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Kell is planning on carrying 3 bags of grain on his new horse, and as much water as possible.  Not sure how much that is yet, but should be a good amount of water.

I'm working on that now and will be sending it to Scott today.

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   Regarding food for the horses - from one of Scott's previous posts he said that the horses will need 420FP for the journey to Kameran. He said that they can graze to cover about 2FP a day each (total of 280FP in grazing). And Z'leyra baked horse wafers/treats worth 64FP.   420-280-64 = 76FP remaining to be covered.

   If this is correct then we'll only need 1 bag of grain each (less if we go with Book 1 v2 which has a 10lb bag of grain worth 40FP)

   Scott, does this look correct to you?
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