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Fremea nods. Answering in Katai, "Yes, those were my thoughts, though the only other thing I want to keep with us is the crown. I believe it will also be useful to keep the potion and talisman."

Talking Roerick, "this estate could be used for other purposes, or you could burn it down as an example, either way it is yours. We have no claim on this place. As for the wealth, we will need some of it to take with us for our work else where, but the coins will be split with you (40/60% we get the lesser). We will take the gems and jewelry, along with a few extra items that we can turn into coin later (just easier to carry), but everything else will be yours to do with as you see fit. There are many pieces here you can use or sell off to help these slaves."

She looks at the rest of the guards, "do what you will with them. If they were slaves, but had to do guard work, it is possible they could be of help, especially if they have loved ones else where, but otherwise, dispatch them in the manner of your choosing. As for the count, his wife, the merchant and the aide, again those are for you to get information out of them. Turn them over to the royals, kill them, whatever needs to be done. This is now your fight, I have my closer to being enslaved in this city and am grateful for your assistance in hopefully stopping here. I will warn you though, if I hear of it going the other way, and any of your 'allies' start it up, I will be back to take that side down. This city should remain as slave free as possible and allow people, of any race, to live to their fullest. You have seen what I am, though not all of my mind are nice or pleasant to humans, there are many others that just want to be treated fairly too. Maybe I can show my race that there is at least one city we can be safe in to play, but not harm others."

When she is done, she looks around and realizes she may have said too much at once. At that she shrugs, flaps her wings and flys to go outside for a little bit. It is getting too stuffy inside. "Oh, we will need at least one of the carts and a couple of extra horses for it." As she flys out.

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> Kiet looks over the items and says n Katai "Why don't we keep the gems and all jewelry, then split the coin with our allies?  They can do what they wish with the rest.  Except, I would l Ike to see if we could keep the small statue of the bird and the horns.  They are interesting items."
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