger as the man lunges.  He swipes at her side
             but misses.  Fremea kicks out and causes the man to shift
             but Fremea grabs his arm and pulls him to the wall and slams
             him against the wall knocking him out.

               Fremea closes the door and flees down the stairs.  She does
             not want to use the window as it would endanger the kids.
             She flies down the stairs into the main dining area.  Several
             there are startled by the winged flyer but Fremea knocks off
             a hanging lantern causing a flicker of oil burst into flames
             distracting the eyes.  She flies toward the door and exits it
             quickly into the street.

               Fremea takes to the sky and around the back to find the
             kids running away.  While the kids run quickly back to her
             place she takes to the air to ensure no one is giving chase.
             But it seems the guards are not that smart.  Safely back in
             the warehouse-home she ensures the kids are well and explains
             that happens when using street skills.  Danger can come at
             any time.

             [Decalis 29th, 1634TH]

               Fremea creates a disguise to look like a old human female.
             Old females tend to be as short as her.  She wears a long
             shawl and coat to cover her wings.  She then head to the
             street to practice some of her pick pocket skills.  She
             wonders where Balrog is maybe he could teach him the master
             level techniques.

               For most of the afternoon she chooses easy, moderate and
             difficult targets.  Easy ones include distracted shoppers
             who are dealing with sales people or screaming kids.  Moderate
             would be the messenger or city worker type who are more
             skilled but can be distracted.  The difficult folks are
             merchants who keep their coin to themselves tightly.

               She tests her skills with 16 easy, 11 moderates and only
             10 difficult ones.  Of the 16 easy targets it is a 100%
             effort. She gains about 75 BB.  Of the 11 moderate ones
             1 fails.  Six fail badly with 1 being caught.  The other 5
             fail but she distracts the target.  The one that fails badly
             is a street sweeper that grabs Fremea.  She tries to flee
             but his grip is too strong.  She stomps his feet and he
             releases but he lunges again.  Finally some men yell at the
             man to treat the old lady right.  As the worker and men argue
             Fremea uses the distraction to flee.  Of the 4 that do work
             she gains 8 CC and 12 silver.

               Of the ten difficult targets 9 fail.  Two simply fail with
             no problem.  Six fail badly but she distracts or fakes her
             way out.  One failure a merchant gives chase after he realizes
             he has been taken.  Unlike most normal old females though
             Fremea flees fast down alleys. At the last instant she removes
             her disguise and flies to a roof of one shop to avoid capture.
             Of the one that worked well she gains 3 silver and 4 gold.

               That night she casts a Knowledge spell to learn some info about

             [Decalis 30th, 1634TH]

               Fremea decides to visit the manor and Z'leyra.  But in fact
             she is priming things for a prank.  She does her usual hellos
             and chit chat.  But then Kiet goes to practice his jeweler
             skill at a table.  With deft hands she switches one jewel on
             the table with one of her own.

               Fremea quickly leaves the manor or so she pretends.  As
             Kiet slices the jewel to trim a flaw away out spouts a foul
             smelling liquid.  Kiet jumps back and finds his tunic is
             ruined.  Kiet frowns at the foul odor and realizes it smells
             just like a skunk.  At least he is outside in the back yard
             in the daylight and not inside or Z'leyra would kill him.
             From the roof Fremea giggles at the prank.  The fake jewel
             worked nicely!  But Kiet grumbles and heads to a bathhouse
             to get rid of the foul smell all along the way wondering
             how this could even happen - clueless as to the prank.

               Fremea then redons her child disguise and practices her
             pickpocket skills.  Based on yesterday she tries to be
             more careful. For that afternoon she selects 18 easy, 5
             moderates and 5 difficults.   She casts Luck a few times
             to help her gain some edge.

               All the easy targets are again 100% gaining 48 BB and 25
             CC.  Both moderate (5) and difficult (5) get 4 that work.
             Each has 1 failure and she is able to distract the targets
             from reacting.  She gains 9 CC and 5 SC.  From the hard
             targets she gains 8 SC and 2 gold.

             [Decalis 31st, 1634TH]

               At dawn, Fremea takes to the sky with a small bag.
             Without disguise she casts teleport and quickly ports 32
             miles away to the south.  Now over rural hills she
             flies for some time to see if any humans are around.  But
             she finds nothing for several miles.

               She lands on top of a hill and stares at the bag at her
             feet as she sits down.  Arawn would not appreciate what
             she is about to do or not even knowing about this.  But
             some things are best kept a secret until she can find her
             way and her own destiny.  If she is bound to be this great
             Fae savior for her people she needs to learn more things.
             The Monarchs would kill to have what is in the bag so maybe
             she will keep it secret and hidden in her home deep in
             the bowels of the structure.  She opens the bag and pulls
             out the An's'alum device.  Since Donara a few months ago
             she has not had time to study - or courage to do so.  Now
             she examines the powerful sidh relic.  She may not know
             how the gods work but if she casts knowledge on this spell
             the Sidh gods could know she has it.  So she has to study
             this alone.  She wonders if Jordi or the Forestal could
             help her.  She would have to find them without tipping the

               She brushes her finger tips against the device and the
             connection of the 3 pieces.  The runes are so ancient
             she doubt she can find books on it.  But maybe she can
             quietly research it at the library.  Arawn is always saying
             that magic is a extension of oneself.  If you concentrate
             too hard it fails.  It must be smooth and free flowing.
             She stands and scans the area.  She is unsure on the
             range of this device and finds 2 ravens on a nearby tree.
             Ravens do fight but they seem content.  Holding the relic
             high and toward the ravens she begins to concentrate and
             slowly over minutes her body seems to vibrate.  Suddenly,
             the birds begin to fight and claw at each other.  Soon
             they are in a aerial dive to the ground.  Then one draws
             blood and a eye is clawed out.  The other victorious continues
             to shred the other bird.  Fremea stops a bit tired and
             realizes that was too easy.  She rests and a couple hours
             later she finds a moose and a large deer.  She tries to get
             the deer to attack the moose but nothing happens.  Fremea
             gives up and relaxes a bit more.

               She can't find humans to test that part so decides to
             test the storm power to create a storm.  She concentrates
             and hopes to create a simple rain storm.  In a short time
             that seems like 10-15 minutes she hears thunder but only
             a light drizzle forms.  She rests and tries again but it
             does nothing that time.

               She has to consider things a bit more and try again later.
             She recasts teleport to return to Sivas.

             [Janaq 1st, 1635TH]

               Today Fremea tries to place makeup to look like a old
             farmer.  She wears overalls but a coat to hide her wings.
             She uses makeup to look like a man with rough worn out
             looks.  She then heads to the streets to practice one
             last day of her thief skills.   This is her toughest disguise
             yet to date.  With a walking cane she walks down the street
             hobbing along as if with a bad back.

               That day she picks 18 easy, 8 moderates and only 3 difficults.
             The easy ones are again 100% gaining 34 BB and 26 CC. Three
             of the moderates work while 5 fail but she recovers from
             those easily.  Sadly all of the difficults fail with 2 easy
             to recover.  But one she fails critically even with her luck
             spell active.  She only gains 10 silver form the tougher targets.
             The one that fails critically the merchant grabs her and
             pulls a dagger to her face so fast it surprises her.  He
             demands to know why he, Fremea as man, is stealing from him.
             The anger in the merchant's face is clear she will be killed
             if he gets a bad answer.  Maybe she can talk her way out
             but the man looks like that won't happen.  Fremea begins to
             speak quickly in Sidh and casts a spell.  The man is paralyzed
             and Fremea kicks the man away and flees.

               Fremea decides enough is enough and heads back to her warehouse
             home.  All in all she gains around 11 gold in the 3 days of
             her practicing.

             [Janaq 2nd - 5th, 1635TH]

               For the next 4 days, Fremea spends time with Kaylle and
             another herbalist she has met in the past.  She tries to
             learn from both and improves her herbalist skill.  While they
             are busy she explores the city for possible finds not to
             find items but to practice.

             [Janaq 2nd, 1635TH]

               During her off time learning more herbalist skills she
             decides on a prank for Arawn.  It has taken days to figure
             out.  The man is very smart and unlike the others could find
             the true trick before it began.  She considered invisible ink
             ok important papers.  A fake old ancient book or even info
             on that infamous scroll she gave to Kaylle and is curious about.
             But no the Alfar is too smart.  But maybe his perceptions are
             not as smart.  She finds a magic shop in town.  Not the type
             magic users use but kids who try card games at parties no real
             "magic" at all.  Just tricks.  She hopes to find that Katai
             finger trick she found in Katai but the shop doesn't have it.
             Instead she finds a trick box and the clerk shows her how to
             use it.  She buys the box for a few copper and heads to
             the library to show Arawn.

               While Arawn takes a break from teaching Kiet and Kell
             things, Fremea shows him the box.  Asks him how to open it.
             After 20 minutes the Alfar frustrated almost takes the
             box apart  Fremea tries it and in two minutes gets the
             box open at the shock of Arawn.  She close the box and
             places it on the table.  Intrigued Arawn picks it up ad
             tries several times and gives up.  Smiling Fremea opens
             it again and Arawn finally shows a glint of anger but it

               Fremea then shows the trick using a finger under the
             box, not seen by eyes, she triggers a release and then
             with her voice and distraction opens the box.  A simple
             method of twists and turns of the interlocking segments
             of the box.  Arawn sits back and nods but his expression
             is cool and relieved.  Fremea knows that not all pranks
             are meant to be mean but a prank on one's ability to
             reason and use logic is a good one indeed!

             [Janaq 3rd, 1635TH]

               Fremea continues her herbalism training and her
             pranks.  This time on non party members.  An occasional
             kid, merchant or walker on the street.  For the first
             time in months she enjoys the time in town passing
             the time with simple hilarious pranks.  After all it
             is only natural for a Fae to do so.

             [Time: 1:07 pm]

               Fremea is walking in a rich section of town passing from
             one market to another when she spots 5 foreigners.  They
             are clearly outsiders as they are dressed in Katai clothing
             and have the features like Unali with the skin and eyes.
             The 3 men and 2 Katai people are trying to give a ornate
             vase to a man.  The man seems confused.  Since Fremea does
             understand Katai a bit she helps translate.  It seems the
             vase is a gift.  The man shrugs and finally after some
             arguing accepts the vase.  But Fremea doesn't explain that
             the Katai group thinks the vase to be cursed.  Who knows
             maybe it is cursed but the man will have to find out.

             [Janaq 5th, 1635TH]

               Fremea is on her last day of learning the herbalist
             skills more in depthly.  But late in the afternoon she plans
             his prank on Kell.

               She hires a well dressed man to approach Kell in the
             library to inform him of what the man knows on the ebony
             material.  Kell and the man meet for some time and Kell
             makes many parchment notes.  Then an hour later the man
             suddenly talks about ebony being a good meal if mixed
             with bird seed.  As the man goes on his insanity seems
             to increase and Kell realizes the man is missing a few
             marbles.  Fremea listens nearby and giggles.

             [Janaq 6th, 1635TH]

               Fremea flies a dozen miles east of the city into the
             eastern hills.  She removes the sidh relic and studies
             the runes a bit more.  Based on conversations from Kaylle
             the Knowledge spell would indeed communicate directly, more
             or less, with the gods.  But a detection spell might just
             give Fremea info on the item without a connection to the

               Fremea weighs the options if she does get the attention
             of the gods in a city like Sivas it would be a easy way
             to find her.  But on the plains it would be harder.  Maybe
             she should wait to cast Detection then?  If she takes the
             relic with her.

               Fremea takes to the skies and heads north.  Eventually
             she reaches the shore line and traces the shore.  Soon
             she spots a large group of dock workers unloading and
             loading fishing boats.  But she decides to move on and
             soon finds what looks like a street gang.   She can spot
             the group of 2 dealing drugs.  The thugs outside a brothel
             and what looks like a club house of the thugs.  From afar
             on a nearby building she estimates 30 or so gang members
             in the club house.  She wonders if this is the same
             gang that attacked Kiet?  But she notices that the brothel
             has kids and she hates thugs who abuse kids.  So she
             decides to test the relic on the club house.

               She begins to concentrate and it takes 8-10 minutes
             before she begins to waver and shake slightly.  Soon a
             noise greater than the normal din is heard from the club
             house and a fight begins to break out.  She watches
             as gang thugs break chairs over heads, smash bottles,
             throw each other out windows and in the end several
             draw knives and stab each other.  Her concentration
             wavers and she sees the fight suddenly end.  She
             realizes that even a moment lapse of concentration ends
             the unusual effects.

               Fremea relaxes a few minutes and then tries once more
             to create a storm.  This time clouds quickly form and
             a rain begins to drop.  In a short time thunder and
             some lightning is seen.  She tries to pull down one strike
             to hit the club house.  As she concentrates strikes land
             nearby but not at the clubhouse.  A tree is destroyed.  A
             roof of a outhouse is hit.  But she cant' seem to control it.
             She tries to concentrate when suddenly a voice behind her
             startles her.  A young man in gang orange colors yells at
             Fremea from the roof door.  He begins to run with a dagger

               Fremea takes to the air but suddenly finds herself weak
             and actually goes only a half foot off the air.  She begins
             to run and flap but her strength is drained.  At the last
             instant before the man reaches her she dives off the side
             of the roof if anything she can tumble and roll.  But this
             seems to power her body and she takes to the air at the
             last second before falling.  She makes altitude slowly
             and finally flies back to town.

               Fremea realizes that the intense concentration takes practice
             and energy.  Maybe over time she can do it fast and efficient
             with no energy loss.  But until she can understand the relic
             she has to take it slowly.

             [Janaq 7th, 1635TH]

               Fremea decides to spend one more or most of it on her herbalist
             skill again.  Mid afternoon she prepares for her final prank
             for Z'leyra.  She gathers the materials and waits for night.

             [9:05 pm]

               Fremea with stealth lands on the manor.  She knows that
             Z'leyra may have magic but with her home would not likely
             have it active.  She waits ten minutes and speaks quietly
             to Corona who just seems to watch with amusement.  No alarms
             so she plants the item.  She then lights it up and flies
             away to watch.

               Suddenly the burning man on the roof attracts the guards
             below who scramble excited.  It takes them minutes to get
             a ladder and they climb the roof to find the burning man
             actually a scarecrow.  The guards try to douse the flames
             and Z'leyra finally gets to the roof and looks around.  She
             is unsure who did this and how they got on the roof.  Z'leyra
             will have to have a stern word with the guards or replace
             the guards to let this happen.

               Frmea returns home.  From her pick pocket attempts sh egives
             the coins to her parents to use for the kids.  She forgets to
             strengthen up the defenses of the home but maybe when she comes
             back she can do so.  For now she goes to her hiding place.  No
             one knows of it.  She found it during the "talk" with the previous
             owner.  It was a smuggling compartment behind a small utility
             closet.  It is large enough to even hide herself.  The previous
             owner of this warehouse made it so one had to twist a hook on
             the wall and step on a section of floor board.  This breaks
             the threshold and one can then pry the hidden door open.

               Raban is the master of finding secret places she thinks this
             place would make him happy, though he'd never fit in the
             closet much less the compartment.  After ensuring no one
             was watching she enters the closet and locks the door.  She
             pulls the relic out and sits on the dark floor.  She has
             decided to risk it and cast a detection spell.

               She casts the spell placing a hand on the relic.  She just
             hopes the sidh gods do not sense it.  She casts the spell
             and concentrates.  Suddenly her birth mark that special
             sigil on her shoulder that some say drives her fate, begins
             to glow.  The glow is so bright it fills the entire closet.
             Then a shine so bright that she has to shield her eyes.

               Suddenly she senses Varange again as if the connection
             between them is still there through her mark and the relic.
             But a strangge thing happens.  His presnece is burning hot
             then suddenly chills.  In the back of her mind she can
             sense that Varange is kicked away by some force.  Could
             the connection be lost?  Then his presence fades just as
             quickly as it showed up.

               The glow fades in the closet and she begins to breath
             again after several minutes.  She raises her hand from
             the relic but she notices and feels a static charge between
             her hand and the relic.  Something has changed drastically.
             She tries to pull her hand away and there is slight friction.
             After some effort the charge fades adn she pulls away.

               Fremea gasps and suddenly realizes what she knew basically
             before.  But now she detects a fourth power.  A power that
             was not in the painting or Arawn's stories.  Could the
             Sidh even be unaware?  A power that is a great defense to
             herself.  She leans back and catches her breath.  After what
             seems like hours she places the relic in the secret hole
             and leaves to rest.

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           GM:  Now to finish Fremea's gear and sheet.  Once I get
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           GM: Experience:

                  Skill        CEP    MEP    Expertise       Notes
                Locksmith       -      -         6        +1 EL
                Martial Arts    5      -         2
                Deftness        -      -        30        +10 EL
                Knowledge       -     25        10
                Luck            -    160        64        +1 EL
                Teleport        -     84        12
                Paralysis       -      6         6
                Disguise Artist -      -        13        +2 EL
                Herbalist       -      -        10        +1 EL

           GM: IBT Details: [Dec 25 - Jan 7 (Leave Jan 8)]

                   Player      IBT Sent in    Processed
                 Arawn             Yes [#4]      Started...
                 Fremea            Yes           90% done
                 Kell              Yes           Completed
                 Kiet              Yes           Completed
                 Unali             No            -
                 Pyan              Yes           Completed
                 Z'leyra           Yes           Completed
                 Chief             Yes           Completed
                 lucria            Yes           Completed

           GM: Distances: (to remind myself later)

               Sivas to Village by Land:

                  Path                     Hexes  Distance
                Sivas to Maren [Road]       12      240 miles
                Maren to Cholchara [Road]    9      180 miles
                Road to Marentia Fort        3.5     70 miles
                  Option-to Ba'ru City       3       60 miles
                Fort to Village [Plain]     21      420 miles
                  Option: Ba'ru to Village  23      460 miles

                Total: 910-950Miles depending on Ba'ru visit

               Sivas to Village by water

                River to Village            31      620 miles
                River to Village             5      100 miles

                Total: 720 Miles

               Village to Kameran border (roughly)

                Zen'da Plains to Border     43      860 miles

               These are rough estimates and I may be off a few
               hexes. These are various options.

               So let's say ship wagon/horses by barge up river.
               So let's assume a simple barge doing 10-20 miles
               per day.  Might even do more with good winds.  Let's
               assume 15 on average.  That's 40 days.  Ok.  So shipping
               ahead of time may not be a good option. :)

               How about going to Ba'ru and getting supplies there?
               Wagons? Horses?  That is the closest large city to
               the village.  If prepare is done at start of IBT and
               say a person ships those items (wagon/horses from Ba'ru)
               to village then would need only cross 460 miles.
               At 25 per day would be 19 days.  Almost in the IBT
               time period.

               As GM I'm only trying to cover options.  You guys have
               to do some serious logistics to decide.  Mainly the
               horses and/or wagon/food.  To fit within the 2 weeks.
               Above there are some option as well.  Chion if in town
               could be swayed to help as he could probably teleport
               2-3 wagons in one jump.

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