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   HT     Player        DS    Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
   -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
   R1.John Haight.......HY..Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar .. Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom....YY..Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   W3.Mark Murtha.......HN..Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human....Ma
W2R2.David Sanders.....HN..Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   R4.Wout Broere.......YY..Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R3 Panthera..............Pyandalgor........Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
W3R4.Alex Koponen......YY..Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra

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       Game Update #64 sequence (file #462)

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       [New Stuff]

           [Pyan's IBT]

           [Sivas City, Marentia]

           [Decalis 25th, 1634TH]

             The hunter returns with the group to Sivas.  Since he
           left he is better at the language but still a very quiet
           person who does not speak out much.  The others try to
           get him to act up  and get vocal but give up  after many

             Pyan checks his money and finds not much there but
           since he is too quiet to ask Z'leyra so stay at her
           manor he has to select a Inn.  He finds a cheap inn
           and at least that will feed him as well.

             Pyan rests in the Inn and recovers.  He does ask
           to barn his horse at Z'leyra's place.

           [Decalis 26th, 1634TH]
           [Cholan's Tavern]

             Pyan attends the meeting today with the rest of the party
           for plans.  Now that Arawn is back the overall plan is
           made.  Some are still unhappy on the overall lack of details
           but there is a general plan.  Pyan hears about the Kameran
           and feels home sick.  His own place is not that far from
           there.  Maybe, just maybe he might go there and return
           to his home and avoid this strange land.

             Pyan asks Arawn if he can give suggestions on books to
           read or learn from.  Arawn suggests Kaylle the scholar
           who has the library full of books.

             So Pyan plans to spend most of his time reading at the
           library or taking some to a park to read outside.  He
           can at the very least improve his reading skills.

             That afternoon and the next day Pyan shops for winter
           clothing that will help in the trip to come.  Being a
           hunter he is used to hard winters.  So he has a slight
           advantage on what clothing is best for him for riding
           and camping compared to some of the others.

           [Decalis 27th, 1634TH]
           [Sivas Markets]

             Pyan already has some winter clothing but gets a few other
           minor items including a winter cloak, tunic and warm pants.
           His boots are in good shape so does not need to repair them.
           Lastly he shops for a winter coat that will keep him mostly
           warm riding on the plains.

             After shopping he finds he'll end up with 1 gold and some
           change for the rest of his time here.  He had hoped Z'leyra
           would've maybe shared some of that gold bar money.  But he
           is not as rich as the others.  But he is not one to bug for
           help and support.  But in the end if he had to he could live
           in the wilderness and survive on his own with no money.

           [Decalis 28th - 30th, 1634TH]

             Pyan continues to spend time at the library.  Arawn plans to
           help teach Kiet and Kell a few things there as well but only
           on certain days.  So he at least sits in with the others to
           learn from them.

           [Time: 6:31 pm

             The library has closed and so Pyan is heading back to his
           Inn for the food they provide for him for dinner.

             As Pyan enters a small street the dim light of twilight is
           all around.  By now most are off the streets once the
           sun sets and markets close.  As he moves on foot down
           the street he notices 4 approaching.  A man in dark blue
           thick robes is carrying a walking stick with runes on it.
           In triangle formation behind him are 3 other males of average
           size.  The non robed men are wearing leathers and carrying
           swords and daggers.

             The robed man is almost shouting as he moves fast westward.
           "..I told you never to pick up any items.  Now we lost
           Zorn and Kadu.  When we enter a lair items may be cursed
           or protected.  I did not hire you men to be scholars but
           use common sense!"

             One man speaks up, "Zorn attacked us and we had to defend
           you and us."

             "No excuses..now I have to inform the parents..."  The
           robed man continues to argue and berate the men as they
           move west past Pyan.

             Based on what Pyan has seen of the others the robed man
           must be a wizard of some sort.  Pyan shrugs and continue
           on his way to the Inn.

           [Decalis 31st, 1634TH]

           [Time: 6:52 pm]

             Again Pyan is heading after a day at the library reading.
           It is well dark and he notices a group of 15-17 people
           shouting and arguing with vendors at a closed market.  They
           are shouting that the food they bought was bad and they
           need food to go back to where they came from.  The dealer
           simply argues that the food was paid for as is.

             Pyan feels bad for the large mob of folks, probably pilgrims
           based on some of the clothing.  If it was day time he could
           offer to hunt for some food for them.  But it is too late
           to do so.

           [Janaq 3rd, 1635TH]
           [Time: 11:52 am]

             Today Pyan decides to read at a nice park nearby his Inn.
           It is time for lunch and Pyan digs in his bag for some left
           over ham and biscuits.  But as he does a rider dressed
           in Marentian uniform of a city guard approaches.  The
           guard dismounts and begins to ask Pyan questions on who
           he was and why he was here.

             Pyan may not be fluent but he speaks enough Marentian
           now to reply correctly if not with an accent.  The guard
           says Pyan looks like a wanted man who killed a prized
           deer privately owned by a merchant.

             After some intense 20 minutes the guard finally leaves
           Pyan.  The guard is satisfied with his answers and finds
           he is not the suspect.

           [Janaq 4th, 1635TH]
           [Time: 2:19 pm]

             Pyan exits the library on a break from Arawn.  The man
           can be helpful but at times distracting.  Pyan wanders
           over to the park and notices there is a large group already
           there.  All dressed nicely and he realizes it is a wedding
           ceremony.  There must be 50-70 people standing about all
           in decent clothing though its cold out not many have
           warm clothing on - must e too worried to mess up their
           nice clothing.

             He covertly watches and realizes weddings here are so
           different.  These large long boring rituals.  In his
           land there is a simple quick speech and its done.  The
           best dress might be a nice set of boots or a rare set
           of pants.

             But as Pyan watches the priest he notices a man on
           the sidelines stare at the bride to be.  While all
           others seem transfixed by the priest this man is staring
           at her.  Pyan may not be a expert in emotions or empathy
           like Arawn.  But even he can see this man sees lost love.
           He wonders how long the marriage will last with that man
           longing for the bride.

           [Janaq 5th, 1635TH]
           [Time: 7:58 am]

             Pyan is heading to the library on this very cold day.
           A slight snow drift is now over an hour and puddles are
           all over the place.

             As Pyan heads down one street he notices 10 men and woman
           yelling at some old man and a middle aged man.  The old
           man looks like a farmer while the 10 look to be poor
           peasants from the lower class.   Pyan listens for some
           time and realizes the mob is saying that the farmer's
           smoke house is tainted by demons and must be destroyed.
           They claim the smoke from it changes colors from gray to
           red and orange.  Some even say the smoke forms shapes
           and chases people.

             The mob is holding light torches and taunting the farmer
           and maybe his son to move aside.  Pyan shakes his head.
           He may be considered backwards as a barbarian as well.
           But being around the party has changed his point of view
           at times.  The smoke could have a solid logical reason
           for doing what it does.  Suddenly the mob loses patience
           and shoves the farmer down.  Some begin to toss the torches
           at the wooden smoke house.  Pyan even knows that most
           smoke houses are brick why this one is wooden he has no

             The structure begins to burn as the younger farmer tries
           to douse the flames.  Suddenly 3 city guards on horse
           ride fast down the street and break up the mob scene.  But
           in the end the smoke house is badly damaged.

             Pyan shakes his head at the peasantry superstition.  If
           only he saw whet he did in the last month they'd never
           leave their homes.

           Actions? Comments?

           Next Update....Monday??

           GM: I was working (still am) on Arawn's IBT.  But since
               I got Pyan's IBT I figure I'd get it out.  After all
               it was only 1 line. :)  So was easy to fill in the
               gaps with random encounters.  Since it was very tiny
               I just did it up and skipped Arawn's.  Sorry John.
               Since there was not much details other than shop
               and reading I assume did not stay with Z so had
               to use a Inn.

               Pyan you are now EL59 Marentia which is 1 away from being
               pure fluent.  So there is no language issue at all for you.

               This leaves Fremea and Unali.  Hopefully Arawn's
               will be completed soon.

           GM: Pyan's Experience

                  Skill                 Expertise  Notes
                Read/Write Marentian       28       +9  EL
                Marentian Language         20       +10 EL

           GM: Expenses

                  Expense                  Cost
                Cheap Inn (2 weeks)      48 CC
                Winter Cloak              4 CC
                Winter Tunic (1)          4 CC
                Winter Pants (1)          6 CC
                Winter Coat               5 CC
                                 Total   67 CC

           GM: IBT Details: [Dec 25 - Jan 7 (Leave Jan 8)]

                   Player      IBT Sent in    Processed
                 Arawn             Yes [#4]      Started...
                 Fremea            No            -
                 Kell              Yes           Completed
                 Kiet              Yes           Completed
                 Unali             No            -
                 Pyan              Yes           Completed
                 Z'leyra           Yes           Completed
                 Chief             Yes           Completed
                 lucria            Yes           Completed

           GM: Distances: (to remind myself later)

               Sivas to Village by Land:

                  Path                     Hexes  Distance
                Sivas to Maren [Road]       12      240 miles
                Maren to Cholchara [Road]    9      180 miles
                Road to Marentia Fort        3.5     70 miles
                  Option-to Ba'ru City       3       60 miles
                Fort to Village [Plain]     21      420 miles
                  Option: Ba'ru to Village  23      460 miles

                Total: 910-950Miles depending on Ba'ru visit

               Sivas to Village by water

                River to Village            31      620 miles
                River to Village             5      100 miles

                Total: 720 Miles

               Village to Kameran border (roughly)

                Zen'da Plains to Border     43      860 miles

               These are rough estimates and I may be off a few
               hexes. These are various options.

               So let's say ship wagon/horses by barge up river.
               So let's assume a simple barge doing 10-20 miles
               per day.  Might even do more with good winds.  Let's
               assume 15 on average.  That's 40 days.  Ok.  So shipping
               ahead of time may not be a good option. :)

               How about going to Ba'ru and getting supplies there?
               Wagons? Horses?  That is the closest large city to
               the village.  If prepare is done at start of IBT and
               say a person ships those items (wagon/horses from Ba'ru)
               to village then would need only cross 460 miles.
               At 25 per day would be 19 days.  Almost in the IBT
               time period.

               As GM I'm only trying to cover options.  You guys have
               to do some serious logistics to decide.  Mainly the
               horses and/or wagon/food.  To fit within the 2 weeks.
               Above there are some option as well.  Chion if in town
               could be swayed to help as he could probably teleport
               2-3 wagons in one jump.

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