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   HT Aliaver/Player    DS    Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
   -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
   R1.John Haight.......HY..Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar .. Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom....YY..Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   R3.Mark Murtha.......HN..Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human....Ma
   R1.David Sanders.....HN..Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   JH Hooten............YN..Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human....Ma
   W4.Wout Broere.......YY..Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R1 John.Stowman......YN..Will..............Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
   R4.Alex Koponen......YY..Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
   -- Npc...............YY..Etain.............Teacher.Normal/Elf......Ma
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Squirt (Ferret) Kell, Wolf - Will

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      Game Update #123 in sequence (file #476)

      Admin Notes: None.

        From Kiet: [Re: Actions]
          Kiet doesn't so much claim the statue and horns but offered
          to pay the 'rebels' for them out of his own personal funds.

          In Katai..."People, I think we are living on borrowed ....
        GM: Ack. True on claim.

        From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
          When the party had regrouped, he shared the news of Captain ...

          "This should be passed on to the liberation front along ...

          Regarding the suggestion to stay in town in an effort to...

          "As to the mage, I think it's likely he's moved on as...

          "In the meanwhile there are other things for us to ...
        GM: Ack.

        From Kiet: [Re: Actions]
          Once the group meets at the stables, Kiet smacks his head with
          his  hand and mumbles something like "I don't believe this!" ...

          When Kiet hears that Arawn wants to waste the gold on the
          'front' he says, "We already provided them with funds, ...
        GM: Ack.

        From Fremea: [Re: Actions]
          Fremea stares at those that think she wants to stay here.
          "Really? I am not wanting to stay either. The mage can be...
        GM: Ack.

        From Arawn: [Re: Emailed actions]
          OOC: Deleted.

          Z'leyra/Kiet claims:   I don't have any issues with their claims
          [Italics: OOC comments]

          The runner's fate gnawed at Arawn and he stared back ...
        GM: Ack. Applied as could based on what was done and could've done.

      [New Stuff]

          [Sepes 29th, 1634TH]
          [Location: City of Samma, Donara]

          [Time: Earlier....]

            As Kell and Arawn leave the moneylender shop in hsste.

            The runner's fate gnawed at Arawn and he stared back into
          the depths of the building as Kell sought to pull him outside
          He was upset at the situation, at allowing himself to be
          pulled into it so far. He'd learn from this event, choosing to
          grow stronger through a greater understanding of his own nature
          and defined principles. But what was done was done and he
          gritted his teeth with each blow that reached his ears.  There
          was little be done but at the least he would diminish the runner'
          s misery if he could.

            Once in the wagon fleeing down the street.

            "I didn't mean for this but I understand why you did it," Arawn
          said, staring at the building now fading into the distance. "And
          I hope you're right about the runner. I sense you are but, still,
          I won't put myself in this situation again, not if I can help it."

            Kell speaks without turning as he drives the wagon through the
          crowded street.  "If it was say a few hundred gold then I'd worry
          they'd kill him.  But this low amount?  A shop like that can
          deal with that in half a hour in transactions if they are doing
          legit proper work."

            Arawn turned away to now inspect the wagon, making sure that
          nothing had disappeared, especially the precious bird. As he did
          so he listened to Kell's thoughts on throwing off further pursuit.

            "Sound solid. But unless we can convince witnesses that 'Mavac'
          has been carried off we're going to have to pull something off
          that explains the lack of a body. I'm open to any plan you have
          in mind, assuming I have the energy or resources to accomplish
          it. If you don't have a suggestion here are a few that we can
          work on.

            If we can find a suitable location I can create an illusion of
          Mavac opening a trapped box or assassinated via fire magic or an

            I can toss these clothes on a scarecrow or crude dummy,
          glamered to look like Mavac, and if you strike it with Flaming
          Death or some other powerful fire spell all that would be left
          would be ashes.

            Or I can craft a Shadow Construct of Mavac, dressed in these
          clothes and stuffed with ash. Strike it with a Flaming Death or
          other strong fire spell or explosive and I think that would
          suffice. We just need to a good location to pull this off, for
          both the magic and witnesses."

            Kell considers this for a moment.  "You know simple is best.
          I think the first one is best.  How long would a big illusion last?"

            Kell and Arawn talk about the effects and come up with a plan.

          [Time: 5:18:22 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            Kell's idea is simple to find easy to convince folks.  This
          sadly would be the peasants.  Merchants and other more sophisticated
          targets might not believe any illusion.

            While Etain watches the wagon at the stables, Kell and Arawn
          head down the street.  They had placed all the gold of Mavac's bag
          into their own.  Best not to keep a object that could be tracked.
          Though both see no magic on it, better be safe than sorry.  Kell
          gives the details to Arawn and the Alfar moves down the street to
          find a nice alley.  He waits for the signal while holding the bag.
          It will be good timing to get this all done.

            Kell then finds a farmer and his wife it seems.  "Sorry to
          disturb you.  I'm looking for a city guard.  I think I just saw
          another guard steal a merchant's bag of gold."

            "Dreadful!  Those guys can be corrupt as the politicians."
          The old lady replies.

            The old farmer looks around, "never one if you need them."

            "Well actually I could just need a witness.  The thief
          went around that corner there down the street.  If I could
          have another set of eyes to prove the theft..."

            "Well we shouldn't get involved." The farmer begins to move
          on down the street.

            "but the bag of gold I was told was for the children's meal
          program for those poor farmers who can't afford to even feed
          their own families."  Kell knows how to pull the strings.

            "Hen we should help the lad. "


            "Just to see it.  You would be protected.  I guarantee it."

            "Well...sure. But if this comes back to us."

            "It won't.  I have a feeling we can get one corrupt guard
          off the street tonight and you'll be a hero."

            Kell leads the couple down the street.  The shadows at this
          hour are helping things.  With the sun low already the alley
          is darker and full of blind spots. Kell peers around the corner
          and nods.  "He's there.  Fool is looking at the gold now.  See."

            The farmer and old lady try to peer behind Kell around the corner.
          They see Mavac about 50 feet away near some piles of trash.  Arawn
          turns away and moves down the alley as if inspecting the bag as he
          can now hear the people with his keen ears.  Arawn then stops when
          there is nothing nearby.   Nothing that can leave trace evidence
          like the piles of trash that would contradict the effect.

            Arawn casts his spell as he turns his back to the front of the
          alley.  Then as he completes the words he turns to face the
          front peering at the bag but not looking down the alley.  This
          guy must be idiot to inspect his loot in the open.  Then Mavac
          opens the large leather fold and suddenly a fireball erupts from
          the bag.  It engulfs the bag and Arawn's face then body.  The
          red and orange of the fireball also seems to show a bit of green
          as if some strange magic is involved.  The fireball seems to
          engulf the guard entirely and smoke rolls around the area blocking
          good view.

            "Oh my!"  The old lady gasps.

            Kell moves now in full view of the alley and looks
          puzzled.  The farmer moves besides him clearly seeing
          what is not good to his eyes.

            When the smoke clears there is nothing but the end of
          the smoke fog.  Kell runs down the street.  The farmer
          a bit slower but walks shaking his head.

            Kell gets to the spot and looks around.  "No mark.  Not
          even a scorch mark. Did you see that?"

            The farmer stays a bit away and nods. "Where did he go?"

            "Gone.  Poof.  The merchant must've had some bad magic on
          his bag.  Not even a brass bit left."

            The farmer begins to back up.  "Magic?" He begins to move
          away and the predictable confusion of peasants makes Kell
          a bit happy though sad they just don't understand these things.

            Kell convinces a vendor to fetch a guard from a nearby street.
          Soon the guard takes the full details of the witnesses and
          Kell. "So  you say the merchant yelled Mavac when the guard
          ran away with the bag?"

            Kell nods, "that's what I heard.  Maybe he was a thief who
          stole a guard uniform?"

            The guard shakes his head as he jots down notes on a parchment.
          "Actually Mister Vanis the name is known.  Works at the Central
          Garrison.  We'll have to investigate all this further.  I'll
          look at the area.  But you three can go for now.  We may be
          in touch if needed."

            Kell smiles and jogs down the street.  To claim that the
          merchant was not seen again helps.  They'll try to track this
          mysterious merchant.  But if he just killed a guard then chances
          are that he won't want to be found.  Kell stops in another dark
          alley and ends his own personal illusion.  Now that he is back
          to his normal face Mr Vanis is gone.

            Kell heads to the stables where Arawn, who had translocated
          away from the "explosion" just in time, is waiting.  "It
          may have worked.  At least Mavac is officially dead.  I hope
          they don't get some mage to investigate.  But I suspect they
          will not as they don't want a corrupt guard's death to be
          commonly known.  Don't look at me.  The couple will be safe.
          I helped to say the guard that we all saw some strange magic.
          The idea that it might be just a thief not a guard will keep
          them safe."

            "Simple is better eh?"  Etain shakes his head.

            "Yep.  Now that Arawn looks like Arawn let's go find some
           horses."  Kell moves toward the stables.


          [Time: 5:30:00 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            Once the group meets at the stables, Kiet smacks his head with
          his hand and mumbles something like. "I don't believe this!"  He
          immediately dispels his illusion of Mavac.  He looks around and
          smiles, somewhat sheepishly.  "Ah!...that's better."

            Kell smiles at Kiet, "a slight improvement but much better."
          He winks at the acrobat.

            In Katai Kiet speaks up.  "People, I think we are living on
          borrowed time.  We removed a leading member of the city guard.
          If anybody reports us we are likely to end up on the chopping
          block.  We've been involved with too many deaths...and we don't
          know that the authorities here didn't value them.  We need to
          move on.  Quickly.  I think we should just go back 'home'..."

            "But it's all up to you, Fremea."

            Raban stares at the acrobat with a slight twinkle in his eye.
          "We must still find her parents and the final piece of this thing.
          Once then we can return home.  You are free to book passage back
          to Marentia if needed this is a water town."  He grins knowing that
          Kiet probably won't take the bait.  "Plus who knows we might find
          more rewards...."

            When the party had regrouped, Arawn shared the news of Captain
          Novall's likely involvement. This was followed by the bag of
          gold being placed on the table.

            "This should be passed on to the liberation front along the
          news on Novall."

            Kell drops his lower jaw and stares.  He stammers a few
          seconds then gets his composure back.  "I just risked myself
          and you two to just hand over the gold to the rebels?  Today
          I'm glad I'm not a full elf.  I don't have to defer to your
          Alfar wisdom, my friend.  But on a personal basis I think we
          deserve that just as much as the others."

            When Kiet hears that Arawn wants to waste the gold on the
          'front' he says, "we already provided them with funds, weapons,
          and other things they can use for their cause.  Perhaps we can
          simply keep this for ourselves.  They earned their share at the

            Raban shrugs, "I am not one for gold myself.  I earn my
          coin by entertaining when I need.  All my stuff on me and
          my bags is what I own.  This is what a bard does.  We rarely
          settle down.  Arawn we can give more details later but the
          rebels got a good bonus out of this.  Including a noble
          estate with good land.  We shared half of our gold form the
          estate as well.  It won't be enough to equip and recruit
          groups in every Donaran city but it will be a major step
          forward.  If you insist though you can send them your share.
          Also as to the Captain guy?  You can warn them about him as needed.
          There is a messenger stand down the street there.  Roerick gave
          us info on a shop for contact if needed.  You can send a note."

            When Arawn mentions the gold gotten and it should be given to
          the allies, she is about to answer when Kiet speaks up. "Exactly.
          That gold is ours."

            Raban realizes that the anti-slave rebels had 2 men still hurt
          when they left.  Not sure why Z'leyra never healed them but it
          might've been the tension by her action in the slave pen.  Even
          after losing the slave who seemed in utter depression already
          will never bring her back with 89 or 8 million gold.

            Regarding the suggestion to stay in town in an effort to track
          down the wizard who unleashed the Great Apes Arawn gives a
          suggestion to the party.

            "As to the mage, I think it's likely he's moved on as well.
          And I second Kell's thoughts on staying in town. Not only is
          it dangerous but I think we should spend as much time as we
          can afford towards preparing for our meeting with Varange and
          tracking down Fremea's family."

            Kell nods, "not to mention this Captain will be a enemy once
          they figure things out.  We got rid of enemies but this guy
          will be after us if he knows we exist.  This is why I suggested
          a colorful death for Mavac with enough witnesses."

            "In the meanwhile there are other things for us to consider,"
          Arawn said, his eyes fixing on Fremea.

            "The afternoon was interesting and insightful. I've a means
          to locate the Moon-Gort now but that may take time and will
          require that my hunt take me beyond the walls of town and city.
          Once found its power can be held for just about a week, roughly
          the time we left to meet Varange with a few days beyond that
          most likely. The shielding will be valuable but we have another
          option in misdirection."

            "An illusion can be crafted to fool the senses, including
          Varange's when he senses through your connection. The more Fremea
          believes in the illusion the greater the chance that Varange will
          be fooled as well. We can use this to fool Varange as needed,
          guiding him towards our goals, once Fremea knows how use her
          emotions to trigger the connection - intense emotions seem to be
          the key. Luckily she has that in plenty."

            "We can save the Moon-Gort for the final approach unless
          Fremea wishes to flip this around or otherwise comes up with
          another idea."

            Raban raises a hand as if to bat a fly, "but unless I missed
          something.  We know where Varange will be in a week. The tavern
          he wants to meet Fremea in.  So its not like we are guiding him
          away from there.  But I suggest we cover all this once we make
          camp and figure things out."

            Fremea stares at those that think she wants to stay here.
          "Really? I am not wanting to stay either. The mage can be figured
          out on our way out and even we can camp somewhere that no one can
          get to us. I believe that the mage will allow us to find Varange
          easier if he or she is dealt with. We leave now, unless there is
          something else anyone wants to do, then they are on their own."

            "Fine, the moon-gort can be figured out on our way also. I know
          we can be to the next place quickly, but it is important to do
          the best steps. If Arawn thinks there is a way to use my
          connection to Varange, then I will focus on doing that. But, we
          leave right now. Make sure our horses are good and fast."

            At that she makes sure her disguise is on correctly again and
          waits to go in the wagon.

            Kell claps his hands, "all right.  We've been here a bit before
          you guys.  We've found the best horses.  So no need to shop let
          me ks now what you want to rent or buy.  I believe there are some
          shops like a general store down the street as well if anyone
          needs supplies before we go but do it quickly.  Sundown is soon."

            "I know these highways."  Raban adds to the comments.  "I've
          been here a few times on jobs.  While the middle highways are
          safe the western ones are not so.  But if we head toward the
          capital we should be fine.  There are plenty of small towns and
          places to make camp."

          Actions? Comments?

          Next update...Monday...

          GM: Had to add the top stuff once I got Arawn's email.  So once
              party meets there was actually only 1 Mavac not 2 (Kiet).
              A bit of fun scene to make.  It is something I saw some
              players do years ago in a game.  This has been a rough
              few days for various reasons.  As I type this Tuesday night
              I'm n 2 hours sleep.  I will not sleep till a good day probably.
              so hope this is readable. :)    Once I get the below info
              I can move us along.  Consider this the Friday update since
              this is late.  I'll work on the next update Saturday night.
              Mainly need info from Unali, Z'leyra and Arawn (see below).
              I assume the other details below remain the same.    Was
              going to do more but brain dead.

          GM: Wagon is a small wagon with 2 Riding Horse 3s.  It can fit
              4 easy but 6-8 if needed in back.

              Kell, Kiet can drive.  Will has the lowest Horsemanship so
              best for him to ride in back with Fremea.  Etain is not
              a good rider as well so will be in back.

              Drive- Kiet, Kell
              Back - Fremea, Will, Etain
              Horseback - Arawn, Raban, Unali, Z'leyra

              This is the plan.  If one of the riders wants in back there
              is one more spot.  Let me know.  Raban HAS to ride as it
              would too much weight.  He'll use his magical saddle to
              ride on his horse.  He'll rent a sturdy one.  A large Riding
              Horse 4 for Raban.

              Leaves Arawn, Unali, Z'leyra.

              The party came with 3 horses but they are all Riding Horse Is.
              These came from Count's place.  Two other horses as well but
              they can be sold.

              Z'leyra can ride any horse but Warhorse IV
              Unali any mount.
              Arawn can ride any but Warhorse III/IV.

              Keep in mind the speed of the trip will be on the slowest
              mount which is at this point Riding Horse III (wagon horses).

              So assuming the above is good those 3 who will ride let
              me know what to get.  Party will earn 18 gold for the 5
              horses sold (riding Horse Is).  If you want to use the
              last slot in wagon let me know.

              Renting will be cost as - full cost / 30 days. Since it
              would take 1 week to get to capital (give or take) and
              then would need another week to get horses sent back that's
              2 weeks.  So if a Riding Horse III is 16 to buy that's 1600
              copper / 30 or roughly 50 copper a day to rent.  So spend
              some cash for saddle and supplies.  It would cost 7 gold
              roughly to rent a III for 2 weeks which is far less than
              the buying cost.  So guys let me know if you want to rent
              or buy.  If buy you'll have to sell later.

              So RH3 can do 29 per day with road which party will be
              using that's twice if I recall.

          GM: Treasure -

              Will divide up coins and place on each sheet for
              the next update.  Will note the other stuff for
              later selling if need be.

                                       To Party
                 Coins -    Gold    -    96
                            Silver  -    329
                            Copper  -    462

                 To Party -
                 Potion of Cure Poison, MEL 3  EL 2, 13 ounces
                 Gem : Small, nearly flawless, average clarity, Jacinth, 3.2 SC
                 Gem : Medium, minimal flawed, fine clarity, Jade, 6.4 SC
                 Gem : Small, minimal flawed, average clarity, Snake 
Stone, 2.0 SC
                 Gem : Small, flawless, dull, Amethyst, 4.0 SC
                 Gem : Medium, minimal flawed, average clarity, Garnet, 1.8 SC
                 Gem : Small, minimal flawed, average clarity, 
Tourmaline, 3.0 SC
                 Gem : Medium, nearly flawless, average clarity, 
Carbuncle, 5.0 SC
                 Gem : Small, slightly flawed, fine clarity, Topaz, 4.0 SC
                 Gem : Large, minimal flawed, average clarity, Lapiz 
Lazuli, 10.0 SC
                 Gem : Small, minimal flawed, average clarity, Dark 
Ruby, 8.0 SC
                 Gem : Medium, flawless, average clarity, Dark Ruby, 80.0 SC
                 Jewelry : Small, minimal flawed, fine clarity, Opal, 36.0 SC
                 Jewelry : Medium, minimal flawed, average clarity, 
Carbuncle, 32.0 SC
                 Jewelry : Medium, minimal flawed, average clarity, 
Snake Stone, 80.0 SC
                 Jewelry : Small, minimal flawed, brilliant, Turquoise, 16.8 SC
                 Jewelry : Medium, slightly flawed, brilliant, Ruby, 184.0 SC
                 Jewelry : Small, minimal flawed, fine clarity, Onyx, 27.0 SC
                 Jewelry : Small, minimal flawed, fine clarity, Snake 
Stone, 72.0 SC
                 Jewel : Small, slightly flawed, average clarity, 
Star Sapphire, 50.0 SC
                 Jewel : Small, minimal flawed, dull, Carnelian, 15.0 SC
                 Jewel : Medium, minimal flawed, clouded, Snake Stone, 36.0 SC
                 Jewel : Medium, minimal flawed, average clarity, 
Turquoise, 11.2 SC
                 Jewel : Small, nearly flawless, brilliant, Snake 
Stone, 38.0 SC
                 Jewel : Small, minimal flawed, dull, Tourmaline, 30.0 SC
                 Jewel : Large, slightly flawed, average clarity, 
Turquoise, 9.6 SC
                 Jewel : Small, minimal flawed, average clarity, 
Turquoise, 9.6 SC
                 Jewel : Large, flawless, average clarity, Agate, 18.4 SC
                 Gold Gorget, 92 SC
                 Copper Necklace, 21 CC
                 Platinum Crown, 405 SC
                 Talisman of Attribute Effect, MEL 4  EL 2

                 Kiet Claims -
                   3 Battle Horn(s) - Exceptional design, value not sure
                   Statue, gold plated, 8 inches tall, bird of prey, 4 GC

                 Z'leyra Claims
                   65 piece(s) of clothing, silks, fine styles, various values

          GM: Tasks to do -
                * Find mysterious Mage      - Upcoming updates
                * Sell loot if possible       Upcoming Updates

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