[pnpgm] Game Update #93 - Flie #373 - Mavac encountered

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The man will not survive, but not for her killing him there. She will have Raban look out to make sure no one is going to be on the ground when they descend, and she will untie him.

>           [Time: 8:36:21 am - Samma city, Donara]
>             Fremea and Raban land on the street and being their
>           quick walk toward Camile's.  Fremea can't help but
>           grinning at Raban.  Who needs Kiet to convince a person.
>           Just have a large giant growl.
>             But as Raban walks a bit of sadness crosses his mind.  He
>           cares for Fremea but to help the man.  Was just slightly
>           wrong.  Bards spread cheer and good will.  Not many 8 foot
>           giant bards around.  If others knew what he just did.  He
>           frowns and looks at his hands.  So dirty.  But Fremea does
>           need to seek justice.  If not for her then for others if
>           Gross or Torq these days, has more slaves to harm.  Maybe
>           some time with Arawn for some atonement is in order.

Fremea notices Raban slow a little as they walk and glances way up to see the sadness cross his face. Motioning to him to stop out of the way of extra people, she climbs up on his shoulder to talk him. "I don't know why you are saddened, but I can tell it has something to do with what just happened. You want me to get my justice, but are afraid you may be hurting innocents or taking out rage on those who do not deserve it. I really need you to listen to me, and not because of my mark, that man back there and the others we are going after have hurt countless children, including their own, and destroyed many men and women, even human, for their own profit. They do not care even for their own men that follow them, they would kill one of them for any misstep. I have seen this with my own eyes. That one back there, may not have touched me directly, but I know he hurt many women that had not choice in the matter. He does not deserve any sympathy or care for what just happened."

She stares into his eyes to see if he understands in the depths of his own being.

>           [Time: 9:03:28 am - Samma city, Donara]

Fremea studies the bar with all the people in it. She knows that Raban could take out everyone here without much of a sweat, but also knows that would not do well for his well being. She will not put him through that with what he is feeling right now. "Raban, that waitress needs some of your special healing. I know you see it too. I also can tell that if you get her attention Grosis will be very upset. He might even send his bodyguards over to stop you. How do you feel about what might happen? It could help to get the ones that have no part in this out of here. And then I can sneak over to Grosis and reintroduce myself to him, only I will have an advantage. Or do you have any ideas?"
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