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   When the party had regrouped, he shared the news of Captain 
Novall's likely involvement. This was followed by the bag of gold being 
placed on the table.

   "This should be passed on to the liberation front along the news on Novall."

   Regarding the suggestion to stay in town in an effort to track down the wizard who unleashed the Great Apes he said,

 "As to the mage, I think it's likely he's moved on as well. And I 
second Kell's thoughts on staying in town. Not only is it dangerous but I
 think we should spend as much time as we can afford towards preparing 
for our meeting with Varange and tracking down Fremea's family."

   "In the meanwhile there are other things for us to consider," Arawn said, his eyes fixing on Fremea.

 "The afternoon was interesting and insightful. I've a means to locate 
the Moon-Gort now but that may take time and will require that my hunt 
take me beyond the walls of town and city. Once found its power can be 
held for just about a week, roughly the time we left to meet Varange 
with a few days beyond that most likely.
   The shielding will be valuable but we have another option in misdirection."

 "An illusion can be crafted to fool the senses, including Varange's 
when he senses through your connection. The more Fremea believes in the 
illusion the greater the chance that Varange will be fooled as well. We 
can use this to fool Varange as needed, guiding him towards our goals, 
once Fremea knows how use her emotions to trigger the connection - 
intense emotions seem to be the key. Luckily she has that in plenty."

 "We can save the Moon-Gort for the final approach unless Fremea wishes 
to flip this around or otherwise comes up with another idea." 		 	   		  
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