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   For some reason I thought in at least one of the posts it had been mentioned that the gold was going to be given to the Liberation Front, hence Arawn's comments. Just thought I'd mention it in case anyone's wondering why he mentioned it.

   Arawn listened to the reasoning of the others as they discussed the gold with careful deliberation.

   "For some reason I was under the assumption that the gold was to be given to the liberation front," he said after a moment of reflection. "But it seems that they've been well supplied in the aftermath of the strike against the estate.
   Gold is a resource that provides opportunity, valuable though nothing I crave, but I would not begrudge anyone here compensation for the sacrifice at the estate."

   He slid the bag of gold forward for the party to dispense as they saw fit.

   "And thank you for the information, Raban. I'll get the contact information from you and see to delivering the information before leaving this place."


   Arawn gave a nod when Raban suggested discussing plans to mislead Varange until they were settled in camp. Another followed when Fremea made the decision to head out, saving the hunt for the Moon-Gort until the party was comfortably settled in elsewhere.


   Arawn is good with a Riding Horse III unless the party sees a need for him to move up to a Riding Horse IV for the extra speed. And assuming he can ride fast enough to do so effectively he can help act as a scout alongside any of the other riders.
   Arawn can purchase the horse and necessary equipment unless the party sees a reason to stick to renting. 


   Arawn would like to work on the Medium Dark Ruby (80 sc value) in an effort to improve it through his Jeweler/Gem Cutter skill. If anyone is uncomfortable with this please feel free to post.
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