[pnpgm] Arrival in Ticasi

Alex Koponen akoponen at mosquitonet.com
Fri Jan 8 00:32:44 CET 2016

Being familiar with Ticasi, Z'leyra will show the party the ropes for 
dealing with the guards, storing weapons, (she will offer to put a Ward 
on the weapon lockers we rent that will inform her if the weapons are 
removed), getting the horses stabled cheaply at a long term horse ranch 
and getting everyone to a good inn that everyone can have rooms at.

Talking with the guards, stableboys and innkeeper she will find out what 
political and other changes have occurred in Ticasi since she left. In 
particular who is new on the council and who is no longer on the 
council. Also she wants the latest gossip on the family of metalsmiths 
that she suspects may have had a hand in sabotaging her father's 
attempts to get on the council.

The next day she plans to approach any family friends or allies of her 
father and grandfather, request that they arrange for neutral witnesses 
who are competent magic casters and respected by the council and have 
them meet the next day at the inn. She will treat them to lunch, explain 
what she wishes to do and take them to the site where her father's 
workshop burnt down. There she plans to cast the spells necessary for an 
Akasha spell to show (thru a tied in illusion spell established by a 
Ward) what happened that night.

Ticasi background she explains to the party: The city has a bit less 
than 20,000 folks. The countryside another 50+ thousand. It was a city 
taken from the Kingdom of Ced by the Kingdom of Salaq and upon urging by 
the king's sage was made into a tax-exempt scholastic center. The Sage 
Armanthar was put in charge and he established the Council of Scholars 
to rule after his death. During a great plague the Council passed the 
Edict of Respite, establishing a firm code of cleanliness and order, 
banned wearing personal weapons in public, established curfews and 
created the constabulary.

When Donara conquered Salaq, Ticasi accepted a Donaran resident and 
began paying a yearly tribute. Donarans still being subject to Ticasi 
law. Shortly thereafter a national Guard and Coastal Patrol were also 
established. Outside of thee city the farms tend to be large and well 
organized. TGicasi also has a large fleet of fishing vessels. All faiths 
are tolerated unless they practice 'dirty' rites. Avoid doing 
necromancy. Minor crimes may carry a sentence of public service 
(cleaning the sewers and such) or imprisonment, but major crimes carry a 
death sentence that must be ratified by the Council (or it is changed to 
life imprisonment). Note that carrying a concealed weapon IS a major 
crime. Trials are very slow and strung out taking months or even years.

Z'leyra explains that her grandfather and father had both been 
metalcrafters of such skill that they had vied for and sometimes won the 
metalcrafter's seat on the Council of Scholars though a rival family of 
metalcrafters was most often in that seat. She suspected that the theft 
of one masterwork and later the burning down of her father's workshop 
with him in it might be traced to their handy work. She intends to use 
the Akasha spell to find out.

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