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[I know this isn't in character, but it needs to be said. I may character it up tomorrow...]
Kell gives both Kiet and Arawn their horseshoes, putting them on each horse.
He gives one of the Earth Bridge dirks to Z'Leyra, and the other to Unali.  This way they are spread out.
For both of them, he offers to continue to improve them along the journey.  [better to hit, more damage, etc.  more useful for Unali]
Kell buys 2 more bags of horse feed to store, and also takes as much water as possible.
[Final gear coming Scott]


    On Tuesday, June 7, 2016 8:00 AM, pnpgm <pnpgm at comcast.net> wrote:

It is summer again here in Florida its storm season.  Course it can 
be clear and 5 min later a tornado. Then clear 5 min later.

So my work load on game will be affected. Like last night.  First 
time in 3 decades? Cable/Internet was out 12 hours.  THe longest it 
has ever been.
It RARELY goes out.  Maybe twice other times? And only minutes.
The major comcast hub is in West Pam Beach.  I am in Jax NE.

The storm must've tkaen down their hub.

As to game well been waitnig on IBTS and Arawn to reply to 
questoins.  So Fri/Sat/Last night could do nothing since I have none of this.

Reminder we move when IBTS are over and i get them.
Hint Hint Hint Pyan, Unali, Fremea?  If too busy to do a IBT just 
pick a random skill and I can train you in it for the 2 weeks :)

I'm off today and tomorrow but will do other stuff until get info to 
work on game...

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