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"As I recall I was practicing the Levitation spell. I didn't keep track
of who was in and out of the lab and no questions were asked about it.
It is unlikely that anyone will be a reliable witness to my presence
from that long ago. I had no motive and if I was guilty of something why
would I be the one dredging up this past history?"

   Arawn shook his head. "That's not where I was going with this, though it may for the defense if we get that far. I was trying to determine if anything odd went on that night, if anyone might have done something to keep you away from your father the night of his death. Perhaps it's just coincidence but thought I'd ask just in case."


   When she mentioned explaining to her guests that she would be using magic to reveal the events of that night a corner of his lip turned down in a slight frown.

   "Are you sure you want to mention spell-use to them? Remember the Deputy's advice. I know it applied to tool use but it may carry over to spells, in that the knowledge of your use of them could sway the judges council negatively. Perhaps it's better to pull the knowledge for our own use and then follow the clues from there.

   And as a magically inclined community I imagine magic such as Akasha may have been used during the initial investigation. Not that I'm against you casting it but it might be worth comparing any investigative notes with your own discoveries. But that's something to be brought up before Silaius Duke."
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